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Sailor Moon S: Damp Spirits

Episode 97

Sailor Moon S

Damp Spirits

Jap.97 "The Labyrinth of Water! Ami the Targeted"

After school, Amy gets called over by one of her teachers for a talk. He tells her that she's doing very well but that he feels she's being held Sailor Moon S: Damp Spiritsback by helping students who are slower than she is.

Serena who had been eavesdropping, hears this and feels guilty for holding Amy back. Molly shows up and drags Serena away.

After the talk, Amy decides to go sit in a park and think about what she really wants to do with her life. Darien sees her and asks her what's wrong and Amy confides in him that she doesn't know if being a doctor is really her dream, or just a plan that she's had. Darien tells her that she would be Sailor Moon S: Damp Spirits a great doctor and that he would be happy if he was her patient. This cheers Amy up and she decides to go for a swim in a nearby indoor swimming pool.

As she dives into the pool she thinks of how calming she finds the water. By coincidence, Michelle is also in the pool. Amy is impressed by how good Michelle is. Likewise, Michelle is impressed by Amy's singing.

Sailor Moon S: Damp SpiritsMichelle challenges Amy to a race and Amy agrees but lets Michelle win on purpose as to not avoid conflict. Michelle calls her on it which upsets Amy and makes her run away.

Amara who had been watching the entire thing tells Michelle she was just trying to be friends and didn't want to gurt her feelings.

That night as Amy arrives at Raye's to study, Serena tells Amy that she shouldn't be spending her time helping them Sailor Moon S: Damp Spirits study and should be studying by herself. Amy, shocked by this turns to go, feigning happiness but a tear rolls down her cheek as she leaves.

Amy heads back to the pool and runs into Michelle again. Michelle apologises for before and asks if she wants to race again. Amy agrees and the two race and end up tying! Michelle tells Amy it was a good race and leaves with Amara.

As Amy goes to get back in the pool, a Daimon egg melds with the water itself and transforms into a Heart Snatcher! It manipulates the water and slams Amy against Sailor Moon S: Damp Spirits the huge glass window.

Serena who had been following Amy with Luna sees the action from the street and transforms into Sailor Moon and runs to Amy's rescue. Sailor Moon puts up a fight but the Heart Snatcher, Doblin manages to remove Amy's Heart Crystal. Tuxedo Mask arrives and throws a rose at the monster. As the Heart Snatcher humorously blows up her floatation device to stay afloat in the water, Luna jumps on it and bits a hole Sailor Moon S: Damp Spirits in it.

Sailor Moon then uses Moon Spiral Heart Attack to defeat her and gives Amy her Heart Crystal back.

Sailor Uranus and Neptune watch from nearby and are happy that they didn't need Amy's Pure Heart.

Sailor Moon S: Damp Spirits

Monster of the Day

Doblin had a very cool origin. She was made from the water in the swimming pool and possessed the ability to manipulate it and move it to her will.

After being stunned by Tuxedo Mask and Luna, Doblin was defeated by Sailor Moon's Moon Spiral Heart Attack.

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