Sailor Moon S: Next in Line

Episode 120

Sailor Moon S

Next in Line

Jap.120 "Invasion from an Alternate Dimension! The Mystery of Mugen Academy"

After the events of the previous episode, Rini runs as fast as she can to Hotaru's house and looks everywhere but can't find her. As she looks in Hotaru's bedroom she finds Sailor Moon S: Next in Line that everything has been removed.

Trista walks up behind her and tells her that it was like this when she got here but ini doesn't believe her and accuses her of doing something bad to Hotaru. Trista hugs her.

Back at Darien's house Darien and the girls are looking up everything they can on Doctor Tomoe after finding out he was involved with the Death Busters. Darien finds a news article on him that states that he's the founder of Mugen School, an elite school for only the most giften students. Amy says that it goes all the way from Year One through to Twelve an suggests that they check it out.

Sailor Moon S: Next in Line Trista then enters with Rini who is soaking wet. Serena starts to scold her for being out in the rain but Darien sees that she's really upset and tells Serena not to yell at her.

As Trista goes to leave, Darien asks her if she could stay for a bit and fill them in on Mugen School which also turns out to be the school Amara, Michelle and Hotaru went to.

After a while Trista tells them that she and the others had been investigating Mugen and Doctor Tomoe for a while because it had always been at the centre of strange disappearances and that it's located very nearby in a high rise building. Hearing this, they all decide to investigate and leave Rini with Darien who wants to do some more research.

In the Death Busters' base, underneath Doctor Tomoe's house, Mimet calls Doctor Tomoe and tells him that she has a new target, a Russian professor who is doing a lecture at Mugen School. Tomoe tells her that he's well aware of the man's work on multiple Sailor Moon S: Next in Line dimensions but that he wants Mimet to not do anything right now and that he'll call her when he's ready to make a move.

After he hangs up, Mimet gets angry and turns on a hidden mic she has in his office and overhears Doctor Tomoe telling another Witch, Telulu that he's sick of Mimet's failures and trust her with this latest mission.

As Telulu goes to start her mission, Mimet calls her, pretending to be Doctor Tomoe and tells her that something's come up and that she doesn't want her to proceed afterall.

At Mugen School Serena, Raye, Amy, Mina, Lita, Luna and Artemis have snuck in and are looking around. Unfortunately a security guard spots them but they simply tell him they're lost and he lets them go. Mimet then walks past him though looking very suspicious and he grabs her. Not having the time for this, Mimet electrocutes him. Telulu sees this and smiles evilly.

Back at Darien's, Darien discovers that Doctor Tomoe and Hotaru were survivors of a big science lab explosion years ago but they both survived unharmed. Darien finds this very suspicious.

Sailor Moon S: Next in Line On her throne, the unconscious Hotaru dreams of the explosion. She was a young girl at the time and was looking at her father's experiment. Suddenly a galaxy appeared in the glass dome and a bright light came from it, blasting the building and everyone in it. Time seemed to freeze mid-explosion and she saw Doctor Tomoe holding her lifeless body in his arms. A glowing ball of energy then appears and promises to make sure he and Hotaru survive the explosion but in exchange he will control Tomoe's body. Doctor Tomoe agrees and from that moment onwards, Doctor Tomoe was controlled by this evil force from another dimension.

Back in the present Tomoe looks at this miniature galaxy and tells it that the time is coming soon when it will grow and envelope this entire solar system.

At Mugen School all the students are watching the Russian professor's presentation on multiple dimensions. Amara and Michelle take this opportunity to look for clues. Trista finds them and tells them that the other Sailor Scouts are also in the building exploring.

In the lecture theatre Mimet makes her dramatic entrance on the stage and releases the Daimon Heart Snatcher, Pasecom.

Sailor Moon, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Mars quickly arrive though and begin to battle Pasecom as she releases heaps and heaps of Sailor Moon S: Next in Line evil mice. Sailor Mars burns them with Mars Fire Ignite whiel Sailor Jupiter leaps onto the stage and performs a Jupiter Thunderclap Zap at point blank range on the Heart Snatcher.

Sailor Mercury uses her computer to locate the left over mice which Sailor Venus disposes of with her Love Chain Encircle.

Sailor Moon then powers up to Super Sailor Moon and destroys Pasecom with Rainbow Moon Heart Ache.

Instead of running away though, Mimet runs to a device created by Eugeal and zaps herself with it. She disappears in a flash of orange light but reappears seconds later ten times larger on the massive monitors on the stage. Everyone looks on in horror.

Off stage Telelu appears and laughs. She asks Mimet if she knows why Eugeal never used the machine. Mimet looks worried and says that she doesn't. Telulu informs her that if the power to the device were ever to go out while a person was in the machine that person Sailor Moon S: Next in Line would be trapped there forever.

Mimet begs for her not to pull out the cable. Telulu simply smiles and yanks the cable out of the power socket. Mimet falls into a pit of darkness and disappears.

Telulu fades away.

Super Sailor Moon is in shock. Sailor Jupiter wonders why they would turn on themselves.

Super Sailor Moon suddenly collapses and reverts back to regular Sailor Moon.

Sailor Moon S: Next in Line

Monster of the Day

Pasecom had one of the most ironic attacks of a Monster of the Day, computer mice that turn into mice! Also ironic, her name sounds an awful lot like "persecom" which is what Japanese people call "personal computers" or "PCs".

Guess how she was killed! That's right! She was defeated by Super Sailor Moon's Rainbow Moon Heart Ache!

Interesting Facts

While his name was not given, this episode gave us our first look at Pharaoh 90, the "big bad" of Sailor Moon S that's been pulling the strings from behind the scenes this whole time.

While we don't know for sure, the woman in the lab in Hotaru's flashback that was killed in the explosion could very well have been Hotaru's mother and Tomoe's wife.

Strangely enough this was the first time Mugen School has been mentioned and shown in the anime. Strange considering how big a role it has.

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