Sailor Moon S: It's in the Cards

Episode 118

Sailor Moon S

It's in the Cards

Jap.118 "The Battle in a Demonic Dimension! The Sailor Soldier's Bet"

Rini and Hotaru are playing cards in Hotaru's bedroom. Down in the basement Doctor Tomoe is making the next Heart Snatcher with Sailor Moon S: It's in the Cards one of the cards. He asks Mimet if he thinks this one will be the strongest Daimon Heart Snatcher yet but she doesn't answer. Instead she suggests that it's almost lunch time and it's his turn to go buy snacks.

As soon as Tomoe leaves, Mimet starts throwing as many games as she can into the Daimon oven, not wanting to create another dud Heart Snatcher. As soon as she activates it though something goes wrong and the whole house begins to warp. Mimet runs out of the room in a panic. Upstairs, Rini and Hotaru experience the warp and are shocked to see an ocean out of one window and what looks Sailor Moon S: It's in the Cards like South Africa out of another.

Rini grabs Luna P and calls the others to come and save them. Hotaru then tells Rini that her drawers are full of fish. Rini goes to open Hotaru's writing desk to see if anything else would happen and a lion comes out!

Rini and Hotaru run from the room as fast as they can.

Outside the house Doctor Tomoe returns with bags of snacks and finds he can't get into his own house. Behind him the Sailor Scouts have arrived and Mercury is scanning the building. She comes to the conclusion that the house is in another dimension and any damage to the house would damage the dimension and destabilise it.

They conclude that a Sailor Teleport Sailor Moon S: It's in the Cards is the only way to get in. As they teleport, Artemis and Luna wish them luck as does (silently to himself) Doctor Tomoe.

Inside the house the Sailor Scouts find themselves being taken from one location to the next. From a flowering hillside, to a tropical forest and finally to the place where Hotaru and Rini are... a cliffy region and Rini has fallen over the edge of one of the cliffs! Luckily Hotaru has caught her hand and is trying to pull her up.

Suddenly Hotaru slips and both her and Rini fall! Sailor Venus quickly uses Venus Love Chain Encircle which grabs them.

After everyone pulls them to safety they're all teleported to the "Game Room" where the Heart Snatcher behind this all, Icasemon greets them and tells them that if they can beat her in a game of their choosing she will release them.

Sailor Moon S: It's in the Cards Sailor Mars begins to attack her with Mars Celestial Fire Surround but Icasemon interrupts her and tells them that she can teleport them anywhere in any dimension in a second.

Sailor Jupiter challenges her to roulette and wins but Icasemon cheats by changing the number the ball lands on and traps her in a giant glass playing card.

Sailor Mars tries her luck at Jenga but the Heart Snatcher has a piece of string tied to a piece and causes the whole tower to collapse.

Sailor Mercury then challenges her to chess but the board ends up exploding on her. Sailor Moon and Sailor Mars challenge her to Sailor Moon S: It's in the Cards a racing arcade game but that is also rigged and they both lose and take an explosion to the face.

Finally Hotaru and Rini challenge her to the card game they were playing at the beginning of the episode. Rini puts on some fantastic poker faces and beats her fair and square.

Icasemon won't accept defeat though and says that Hotaru has to beat her too. Hotaru begins to feel very nervous but with all the encouragement from the others she chooses the card she wants and wins. Hotaru passes out from the excitement.

The Heart Snatcher still refuses to free them though. This makes Rini furious! She transforms into Sailor Mini Moon and attacks her with Pink Sugar Heart Attack. A few of the hearts miss and hit Sailor Moon, breaking the glass card around her and setting Sailor Moon S: It's in the Cards her free.

Sailor Moon powers up to Super Sailor Moon and defeats the Heart Snatcher with Rainbow Moon Heart Ache. The Daimon pod pops out of the pile of games and the house returns to normal.

Sailor Mini Moon runs to the unconscious Hotaru but Super Sailor Moon tells her not to wake her as she doesn't now she's a Sailor Scout.

Moments later they open the door and Doctor Tomoe thanks them. Secretly though he promises to pay them back for all the trouble they've caused him and his mission.

Nearby on the street Amara, Michelle and Trista who had been watching the whole thing smile.

Sailor Moon S: It's in the Cards

Monster of the Day

Icasemon was a fun Heart Snatcher with a design obviously inspired by the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland. She said that she lives in this vortex and had the ability to teleport them anywhere though we never saw her do as such.

She loved to cheat and was (maybe due to karma) destroyed by Rainbow Moon Heart Ache.

Interesting Facts

Pay special attention to Luna P when the lion comes out of Hotaru's writing desk. As Rini and Hotaru run out of the room, Luna P desperately tries to flee with them but gets trapped in with the lion when Rini closes the door behind her completely forgetting about her "friend". Poor Luna P!

The skeleton on the card that Hotaru picked (symbolism in itself) has a star emblem on it's forehead, the symbol of the Death Busters!

Out of all the games Mimet packs into the Daimon oven are popular asian games and even a Wester favourite, UNO!

Interestingly enough, a Pure Heart Crystal was not seen nor heard of in this episode.

The whole scene with Rini and Hotaru on the cliff was copied almost frame for frame for Episode 171 of Sailor Stars! Even the same background plates were used! Furthermore the concept of the Sailors being trapped in the glass cards seems almost identical to how Nehelenia trapped everyone in her mirrors in the same episode! Strangely enough while the director of this episode, Noriyo Sasaki didn't direct Episode 171 she did direct Episode 168 whcih was also in the Nehelenia arc. Not much of a stretch to assume she helped out in other episodes in that arc.

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