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Sailor Moon S: The Purity Chalice

Episode 111

Sailor Moon S

The Purity Chalice

Jap.111 "The Grail's Divine Power! Moon's Double Transformation"

Sailor Uranus and Neptune were holders of two of the Talismans and Eugeal has stolen them! Serena and the Sailor Scouts gather around the unconscious Sailor Moon S: The Purity Chalice Neptune and weak Uranus. Serena tries to put the Space Sword back inside Uranus but it won't go in.

Sailor Uranus asks Serena not to put it back as they need these Talismans to be put together with the third one to bring forth the Purity Chalice. Serena then appears as the Messiah and Uranus whispers to them all that the Princess must be found before passing out.

Sailor Moon S: The Purity Chalice Suddenly a blast of fire comes out of nowhere and surrounds them. Eugeal zips through them and grabs the two Talismans before running off. Sailor Mercury tries to put the fire out with Mercury Shine Aqua Illusion but the fire is too strong.

Sailor Mars then tries to fight fire with fire with her Mars Celestial Fire Surround but that just makes Sailor Moon S: The Purity Chalicethe fire worse.

Luckily Sailor Mini Moon and Tuxedo Mask arrive. Sailor Mini Moon puts out the fire with Luna P Extinguish and the Inners all run after Eugeal. Serena then transforms into Sailor Moon and follows them while Tuxedo Mask and Mini Moon stay behind to look after Uranus and Neptune.

While chasing her Sailor Venus, Mars, Mercury and Jupiter all get stuck in a sticky attack of Eugeal's. When Sailor Moon catches up, she uses her Sailor Moon S: The Purity Chalice teammates as stepping stones to jump over the goo and catch up with Eugeal.

Once Sailor Moon sees Eugeal she attacks with Moon Spiral Heart Attack but it's simply blocked by Eugeal's new Fire Buster attack.

Sailors Mini Moon, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Venus then finally catch up but Eugeal isn't frightened of them at all. The mysterious Trista Meioh also appears and transforms into their ally, Sailor Pluto!

Sailor Moon S: The Purity Chalice Sailor Pluto raises her staff and reveals the gem on top to be the Garnet Orb, the third Crystal Treasure / Talisman! The Garnet Orb begins to glow and suddenly draws the Deep Sea Mirror and Space Sword towards her and teleports Sailors Uranus and Neptune to their locations!

Their Heart Crystals then materialise in front of the items and return to their respective bodies. Sailor Moon S: The Purity Chalice Sailor Uranus and Neptune wake up and look at each other. Neptune smiles and comments on how no sacrifice was needed after-all.

She then grabs her mirror and Neptune, her sword. All three Talismans then begin to release a strong energy that forms a pure energy pyramid. At the tip, the Purity Chalice appears!

Sailor Moon S: The Purity Chalice Eugeal blasts everyone with her Fire Buster and runs to grab it. Sailor Moon jumps through the fire and races her for it grabs it just in time.

Sailor Moon's Cosmic Moon Compact releases a burst of pink energy as she transforms into Super Sailor Moon! All the fire surrounding the others Sailor Moon S: The Purity Chalice disappears in her light.

Elsewhere in a dark room, a dark figure releases a burst of black energy and screams.

In the cathedral, Eugeal attacks Super Sailor Moon with another burst of her Fire Buster but Super Sailor Moon simply blocks it with her hand and blasts Eugeal away. Eugeal runs to her car and speeds down the road. Suddenly she realises that acid snails have eaten away the breaks and reads a Sailor Moon S: The Purity Chaliceletter next to them from Mimet telling her to scream if acid snails have eaten her breaks. Eugeal's speeds out of control and over the edge of the road into the ocean.

Back inside the Marine Cathedral Super Sailor Moon stumbles and falls to her knees as she reverts back to her regular Sailor Moon form. Tuxedo Mask runs to catch her.

Sailor Uranus speculates that perhaps Sailor Moon isn't the true Messiah and that now she and Neptune has a new mission, to find the Messiah. Sailor Pluto looks on and smiles.

Sailor Moon S: The Purity Chalice In the Death Busters' base Mimet reports to Doctor Tomoe that Eugeal failed and that the Sailor Scouts have the purity Chalice. Tomoe simply laughs and explains that if they knew how to use it their base would have been destroyed. Mimet suggests that she knows someone who would be perfect for wielding it. Doctor Tomoe laughs evilly.

Interesting Facts

While Sailor Pluto had been seen before in Sailor Moon R, this was the first time we had seen her transform. This was also the first time we had seen Sailor Moon transform into Super Sailor Moon.

While we had seen Sailor Pluto's Garnet Orb before, this was the first time it separated itself from her staff and was revealed to be special in it's own right. This was also the first appearance of the actual Purity Chalice or Holy Grail though it's image had been seen before previously this season.

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