Sailor Moon S: Heightened Hazard

Episode 117

Sailor Moon S

Heightened Hazard

Jap.117 "Higher, Stronger! Cheers by Usagi"

Tuxedo Mask tells the story of the Outer Sailors and introduces Sailor Uranus, Neptune ad Pluto one by one.

Sailor Moon S: Heightened Hazard At Raye's temple, Serena and the others discuss how the Outers must have stronger powers than theirs and how they seem to be on a different mission.

Over at Hotaru's house, Hotaru is writing a letter to a famous athlete who had suffered from a disability when he was younger and is an inspiration for her. Kaori Night sneeks in and has a look over her shoulder and then laughs at Hotaru for writing letters to him Sailor Moon S: Heightened Hazardall the time but never sending them.

The next day, Hotaru goes over to Serena and Rini's house to visit them. She tells them about her idol and they agree to go with her to see him in person.

As fate would have it, Mimet is also a fan of his and is using him as inspiration in a game of Twister with the other Witches. Doctor Tomoe watches from the door and when she finally falls down he enters and sends her off to get the next Pure Heart Crystal. As soon as Sailor Moon S: Heightened Hazardshe leaves he tells the others that it's now his turn and gets on the mat straight away.

At the sports field Mimet has arrived and is trying not to look suspicious in fornt of a very (very!) strange security guard.

Up in the stands, Amara, Michelle and Trista are watching the athlete as they've heard of how hard he pursues his passion and think that that may make him a target.

Rini suddenly runs up to them. They ask her if she's here by herself and she quickly tells them she isn't just a Serena and Hotaru run past the security guards to reach Hotaru's idol. They're caught metres from him with the guards refusing to let them past.

Eventually the idol tells the guards to back off and asks Hotaru what she wanted to say. Hotaru freezes though and doesn't say anything.

Sailor Moon S: Heightened HazardMimet, who was watching from back behind the fence becomes furious over Serena and Hotaru being able to see him by breaking the rules when she obeyed every sign and didn't get to (good point!) and releases her Heart Snatcher who chases all the guards into the rear building with a giant flaming ball.

She then jumps on him and tries to suck out his Heart Crystal by kissing him. Luckily he keeps turning his head to avoid her.

Serena takes Hotaru into the wings and then runs back and transforms into Sailor Moon. Mini Moon joins her but the two are soon in trouble when the Heart Snatcher ties one of their legs to the other ala a Three Legged Race.

Sailor Moon S: Heightened HazardAfter a bit of hastle Mimet and the Heart Snatcher get the Heart Crystal and run into the wings. As Mimet makes her escape the Heart Snatcher spots Hotaru who seems to be in pain. She walks up to her and tells her she should go to the building's medical centre.

Hotaru looks up at her, eyes bright red, and blasts her with a powerful force of energy, sending her back into the stadium.

Sailors Uranus, Neptune and Pluto see this and say that it confirms their suspicion that this girl is dangerous.

The Heart Snatcher seems in shock from the attack and has curled up inside it's hermit crab-like shell. Sailor Mini Moon lies on her side though and releases a Pink Sugar Heart Attack right into the shell, giving Sailor Moon enough time to untie the ribbon tying their legs Sailor Moon S: Heightened Hazardtogether.

She then stands up and powers up into Super Sailor Moon and defeats the Heart Snatcher with Rainbow Moon Heart Ache.

Moments later as Hotaru regins consciousness her idol looks over her to see if she's alright. Hotaru finally builds up the courage to speak to him and tells him how much she has meant to her.

Sailor Moon S: Heightened Hazard

Monster of the Day

The unnamed Heart Snatcher was based on a hermit crab shell and had amazing speed abilities and the skill to create a giant flaming ball and a blue ribbon that it could use to tie Sailor Moon and Sailor Mini Moon's legs together.

She was defeated by Rainbow Moon Heart Ache.

Interesting Facts

The opening scene with Tuxedo Mask and the Outers provides a great jumping on point for fans who had seen the first two seasons but not any of the S season so far.

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