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Sailor Moon S: Mixed Emotions

Episode 99

Sailor Moon S

Mixed Emotions

Jap.99 "The Kindness of a Man! Yuichiro, Heartbroken by Rei?"

Raye is still stressed over the visions she been getting concerning the approaching silence. Chad notices this and decides to drop in and offer to cook her dinner. Raye however is too focused on her fire reading to pay much attention to him. Chad gives her a bandage to tie her hair back to save it from the fire and leaves, sad over Raye not noticing him.

Sailor Moon S: Mixed Emotions The next day, Chad sees Raye talking to Amara and becomes jealous over the fact that she has time to talk to her but not to him. He walks away sad.

As Raye gets on Amara's bike for a ride she asks Amara to wait as she ties her hair back with the bandage Chad gave her.

That night as the girls are studying at Raye's place Raye seems distracted and leaves the room for a bit. Lita follows her outside and asks if anything is bothering her. Raye says she's fine but Lita doesn't believe her and says that if she ever wants to talk about anything they're all here for her.

Sailor Moon S: Mixed Emotions Elsewhere, Doctor Tomoe and Kaori Night are determined to find the perfect Pure Heart Crystals. Tomoe creates a new Daimon egg and gives it to Kaori Night who leaves right away and decides to implant it into a train.

Later on that day, Chad overhears Amara and Michelle talking about their mission and gets a little freaked out by them and decides to protect Raye.

Sailor Moon S: Mixed Emotions He challenges Amara to a fight but just as they start, Raye finds out and stops them. Raye tells Amara that if she's lucky enough to to find a place in Raye's heart she's lucky before walking away depressed. Raye is shocked as she had no idea how hurt Chad had become.

That evening as the girls are studying, Chad packs his belongings and decides to leave. He says goodbye to Grandpa and walks down the temple steps.

Sailor Moon S: Mixed Emotions Raye is sad but angry at this rash decision. After encouragement from all the girls Raye runs after him and manages to catch up to him at the station just as his train transforms into a Heart Snatcher and attacks him!

Raye transforms into Sailor Mars and attacks the "Pure Heart Express".

Sailor Moon, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter soon arrive and join in the fight. Sailor Jupiter attacks with a Jupiter Thunderclap Zap while Sailor Venus attacks with Sailor Moon S: Mixed Emotions her Venus Love Chain Encircle.

Sailor Mars then uses her Mars Fireball Charge to freeze the Heart Snatcher then fries it with Mars Celestial Fire Surround.

Sailor Moon then finishes it off with her Moon Spiral Heart Attack.

Moments later after all the girls have left and Raye is back in her civilian form, Sailor Moon S: Mixed Emotions Chad wakes up and tells her how he was attacked. Raye simply jokes about him bumping his head and then suggests that they both sit down for a long overdue conversation.

Together they walk back to the temple.

Sailor Moon S: Mixed Emotions

Monster of the Day

The Heart Snatcher here had to one of the most unusual ones having been made from an actual working train! Strangely enough the train seemed to be functional before it transformed but no clue as to if people were on it was given.

After a big battle it was defeated by Sailor Moon's Sailor Moon then finishes it off with her Moon Spiral Heart Attack.

Interesting Facts

The Japanese song featured during this episode that was used in the original Japanese version and the English version has never been released on any Sailor Moon CD to date. For the record the song's name is Azusa Nigou and was sung by the band Kariudo. The name, Azusa Nigou is in fact the name of an express train that has become famous due to this song.

This was the only time Chad appeared in the entire S season.

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