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Episode 144

SM SuperS

Beach Blanket Bungle

Jap.144 "Sparkling Summer Days! Ami, the Girl in the Ocean Breeze"

Serena and the girls are relaxing at the beach with Sammy. Their peace is disturbed however by some hooligans trying to pick them up.

Sailor Moon SuperS: Beach Blanket Bungle Sammy, acting very Yakuza-ish, intimidates them and they back off.

Amy thanks him and tells him that he should be having fun as well as protect them. Sammy blushes and the other girls suspect that Sammy likes Amy.

In the Dead Moon Circus Zirconia is losing his patience with the Amazon Trio. Sailor Moon SuperS: Beach Blanket BungleThey tell him that their next target is Amy but that she may be difficult due to her intelligence. Zirconia yells at them to hurry up and find Pegasus forcing Tigerseye to promise that if they fail this time, Zirconia can do what he likes with them. Hawkseye and Fisheye are very nervous.

Later on at the beach, the three of them sit at a bar to plan their strategy. Tigerseye sees Amy and approaches her. He invites her to his "private beach" but before she can answer Serena and the others chime in that they'd love to go. Tigerseye starts to say that he only meant Amy but before he can, Amy tells him that she wouldn't feel right and walks away.

Sailor Moon SuperS: Beach Blanket Bungle Back on their place at the beach, Amy tells the girls that she's not comfortable with men right now but that one day she'll come out of her shell for the right guy. Sammy thinks to himself.

Later that day Amy takes Sammy out to sea in a raft. Tigerseye sees this opportunity and swims up to them on a dolphin. When he says hello, Sammy isn't impressed with him at all.

Tigerseye clicks his fingers and causes the place where Sammy's sitting to break, sending him into the water. Amy dives in after him and manages to drag him to shore.

Sailor Moon SuperS: Beach Blanket Bungle While giving him CPR, Tigerseye ponders to himself why she cares so much for him and wonders if he has anyone that would do that for him.

As soon as Sammy's revived he transforms and straps Amy to the usual panel. Sammy tries to save her but he's just not strong enough.

Super Sailor Moon, Super Sailor Mini Moon, Super Sailor Venus, Super Sailor Mars and Super Sailor Jupiter arrive to save the day.

Tigerseye summons the Lemres, Puppunko who starts Sailor Moon SuperS: Beach Blanket Bunglepopping small explosive balls out of the top of her head and throwing it at the Sailor Scouts.

Tigerseye walks over and inspects Amy's Dream Mirror and finds no trace of Pegasus.

Eventually Mini Moon summons Pegasus with Crystal Twinkle Bell and Super Sailor Moon defeats the Lemres with Moon Gorgeous Meditation. Tigerseye had already retreated.

That night on the beach as they Sailor Moon SuperS: Beach Blanket Bungleall watch the fireworks, Raye, Lita and Mina talk about how next year they hope they'll have boyfriends to share this with. Serena says that she'll bring Darien. Rini says that she will.

Amy and Sammy sit down on the beach watching the fireworks together.

Sailor Moon SuperS: Beach Blanket Bungle

Monster of the Day

Puppunko was definitely the cutest Lemres to appear so far this season. The was also one of the most deadly with her ability to eat and create explosives.

Eventually though she was defeated by Super Sailor Moon's Moon Gorgeous Meditation.

Interesting Facts

This was Sammy's final appearance in the Sailor Moon anime and the people behind the scenes seemed to be aware of this due to the obvious amount of time given to the character in this episode.

Despite having been powered up to their Super forms in the previous episode, Sailors Mars, Venus, Jupiter and Mercury have yet to use any new attacks.

Keen observers will have noticed that all the men in this episode had no nipples. This is because nipples are considered rather sexual in Japanese culture and are almost always censored out in Japanese cartoons and comics. Even on poster advertisements for live action television shows, it's common for nipples to be strangely absent.

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