Sailor Moon SuperS: Kicking Into High Gear

Episode 143

SM SuperS

Kicking Into High Gear

Jap.143 "Time to Believe the Pegasus! The Super Transformations of the Four Soldiers"

A man's driving a truck through a tunnel when suddenly he's attacked by a Pegasus and crashes!

Sailor Moon SuperS: Kicking Into High Gear The next day at Rini's school, Rini and her friends are looking at the most popular boy in school, Robert. Rini doesn't seem to know who he is but her friends love him.

After school Robert approaches Rini and asks her out. Rini doesn't know what to think.

When she gets home she asks Pegasus but he tells her that he can't help her with this and that she must decide for herself who she likes.

Downstairs Serena is watching the Sailor Moon SuperS: Kicking Into High Gear news and is shocked to see a news report about a Pegasus attacking people.

Serena and Rini meet the girls at Crown and talk about the boy who likes Rini. Rini tells them that she doesn't like him. The girls then suggest that maybe she likes someone else. Rini laughs it off.

The girls then bring up Pegasus and wonder aloud how much they can actually trust him. Rini leaps to his defense and Amy suspects that Rini knows more about Pegasus than she is letting on.

At the Dead Moon Circus, Tigerseye and Hawkseye are getting bored of looking for targets. Fisheye approaches them and sees a photo of Robert and decides to approach him.

Sailor Moon SuperS: Kicking Into High Gear She immediately finds him at school practicing soccer and tries to flirt with him but he's not interested at all. Furious, Fisheye quickly reveals her true form and captures him and peaks in his Dream Mirror.

Rini who had come to meet him sees this. Serena who had been following Rini also sees this. Together they transform.

Super Sailor Moon and Super Sailor Moon confront Fisheye but she summons the fake Pegasus Lemres, Mawashitaro. Super Sailor Mini Moon summons Pegasus to help them with Crystal Twinkle Bell but as soon as he appears Mawashitaro traps Moon and Mini Moon in a force field with Fisheye, separating them from Pegasus' power.

Sailor Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Mercury arrive. Sailor Moon SuperS: Kicking Into High Gear Sailor Jupiter and Mars attack the barrier with Jupiter Thunderclap Zap and Mars Celestial Fire Surround but the attacks aren't strong enough.

Pegasus asks them to let him make them stronger, but they don't trust him. Super Sailor Mini Moon begs them to believe in him. Pegasus then begins to attack the barrier by himself, obviously causing himself pain.

The Sailor Scouts finally tell him they trust him.

Pegasus flies high up into the sky and releases a powerful golden blast of energy from his horn which powers up the Sailor Scouts' transformation pens into their new Super versions.

The gold energy then envelopes each of them and transforms them into their Super forms for the very first time!

The four of them then attackSailor Moon SuperS: Kicking Into High Gear the barrier with powered up versions of their regular attacks, Super Venus Love Chain, Superior Sparkling Thunder, Mega Mars Fire Rings Blast and Super Aqua Illusion which destroys the barrier.

Pegasus then gives Super Sailor Moon his energy so she can use Moon Gorgeous Meditation to destroy the Lemres.

Fisheye teleports away.

Later on, Rini talks to Robert and tells him that she's not ready for any relationship.

Sailor Moon SuperS: Kicking Into High Gear Serena and the other girls listen to the conversation from behind a bush. Serena suddenly gets beeped by Darien who is waiting for her at a movie theatre. Raye says she can't believe Darien is still with Serena. Their fighting reveals their location to Rini who acuses them of spying on her.

Sailor Moon SuperS: Kicking Into High Gear

Monster of the Day

This Lemres is an obvious homage to the famous Japanese anime and manga series Hajime no Ippo (or "Champion Joe") which revolves around a boxer.

Obviously with the ability to fly, Mawashitaro could create a barrier that all the Inner Scouts couldn't even break with their current level attacks.

Eventually he was killed by Super Sailor Moon's Moon Gorgeous Meditation.

Interesting Facts

Sailor Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Venus all powered up into their Super forms for the first time in this episode though their power up was in real-time and not in individual transformation scenes which would come later.

While the attacks used by the Inners were much more powerful, they were not different or new attacks, simply stronger versions of older ones. The English version gave them new, more powerful names but the original Japanese version actually kept their regular attack names.

Funnily enough, the movie Darien looks like he's waiting to see is the same one Mina took Hawkseye to see in Episode 141. Also worth noting is the cinema's name, ToeiZ. An obvious reference to one of the companies behind Sailor Moon and numerous other tv shows and animes, Toei.

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