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Sailor Moon R: The Secret of the Luna Sphere

Episode 68

Sailor Moon R

The Secret of the Luna Sphere

Jap.75 "Mysterious New Soldier, Sailor Pluto Appears"

Rini is scared and running for her life. A scary Droid called the Grim Man is after her.

Sailor Moon R: The Secret of the Luna Sphere In the future, Prince Diamond gloats with Emerald how great their current plan is to capture Rini within her dreams. Sapphire though doesn't share this attitude and thinks that they should stop worrying about the Imperium Silver Crystal and Rini and focus on the fight. Sapphire also says that their Dark Crystal is more than strong enough to defeat anyone.

Wiseman then appears and tells them that Rini and the crystal are very important and that they should focus on this mission.

In Serena's house, the girls, Luna, Artemis and Luna P all look over Rini who has been trapped in sleep for a whole day now, having nightmares. Suddenly Luna P Sailor Moon R: The Secret of the Luna Sphere activates and hovers over to Rini. Luna P then turns transparent and a small Sailor Scout appears within it!

The new Scout introduces herself as Sailor Pluto and says that they all must help Rini by entering her dreams and defeating the Grim Man. All the Sailor Scouts agree and Sailor Pluto uses her powers to send them into Rini's dreams.

All the girls wake up in a desolate crystal city. After walking around they eventually find Rini but she doesn't recognise them! Raye says that this dream may be happening before Rini came back to the present to meet them.

Sailor Moon R: The Secret of the Luna Sphere The Grim Man then appears. Everyone transforms into their Sailor Scout forms. Sailor Mars and Sailor Venus attack with Mars Celestial Fire Surround and Venus Love Chain Encircle but it has no effect.

In the battle, Rini gets scared and runs away. Sailor Moon goes to find her while the others try to defeat the Grim Man.

When Sailor Moon catches up with Rini, Rini tells her that she's trying to get back to her mummy who's trapped in the palace. Rini then tells Sailor Moon that she doesn't Sailor Moon R: The Secret of the Luna Sphere trust her and thinks that she's a trick.

Luna and Artemis then run up to them and tell them that the Sailor Scouts need their help! The run back but are blasted by the Grim Man. Rini begins to fall into a chasm but Sailor Moon dives for her and grabs her hand. She tells Rini that she should trust her. Rini then remembers Sailor Pluto and Darien telling her to trust Sailor Moon. A bright pink light then surrounds Rini and lifts her up over Sailor Moon and onto safe Sailor Moon R: The Secret of the Luna Sphere ground.

Sailor Moon then uses Moon Sceptre Elimination and destroys Grim Man.

Rini then leads all the Sailor Scouts to where her mummy is, but before they can all get a good look Rini thanks them forSailor Moon R: The Secret of the Luna Sphere helping her and they're all taken back to the real world and wake up next to Rini's bed.

Sailor Pluto, still talking through Luna P thanks them and tells them Rini will be okay and asks everyone to protect her. Rini hugs Luna P as Sailor Pluto's image disappears.

Sailor Moon R:

Monster of the Day

The Grim Man was very powerful Droid who had the ability to enter dreams. He was resistant to almost any attacks but was finally defeated by Sailor Moon's Moon Sceptre Elimination.
It is unsure if he had a physical body or if this Droid was a creature that only existed within the dream world.

Interesting Facts

While Sailor Pluto had appeared as a silhouette previously in the series, this was the first time we had seen a clear image of her and actually seen her interact with other characters.

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