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Episode 140

SM SuperS

Clothes Call

Jap.140 "Love those Minis! The Fashionable Soldiers"

Serena and the girls are at a fashion show of a famous designer called Yoshiki. They all love his new looks and absolutely love his final design of Sailor Moon SuperS: Clothes Calla wedding dress.

That night Rini begins to draw what she thinks she'll look like on her wedding day. Pegasus appears and asks her what she's doing. Rini tells him and he asks her who the groom will be.

Rini asks Pegasus how she'll know who the right person is. Pegasus tells her she'll know when she sees him.

In the Dead Moon Circus, Hawkseye Sailor Moon SuperS: Clothes Calland Tigerseye are looking at photos of potential targets. Fisheye, who had also been at the fashion show returns and sees them holding a photo of the designer. She immediately decides to target him.

The next day Yoshiki realises that he's in a slump and can't find the right inspiration for his designs. He then sees Fisheye walking past him, becomes inspired and runs up to ask her if she will model for him. She agrees.

Later on Fisheye is causing a lot of trouble in the studio. She's fighting with the assistants and begins yelling at everyone. She then rips off her dress and reveals that she has a man's chest. Yoshiki enters. Sailor Moon SuperS: Clothes CallShe runs up to him and while flirting with him, begins to convince him to change his designs. Yoshiki's assistant quits out of frustration though promises to return when this is all over.

Yoshiki goes to sit alone in a park to think and meets Serena who had been clothes shopping with Darien. The two talk and Yoshiki shares his dream with her. Through their conversation Serena reminds Yoshiki why he was inspired to design in the first place. Serena jokingly asks him if he'll design a wedding dress for her and he actually agrees!

Sailor Moon SuperS: Clothes Call Yoshiki then returns to his studio and tells Fisheye to get out. Fisheye transforms into her Dead Moon Circus clothes, straps him down and summons his Dream Mirror. She inspects it and doesn't find Pegasus.

Serena and Rini who had come by so he could design Serena's dress see him in trouble and transform. Fisheye calls forth the Lemres Sea Lion who in turn summons a second Lemres, a ball who apparently is relatedSailor Moon SuperS: Clothes Call to the Lemres Balloon Girl Booko from Sailor Moon SuperS Episode 132.

Fisheye retreats and the Sea Lion leaps through her portal with her and begins to eat her foot (she is a fish after-all).

Tuxedo Mask appears and pops the ball who transforms into a human-ish form.

Super Sailor Mini Moon summons Pegasus with Crystal Twinkle Bell and Super Sailor Moon destroys the Lemres with Moon Gorgeous Meditation.

Sailor Moon SuperS: Clothes Call Super Sailor Moon goes to check on Yoshiki. As he looks at her, he becomes inspired.

At Yoshiki's next fashion show, Serena and the girls are once more in attendance. As the show starts they're all surprised to see that almost every design features mini skirts and that a couple of the models look like Sailor Moon.

As the wedding dress comes out Serena exclaims that it's hers. Raye and the others demand to know what she means and she begins to tell them.

Rini thinks to herself how grateful all the girls in the world are to people like Yoshiki for helping to make their dreams come true.

Sailor Moon SuperS: Clothes Call

Monster of the Day

We actually had two Lemres appear in this episode. The first was a Sea Lion who didn't seem to do much beyond play with the second Lemres who appeared to be a ball and claimed to be related to the Lemres Balloon Girl Booko from Sailor Moon SuperS Episode 132.

Lemres Sea Lion made it through this episode safely escaping with Fisheye while the ball wasn't so lucky, being popped by Tuxedo Mask (much like it's relative) and then destroyed completely by Moon Gorgeous Meditation.

Interesting Facts

This episode featured several character differences from the original Japanese version. An obvious one involves Yoshiki and his assistant who were fairly obviously boyfriends in the Japanese version but made brothers in the English dub.

This episode also changed a fair bit... but not really... but really... concerning the character of Fisheye. In previous episodes (in both the English and Japanese versions) it had been rather ambiguous as to whether Fisheye was male or female but for all intents and purposes the character was portrayed as female. In this episode, while she had fooled previous targets into thinking she was a woman with very little effort, Yoshiki in the Japanese version of this episode immediately realises she's a he and tells him that his almost genderless look is what inspires him. Fisheye takes advantage of this attraction proving that both character are at the very least bisexual. In the English version, Fisheye simply remains female.

The scene where Fisheye rips off his / her dress in the studio confirms in the Uncut English and Japanese versions the sex of the Fisheye character.

In the Edited English version that was broadcast on tv, the image was cropped from the shoulders up to suggest that she was simply shirtless.

It must be mentioned that while nudity isn't that shocking on Japanese television, nipples are. In almost any shot of a character on an anime the nipples are almost always erased on both men and women. This makes the scene where Fisheye removes his / her dress all the more shocking for the Japanese viewer.

This episode was the final time the first closing credits featuring Watashitachi ni Naritakute would be used.

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