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Sailor Moon SuperS: Perfect Couple

Episode 132

SM SuperS

Perfect Couple

Jap.132 "A Couple Made for Each Other! Usagi and Mamoru's Love"

Two of Darien's old high school friends, Sayuri and Kobayashi ("Kobi") are walking to Darien's apartment to catch up with him and meet his girlfriend.

Sailor Moon SuperS: Perfect Couple Kobi comments on how he thinks Darien's place will be really messy because he's a guy. Sayuri tells him that that just confirmed that his own place is a mess.

When they arrive they're greeted by Darien who welcomes them in and gives them some coffee he had just made. Kobi's surprised by how clean his place is and comments on how Darien must be on the "Clean Team".

Serena and Rini then enter and begin Sailor Moon SuperS: Perfect Couplefighting with each other and drooling over Darien.

They quickly apologise for their behaviour and introduce themselves.

Rini becomes suspicious of Sayuri who obviously likes Darien.

Later that day Rini becomes paranoid that Darien will fall for Sayuri who has more in common with him and she will cease to exist! She tracks Serena down who's deciding on which plushie to buy.

Sailor Moon SuperS: Perfect Couple Rini tells her to grow up because Darien may choose someone else. Serena becomes worried for a second but quickly remembers how strong their love is and tells Rini not to worry.

Elsewhere Sayuri runs into Tigerseye who is targeting her. He pretends to be an intelectual from France. Darien then runs up and the two walk together. Sayuri tells Darien that she wants to buy a tie for the man she likes. Darien is oblivious to the fact that she's talking about him and asks who for.

Sailor Moon SuperS: Perfect Couple Suddenly Tigerseye reappears and pins Darien down with a knife attack while trapping Sayuri to the regular panel. He peeks into her dream looking for Pegasus but can't see him.

Rini and Serena (who has been dragged by Rini to find Darien) see the attack and transform.

Tigerseye summons the Lemres, Ballon Girl Booko who blows up and flies towards Darien! Super Sailor Moon leaps between them to save the man she loves. The Lemres squashes Super Sailor Moon who slowly Sailor Moon SuperS: Perfect Couplebegins to suffocate.

Tigerseye retreats, having not found Pegasus.

Darien reveals Super Sailor Moon's identity to Sayuri by yelling out Serena's name. Sayuri realises that they are meant to be together and that their love is important to this world.

Super Sailor Mini Moon performs Crystal Twinkle Bell which summons Pegasus.

Sailor Moon SuperS: Perfect Couple Darien grabs one of the knives holding him down and uses it to pop the Lemres.

Super Sailor Moon then performs Moon Gorgeous Meditation which destroys her.

That afternoon Sayuri gives Kobi the tie, realising that he's the one for her.

Sailor Moon SuperS: Perfect Couple

Monster of the Day

Ballon Girl Booko really only had one move, the ability to blow herself up (like a balloon, not a bomb). This was pretty powerful however as she almost defeated Super Sailor Moon with it!

Naturally she was defeated by Moon Gorgeous Meditation.

Interesting Facts

If you thought Sayuri and Kobayashi were boring in the English version, you should hear them in the Japanese version. Oh... My... GOD.

An unintentionally hilarious line in the English version had Kobayashi commenting to Sayuri after both are surprised by Darien's clean room that he must be on the "Clean Team". Any fans of Seinfeld will know that this is also slang for being gay, and is ironically a question many fans have asked themselves about Tuxedo Mask for a long time.

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