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Sailor Moon S: Birthday Blues Part 1

Episode 101

Sailor Moon S

Birthday Blues Part 1

Jap.101 "Usagi in Tears! Glass Shoes for Her Birthday"

Serena's really happy as today is her birthday! She announces this to everyone but Amy, Raye, Mina and Lita all appear indifferent and simply thank Serena for Sailor Moon S: Birthday Blues Part 1 telling them. Naturally this makes Serena upset.

She decides to go for a walk down town and spies a pair of glass shoes in a store window. She fantasises about being Cinderella and Darien, being her Prince Charming and giving her the shoes for her birthday.

As luck would have it Darien happens to be in the area and sees Serena. Serena tells him that she knows exactly what he can get for her as a present but Darien has no Sailor Moon S: Birthday Blues Part 1 idea what she's talking about. Serena realises that Darien has forgotten her birthday and slaps him across the face before walking away angrily.

Serena runs into Amara and Michelle who try to comfort her. Amara teases Serena that maybe she should make a move on Darien now that Serena's dumped him but this makes Serena more uneasy. She then realises she has to go to Raye's to study and runs off. Michelle suggests to Amara that Serena may be a target due to her pure heart.

Darien meanwhile calls Raye and asks why Serena could be so angry at him. Raye tells him that today's Serena's birthday. Darien is surprised as Serena never told him Sailor Moon S: Birthday Blues Part 1 when her birthday was.

When Serena arrives at Raye's, Raye, Ami, Mina and Lita all yell out Happy Birthday and surprise Serena with a surprise birthday party! Serena's very happy with this but eventually seems a bit down and tells the others about her fight with Darien. Raye tells her that Darien called and that he said that she had never told him her birthday. Serena thinks about this and realises that she never did! She stands up and runs to meet Darien.

Back at the store, Darien has decided to buy Serena the glass shoes. Unknown to him though the store assistant is Kaori Night in disguise who has planted a Daimon egg Sailor Moon S: Birthday Blues Part 1 in the shoes! Darien buys them and runs away towards Raye's. Amara and Michelle see this and recognise Kaori Night but do nothing as they want to see Serena's Heart Crystal.

While running, Darien runs into Serena. The two embrace and Darien gives her her present. As Serena puts on one of the shoes it activates and transforms into the Heart Snatcher, Celashenta!

The Heart Snatcher grabs Serena and zaps her, releasing her Heart Crystal. As it materialises in front of her it releases a super bright glow. Everyone in the area thinks it's Sailor Moon S: Birthday Blues Part 1 one of the Pure Heart Crystals everyone's after. Luckily Tuxedo Mask appears and beats of Celashenta and returns the crystal to Serena. Tuxedo Mask grabs her and takes her to the top of the building to escape. Serena then realises she doesn't have her compact anymore.

Back down on the street, Kaori Night finds it on the floor and recognises what it is.

Tuxedo Mask and Serena make a run for it atop the rooftops but Celashenta sees Sailor Moon S: Birthday Blues Part 1 them and gives chase. Sailor Neptune and Uranus follow them.

Eventually Tuxedo Mask and Serena get cornered inside a building. Serena calls all the others to come and help but it's too late. Kaori Night has Serena's compact in her hands and Tuxedo Mask gets captured and encased in a glass crystal.

Interesting Facts

The Japanese name for the Heart Snatcher, Cenicienta is the Spanish name for Cinderella, an obvious reference to the glass shoes.

Sailor Moon's birthday appears to be on the 30th of June. This was the first time her birthday has been celebrated in the anime.

The original airdate in Japan for this episode was the 2nd of July 2004, literally days after Sailor Moon's birthday.

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