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Sailor Moon S: Destiny's Arrival

Episode 110

Sailor Moon S

Destiny's Arrival

Jap.110 "Death of Uranus and Neptune!? Talisman Appear"

Michelle is having a vision of a beautiful ocean. She's awoken though by Amara who's standing over her. They both agree that the time for the identity of the owners of the Talisman's to be revealed is close.

At the Death Busters' base Eugeal is hard at work searching for those with the Talismans. As she begins her search program it tells her to wait a moment so she takes a break and heads to the locker room where she finds her locker full of acid producing snails and overhears the other members of the Witches 5 gossiping about her constant failures. Mimet, the woman with the orange hair tells everyone that Doctor Tomoe has asked t see her later, Sailor Moon S: Destiny's Arrival possibly about taking Eugeal's place!

Eugeal storms back to her desk and finds the computer finished with it's search. Triumphant she calls Amara and Michelle to challenge them to a fight over the holders of the Talismans. When she calls though Amara doesn't pick up and simply listens to her challenge on voicemail.

Michelle tells Amara that she suspects Eugeal really does know who the holders are, so they agree to go.

Amara and Michelle reflect on what they've done for the sake of the mission while elsewhere Mina, Raye, Amy, Serena and Lita also think about the task at hand and their relationship with each other as Sailor Scouts.

Sailor Moon S: Destiny's Arrival On the streets of Tokyo Darien and Rini are discussing Amara and Michelle. Rini tells Darien that she thinks they aren't that bad. Out of the corner of her eye she sees a mysterious green haired woman but she quickly disappears leaving Rini in thought.

Later on that day Amara and Michelle meet Serena in an aquarium on the roof of a building. They tell Serena to stay out of the way and steal her Cosmic Moon Compact! Serena screams at them to stop, but they walk out onto the roof and get into a helicopter and fly away.

Back on the roof the mysterious woman from before walks up to Serena and introduces herself as Trista Meioh, and "old friend" of Amara and Michelle and tells her that the two are risking their lives in this battle.

Sailor Moon S: Destiny's Arrival As Sailor Uranus and Neptune arrive at their destination, the Marine Cathedral they hold hands (though it's artistically hidden) and remind each other of their mission and that no matter what happens they must go on and complete it.

They enter the cathedral and begin walking down the main hall. Suddenly the cherub wall tiles come alive and attack them with a volley of darts. Suddenly one of the cherubs launches itself at Uranus. Neptune sees this and pushes her out of the way but is herself captured and taken through a secret passage in the wall.

Eugeal's voice then booms throughout the building and commands Uranus to walk forward. Uranus does so and finally enters the main room which has Sailor Moon S: Destiny's Arrival Neptune tied up at the end. Uranus runs to her but is shot down by more cherubs. Eugeal walks up to her.

Behind Eugeal, Sailor Neptune regains consciousness, breaks free from her restraints and runs towards Eugeal but is shot at by the cherubs. Neptune keeps going and going until the cherubs run out of amo.

The gravely injured Neptune reaches Eugeal and tries to wrestle the gun from her hands. Eugeal pulls the trigger and hits Neptune right in the chest releasing Sailor Neptune's Pure Heart Crystal which transforms into the Deep Aqua Mirror, one of the Talismans!

Sailor Moon S: Destiny's ArrivalSailor Uranus begins to wonder where the Messiah is when Serena arrives in a vision as the Messiah. The image is quickly replaced with reality though as Serena runs up and pushes Eugeal over the edge of the big hole in the middle of the room. Eugeal loses her balance and grabs onto the crane which releases and speeds her down to it's depth.

Serena tries to revert the Deep Aqua Mirror back to it's Pure Heart Crystal form but nothing she does works. Sailor Uranus gives her back her Cosmic Sailor Moon S: Destiny's Arrival Moon Compact and says that she's sorry for never believing in her and now gives her the mission of finding the third Talisman and finding the Messiah. She then pushes Serena away and shoots herself in the chest with Eugeal's gun, blasting her Pure Heart Crystal out of her back which reverts into the Space Sword Talisman. Sailor Uranus passes out as Sailors Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Venus arrive too late to do anything.

Serena begins to cry.

Interesting Facts

This episode gave us our first look at a certain character's civilian form, Trista Meioh.

Also while appearing as a silhouette in previous episodes this was the first full appearance of Mimet, the second Witch.

Strangely enough, no attacks were used in this episode at all. A Sailor Moon first?

While the under construction Marine Cathedral was just the location of the climax to this story arc in this episode, in the manga it's actually owned by Sailor Neptune! Though it is only mentioned in the manga, never actually seen. Whether Sailor Neptune owns the Marine Cathedral in the anime is unknown though would be very ironic. Another little known fact is that the building appears to be inspired by Sagrada Familia Church

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