Sailor Moon S: Goodness Eclipsed

Episode 119

Sailor Moon S

Goodness Eclipsed

Jap.119 "Awakening of the Messiah of Silence? Stars of Destiny"

Raye is having the same vision again that she had back in the first episode of the season. Sailor Moon S: Goodness Eclipsed It keeps getting clearer and clearer with more details being revealed.

Finally she begins to suspect that the mysterious figure in the vision is Hotaru who Amara, Michelle and Trista had been keeping such a close eye on.

She gets snapped back to reality by the arrival of Rini who has come to ask Serena if they can all go to the observatory tomorrow tonight with Hotaru. Serena says it's okay. Mina can't wait to see the hunk DJ that will be at the event, Thomas Harris.

That night in Tokyo, Amara, Michelle and Trista discuss their mission. Michelle says that lately she's been having a vision of the end Sailor Moon S: Goodness Eclipsed of the world and that it involves a woman holding a long weapon in her hands. Trista recognises that as the Silence Glaive, the weapon of the Soldier of Destruction and that Hotaru must be the Sovereign of Silence and they must prevent her from awakening to save the planet.

Michelle feels bad for Hotaru as they now must try to reverse her destiny.

In the Tomoe household, Hotaru, currently possessed by the Sovereign, commands Doctor Tomoe to bring her more Heart Crystals so she can awaken.

Tomoe goes to Mimet and gives her her new Daimon Heart Snatcher and sends her on her way. As she leaves, Doctor Tomoe looks at what looks like a glass dome with thousands of stars inside.

The next day, Rini and the girls run into Hotaru who's on her way home and they ask her if she would like to go to the observatory. Sailor Moon S: Goodness Eclipsed Hotaru's hesitant at first but eventually agrees to join them.

At the observatory Amara, Michelle and Trista see Hotaru with the girls and agree that they have to kill her before she awakens.They also spot Mimet and assume correctly that the DJ is the target.

As the show starts, Serena senses someone looking at her and turns around to see Trista who nods in her direction. Moments later Serena, Mina, Amy, Raye and Lita join Trista in the rear room. Trista tells them that it wouldn't be fair to them if she didn't explain what her, Uranus and Neptune were about to do before they did it.

She tells them about the approaching "Silence" and how Raye has also been having this vision. Raye tells them it's true and that it has Sailor Moon S: Goodness Eclipsed been horrifying but she didn't want to worry anyone.

Trista instructs them to look at the Garnet Orb on her staff. All five girls focus on the gem and one by one close their eyes and experience the vision as Raye had seen it.

As they open their eyes they ask Trista who the Sovereign of Silence is but Trista tells them that they will soon find out.

Suddenly screams are heard from the main room. They all rush back to find the Daimon Heart Snatcher taking form and attacking everyone with black star energy attacks. Sailor Neptune and Pluto block one door and tell Mimet they had been waiting for her to show up. Sailor Moon, Mars, Venus, Mercury and Jupiter block the other door.

The Heart Snatcher, Demonae goes to take the DJ's Heart Crystal but is told by Mimet to leave it for now and focus on their real mission. Mimet then leaves.

Sailor Mars realises that Demonae is using her gravitational powers to pull the planet Saturn closer!

Hotaru who is with Rini begins to feel faint. Rini goes to get a doctor but Sailor Uranus stops her and explains that they have to see what happens first.

Tuxedo Mask then arrives and and breaks Demonae's black star spot on her forehead with a rose.

Suddenly Hotaru looks up as if in shock and the symbol of the planet Saturn appears on her forehead! Sailor Moon and the others are shocked that she too is a Sailor Soldier!

Sailor Moon S: Goodness Eclipsed An aura surrounds Hotaru as she stands up with an evil look on her face. She freezes Demonae where she stands with her mysterious powers. Sailor Moon then powers up to Super Sailor Moon with the Holy Grail and defeats Demonae with Rainbow Moon Heart Ache.

As the Daimon egg falls out of the galaxy globe model and cracks open, Sailor Uranus, Neptune and Pluto attack Hotaru with Uranus World Shaking, Neptune Deep Submerge and Pluto Deadly Scream.

Rini screams out in horror and steps in front of Hotaru to protect her.

Super Sailor Moon runs up and pushes them both out of the way as the combined attack shoots past them and destroys the railing behind them.

Tuxedo Mask demands to know what's going on and Sailor Uranus tells them that Hotaru is the Soldier of Destrucion, Sailor Saturn that Sailor Moon S: Goodness Eclipsed once awoken will destroy the world!

Super Sailor Moon and the others say that she may be Sailor Saturn or the Sovereign but they have to find another way to stop the silence.

Sailor Pluto says that would be ideal but they don't know what another option could be and that right now this is the only way they know to stop the end of the world.

Suddenly Hotaru's body begins to flicker and then fully disappears! Sailor Uranus is shocked and frustrated that they've lost their only chance to stop her.

Back in Hotaru's bedroom, Kaori Night enters and sees Hotaru sleeping in her bed. Kaori Night smiles and says that they had nothing to worry about.

Down in the basement Doctor Tomoe laughs at how perfect it is that their Sovereign is Sailor Saturn and looks at the glass dome from before that appears to hold an entire galaxy within it.

Sailor Moon S: Goodness Eclipsed

Monster of the Day

Demonae was the first Daimon Heart Snatcher that was created with a purpose other than collecting Pure Heart Crystals, in this case to speed up the movement of the entire planet, Saturn!

She had an incredibly powerful black star energy attack which also happens to be the symbol of the Death Busters. As per usual she was destroyed by Super Sailor Moon's Rainbow Moon Heart Ache.

Something interesting to note is that in the tv edited English version of this episode (only available on VHS), Demonae's costume was heavily edited to cover up all her exposed skin and making it more child friendly.

Interesting Facts

Hotaru awoke as Sailor Saturn in this episode, though unlike the other awakenings, she didn't transform immediately afterwards. That is still to come! Stay tuned!

This episode featured the first combination attack of Uranus World Shaking, Neptune Deep Submerge and Pluto Deadly Scream.

Interestingly enough, the "target" made it through the entire episode without his Heart Crystal being taken!

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