Sailor Moon SuperS: Recipe for Danger

Episode 142

SM SuperS

Recipe For Danger

Jap.142 "Mansion of Secrets! The Menu of Love to You"

Rini and Serena are shopping in their grocery store in Azabu Juban when they see an elderly woman causing a scene with a cashier over an expired sale. When the cashier gives in and decides to extend the deal for her, Sailor Moon SuperS: Recipe for Danger the woman abuses it and buys several more items.

Soon after, it begins to rain. Darien who was walking outside sees the woman and offers to share his umbrella with her. She immediately assumes that he has ulterior motives and refuses his help.

This shocks Darien so much that he doesn't see an oncoming truck and is almost hit.

Sailor Moon SuperS: Recipe for Danger Artemis, Luna and Diana see this and are surprised. Diana, feeling defensive of her prince, runs after the woman. She ends up tripping over though and is seen by the woman. She picks her up and takes her inside where she cares for her and cooks for her. Luna and Artemis are worried but also jealous because the food looks so good.

Meanwhile at Crown, Serena and Rini tell the girls about the woman. Sailor Moon SuperS: Recipe for Danger Raye tells them that she knows who she is and explains that she has a reputation. Lita then exclaims that she knows the old man sitting across the room and says that he could be a famous cook... but then ponders what a famous cook would be doing in a place like this.

That night Rini asks Pegasus about the old woman. Pegasus tells her not to worry as she hasn't harmed anyone and she seems content living the way she is.

Sailor Moon SuperS: Recipe for Danger While walking with Diana the next day, Rini runs into the woman who invites them both into her house. Diana and Rini decide to accept the offer and are treated to some amazing cooking. The woman tells them about her dream to serve lots of guests great food.

Their meal is interrupted by the arrival of several gangsters who're trying to convince the woman to sell her house. Hawkseye shows up and gets rid of them in an attempt to befriend the woman but she's cynical and assumes he's up to something and walks back inside. He doesn't take this well and busts inside anyway.

Sailor Moon SuperS: Recipe for Danger He reveals his true self and straps the woman to the usual panel and summons her Dream Mirror and examines it, once more not finding Pegasus.

Serena arrives and transforms with Rini. Hawkseye calls forth the Lemres, Autobiko who begins to tear up the place before retreating.

They take the battle outside where Tuxedo Mask's rose attack puts a stop to it.

Super Sailor Mini Moon then summons Pegasus with Crystal Twinkle Bell and Super Sailor Moon defeats it with Moon Gorgeous Meditation.

As the dust settles the elderly man from Crown Sailor Moon SuperS: Recipe for Danger arrives and tells the woman that it's been 20 years but he still has the same dream of turning the house into a restaurant with her. The woman's happy to hear this and they immediately start their new business.

Later on Serena and the girls are all treated to the first courses served in this new restaurant. Everyone's happy.

Sailor Moon SuperS: Recipe for Danger

Monster of the Day

Autobiko was a cool super fast Lemres who's main power was her super speed and ability to drive on walls and ceilings.

She was defeated by Super Sailor Moon's Moon Gorgeous Meditation.

Interesting Facts

The "10" pun can be seen quite a bit early on in this episode. "Ju" in Japanese means "10" and "Ban" means "number". The "10 Ban" sale at the store is an obvious reference to the area the store is in.

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