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Sailor Moon S: Thorny Weather

Episode 116

Sailor Moon S

Thorny Weather

Jap.116 "Sunny Skies After a Storm! A Friendship Dedicated to Hotaru"

Darien, Serena and Rini are all shopping. Rini spots a rabbit shaped backpack and asks Darien to buy it so she can give it to Hotaru as a Sailor Moon S: Thorny Weather present.

Outside the store Hotaru walks buy and sees the three of them acting like a family. She's reminded of herself, her father and her mother when she was still alive. Rini sees Hotaru and runs up to her but Hotaru excuses herself and runs home.

Back home, Hotaru reverts to the Sovereign of Silence and demands more Pure Heart Crystals from Doctor Tomoe.

Outside, Rini arrives at the front door and rings the bell. Kaori Night answers and tells Rini that Hotaru isn't home at the moment. Rini gives Sailor Moon S: Thorny Weatherher the rabbit backpack and a note inviting Hotaru on a picnic.

Back inside, Hotaru has reverted back to herself and takes the backpack and note from Kaori Night. She reads the note and wants to go but Kaori Night says that she's not healthy enough for such a trip. Doctor Tomoe though walks up behind them and says that it would be good for Hotaru.

The next day at Serena's house, Serena, Rini, Darien, Luna and Luna P are packing the car for their trip. Rini begins to worry that Hotaru won't make it but just then she shows up.

Sailor Moon S: Thorny Weather Once they get to the gardens for their picnic they all have a great time with some great photos being taken. Soon though Hotaru feels a bit weak so they head into the greenhouse.

In there they meet Darien's friend who's the greenhouse keeper who's involved in breeding new species of flowers. He's soon join by a huge group of children who all appear to be his own and bring his lunch that he forgot.

Sailor Moon S: Thorny Weather Later on he joins Darien and the rest for their picnic.

Up in the greenhouse, Mimet looks over them and is about to release the new Heart Snatcher when she's reminded of Doctor Tomoe telling her to not fail this time.

Mimet waits until it starts to rain and then hail, forcing everyone into the greenhouse. When one of the windows breaks, Darien's friend says that the temperature change could kill the plants and goes to cover the hole. Hotaru goes to help him. While working together he tells her that Sailor Moon S: Thorny Weathersome of these plants are being bred for medicinal purposes. This makes Hotaru happy who was sceptical of science before.

Mimet then releases Demonae, the yellow rose based Heart Snatcher who attacks the man and Hotaru. She steals his Heart Crystal and swallows it.

Tuxedo Mask then appears and says that a rose attack is his attack and he doesn't like imitators. Sailor Moon and Mini Moon then appear. Mini Moon attacks with Pink Sugar Heart Attack though it has little effect.

Demonae then uses her roots and captures all three of them.

Hotaru who had been lying on the floor, grabs one of the roots and releases her red Sovereign power, dissolving the roots an freeing everyone.

Sailor Moon S: Thorny Weather Sailor Moon then powers up to Super Sailor Moon and defeats Demonae with Rainbow Moon Heart Ache.

Sailors Uranus, Neptune and Pluto stand in the doorway and comment on the pure evil energy they just felt and how Hotaru shouldn't be trusted.

Moments later the man's wife and children arrive and all hug him. Rini notices a rainbow shining above them in the now clear sky. Rini whispers to Hotaru that it's for her.

Sailor Moon S: Thorny Weather

Monster of the Day

Demonae was an incredibly powerful Heart Snatcher which actually managed to capture Sailor Moon, Sailor Mini Moon and Tuxedo Mask by transforming her arms into roots. As well as her root attack she also had a yellow rose attack, similar in style to Tuxedo Mask's red rose attack.

She was eventually defeated by Super Sailor Moon's Rainbow Moon Heart Ache.

Interesting Facts

This episode gave us our first look, in flashback and out of focus, of Hotaru's mother. Even in the manga not much is known about this character so it's nice to get even the smallest bit of info on her.

It's not stated or shown, but due to the extremity and timing of the weather change in this episode it's assumed that Mimet somehow was behind the sudden change.

This was the first time Amy or Lita (Sailor Mercury and Jupiter) had not been seen on screen since they had been introduced!

According to Wiki Moon in the scene when Rini jumps on Serena in the gardens, there's a single frame of a naked super deformed Serena. Personally I can't see it.

The gardens featured in this episode are actually a real location in Tokyo called The Jindai Botanical Gardends (or Jindai Shokubutsu Koen in Japanese) and were also used in a major scene in the Sailor Moon R Movie: The Promise of the Rose.

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