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Sailor Moon S DVD

Heart Collection 5

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The front cover features a great picture of Sailors Uranus, Neptune and Pluto against the series'Sailor Moon S Heart Collection 5 DVD Reverse Cover Image cosmos themed frame.

The rear cover has the usual well layed out episode titles and select images.

The "Special Reversible Cover" uses a fantastic image of Tuxedo Mask and Sailor Mini Moon against a similar cosmic border. This image is so well drawn I'm honestly shocked they didn't choose to make it the main cover.

Personally I love it so much, I've made it my cover of choice.

The Menus

As you can probably tell by the screencaps, this DVD's menus Sailor Moon S Heart Collection DVD 5: Main Menu Screencap Imagerevolve around Sailor Mars' numerous attacks and transformation. A nice bonus is the addition of her Japanese transformation theme that plays during the transitions and intro.

As stated before, the attacks and transformations are a great idea in theory for a DVD menu but the end result is less than stellar as would be the case if you just used footage from any tv show for a menu. Sailor Moon S Heart Collection DVD 5: Chapter Select Screencap Image Kudos to the designers for the added cosmic stars and heart locket animation though which look great.

Strangely enough, while the previous DVD fixed the error in the Scene Access menu, the blooper has returned for this disk! It's an easy mistake to make and something I don't think anyone has really noticed. I didn't even notice until I was taking screencaps of these menus for this review, 9 years after I bought them!

The Special Features

The extras on this DVD follow in the example set by the previous Sailor Moon S Heart Collection DVD 5: Special Features Menu Screencap ImageDVDs in the Sailor Moon S season, with a credits and Sailor Gallery profile.

This time around we get the Third Japanese Opening Credits along with some information and images of Sailor Mars.

The Episodes

The six episodes on this disk are presented in both the original Japanese audio and the English dub audio, keeping everyone happy. English subtitles are also included to help you understand the Japanese track or to watch with the Sailor Moon S Heart Collection DVD 5: Subtitle & Audio Menu Screencap ImageEnglish track so you can spot any differences made. Most will notice though that despite the name changes, there aren't that many plot changes at all, none worth mentioning anyway.

Content wise, all six episodes are simply fantastic viewing. The Shadow of Silence, Thorny Weather and Heightened Hazard all offer some great insight into Hotaru and her relationship with Rini (Chibi Usa) and to Sailor Moon S Heart Collection DVD 5: Sailor Mars Menu Screencap Imagesome extent Serena (Usagi).

It's in the Cards is one of my favourite episodes of the season. While it certainly is a filler, it's definitely a cut above the rest with Hotaru and Rini being sent to several dimensions and the Sailors trying to get them back. Some great action and a hilarious battle of wits with the Daimon Heart Snatcher towards the end.

Goodness Eclipsed and Next in Line round out the episodes by revealing Hotaru's destiny and getting all the characters into position for the epic finale on the next disk.

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