Sailor Moon S: Fiendish Ferns

Episode 121

Sailor Moon S

Fiendish Ferns

Jap.121 "A Mystic Flower that Steals Hearts! The Third Witch, Telulu"

Picking up right where the previous episode left off, Mimet has been trapped inside the giant computer system and the mysterious new Witch, Telulu disappears.

Sailor Moon S: Fiendish Ferns Super Sailor Moon collapses on the floor as she reverts back to her regular form.

Sailor Uranus, Neptune and Pluto comment on how they may have found the Death Busters' weakness, they don't like teamwork, and leave. Sailor Moon and the others chase after them and catch up to them outside on the street. Mini Moon pleads with them not to harm Hotaru but they don't listen and promise to defeat both Sailor Saturn and the Sovereign of Silence to save the world.

On her throne the Sovereign of Silence commands Doctor Tomoe to bring her more Pure Heart Crystals. Suddenly she begins to struggle and Hotaru's voice comes out, asking for Rini. The Sovereign quickly regains control though and pretends it never happened.

Meanwhile on the streets of Tokyo Rini, Serena, Artemis and Luna are walking together. All of a sudden Rini runs off. Serena commenst on how annoying Sailor Moon S: Fiendish Ferns she is and Luna tells Serena that "You know what they say! Like future daughter, like future mother!" They both begin arguing while Artemis begins to feel uncomfortable. Looking away, Artemis realises that Rini had run towards Mugen School! They all run after Rini and catch her before she enters the building. She tells them that she's looking for Hotaru.

Down in the Death Busters' base whose door now says "Witches 3", Doctor Tomoe calls Telulu up and asks if she's ready to get some Pure Heart Crystals. Telulu tells him that she's finished producing plenty of special plants to begin her mission.

Later that day, Telulu has set up a store and is selling all of her telulu plants that apparently need no water or sunlight. Trista sees this and buys one to experiment on. When she gets home and begins to analyse it she discovers that it's not natural and that it was made by science! Suddenly the plant begins to move and attacks Trista with bright red energy beams. Luckily her Garnet Rod comes alive and saves her with a burst of it's own energy Sailor Moon S: Fiendish Ferns which destroys the plant.

Back in the throne room, Hotaru wakes up and is confused as to what has happened. She decides to find Rini and runs out of the building. On her way to Rini's she passes Telulu who doesn't recognise her and gives her her final telulu plant! Hotaru decides this would be a great present for Rini and happily accepts it.

In Tomoe's office, Kaori Night decides to give Tomoe a massage due to his bad neck. Doctor Tomoe then suggests that Kaori must be getting tired of being in the office all the time and that she must miss being out in the field. Kaori begins to tell him that she prefers being around him but he shuts her down and tells her that if she doesn't feel up to it he'll find someone else.

Kaori Night becomes furious at this and in a burst of energy transforms (graphically!) into a new darker black garb and teleports away.

Sailor Moon S: Fiendish Ferns As Hotaru arrives at Rini and Serena's house Rini greets her and the two go talk in the front yard with Serena, Luna and Artemis watching from the doorway.

Hotaru gives Rini the flower and confides in her that lately she's been losing control and has no memory of what she's been doing and feels like there's someone evil within her. Suddenly the Sovereign takes over and tells Rini that she wants her Heart Crystal and moves to grab her. Serena yells out to Hotaru which snaps her out of it.

Hotaru begins to cry and apologises. Kaori Night then appears and gras Hotaru. Hotaru screams out to Rini but she's quickly teleported away.

Trista arrives and sees Rini holding the telulu plant. She runs over and knocks it out of her hand. The plant releases a burst of red lightning that drains the energy out of the surrounding area. Trista says that Hotaru must be after Rini's Pure Heart Crystal but Rini won't believe it.

Luna asks Trista if there are any more of these plants and Trista tells them about the florist that was selling them down the road. They all go to Sailor Moon S: Fiendish Fernsinvestigate.

At the florist, Telulu decides to start the collection process and locks all the customers in while releasing a gas that forces the flowers to blossom. Within seconds, all their Heart Crystals are removed form their bodies.

Serena, Trista and Rini enter and transform at once into Sailor Moon, Sailor Pluto and Sailor Mini Moon. Telulu attacks them with her vine attack. Sailor Mini Moon holds up her Pink Moon Stick and concentrates on it. Suddenly a super powerful burst of Pink Sugar Heart Attack explodes forward and disintegrates Telulu's attack.

One of the plants goes to attack Sailor Mini Moon but Sailor Pluto leaps into the way and is zapped instead. Luckily Tuxedo Mask arrives and frees her with a rose attack.

Sailor Moon S: Fiendish Ferns Sailor Moon then powers up to Super Sailor Moon and destroys all the plants with Rainbow Moon Heart Ache.

Telulu, furious over all her hard work being destroyed injects one remaining plant with a needle, causing it to super size. She mentions that today is a loss but she still has a significant amount of Heart Crystals in her star compact. Hearing this, Tuxedo Mask throws a rose at it, destroying it and releasing all the Heart Crystals.

The giant plant, designed to target Heart Crystals turns and attacks Telulu. Telulu yells at the plant to stop and attacks it with her vine attack causing a massive explosion which kills them both.

Super Sailor Moon sees a passport on the floor. She opens it and sees that it was Telulu's and she was a student at Mugen School!

Sailor Mini Moon walks up to Sailor Pluto and begs her to help them save Hotaru. Sailor Pluto looks at her and smiles though doesn't promise anything.

Sailor Moon S: Fiendish Ferns

Monster of the Day

The telulu plant was the first non-humanoid Daimon Heart Snatcher and was basically the first and final creature in the third generation of Daimon Heart Snatchers.

According to Telulu and Sailor Pluto it doesn't need any water or sunlight and activates when the flower blossoms. In this episode several were killed by being bitch slapped by Sailor Pluto, zapped by the Garnet Rod and obliterated by Rainbow Moon Heart Ache.

Interesting Facts

This was the first time that Sailor Pluto's Garnet Rod, let alone any Sailor's weapon was shown to have a mind of it's own in the anime though in the SuperS arc of the manga, all the Inners' weapons are sentient and even speak to their respective Sailor Scout.

Sailor Mini Moon's Pink Sugar Heart Attack finally began to show it's full potential in this episode and proved to be a very powerful attack indeed.

While Serena, Rini, Artemis and Luna are walking down the street they pass a cafe called "Cafe Sailor Moo" (written in Japanese) which has two people looking at it possibly wondering if it's connected to Sailor Moon.

Earlier in the episode, Sailor Uranus is shown with gloves that are in fact too long for her. Usually her gloves just cover her wrists.

While the series has always had hints of nudity such as in the transformations, Kaori Night's transformation in this episode has to be the most full frontal and graphic nude scene in all five seasons and is pretty jarring the first time you see it.

PLOT HOLE! Telulu appeared to create hundreds, possibly thousands of these plants in this episode and while Super Sailor Moon, Mini Moon, Pluto and Tuxedo Mask destroyed the plants left in flower shop, hundreds had already been sold and are in the homes of innocents all over Tokyo! Whoops! Guess you can't save eveyone!

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