Sailor Moon S: The Science of Love

Episode 122

Sailor Moon S

The Science of Love

Jap.122 "Believe in Love! Ami, a Kind-Hearted Soldier"

The girls are hanging out at Raye's temple when Serena comes running up and tells them that Amy tied first in an important exam! The next round is Sailor Moon S: The Science of Love being held at Mugen school and Amy tells them that she's automatically been accepted into the next round. Mina tells her that that's great because she can sneak them in so they can investigate Mugen School!

At Mugen School, the newest Witches 5 member, Byruit approaches Kaori Night and Doctor Tomoe and tells her that she will deal with the Heart Crystal collecting from now on and that they should leave everything to her.

On the day of the exam, students are lining up around the block to get in. Serena can't believe that so many people would take their exams so seriously.

In the school, Amara and Michelle are using this opportunity to explore the basement level one more time and feel that this time the evil will Sailor Moon S: The Science of Love reveal itself.

Once inside, Amy and the girls are greeted by Byruit who introduces herself as Julie Bardot. She seems happy to meet Serena, a friend of Amy's until Serena says that her best subjects are eating and sleeping.

Julie takes Amy to the science lab to show her what they do at this school.

In the lab, Amy notices the glass dome featured in previous episodes. Julie explains that it's like a telescope that lets them look at another galaxy.

Sailor Moon S: The Science of Love She then tells Amy that Mugen is great and that the smartest students get to lead the classes, with a professor observing of course. This doesn't please Amy at all who thinks this would make the slower students upset and intimidated.

Julie acuses Amy of being naive and that there's no room for emotion in science. Julie then leaves and transforms into Byruit to confront Doctor Tomoe and Kaori Night. She tells them that Amy could be a Sailor Soldier and that she wants t make it clear that she will take care of it. She pushes Kaori Night to the floor. Kaori looks angry but when asked by Tomoe if she's okay, she says she's fine.

Byruit then activates her bracelet which controls thousands of nanites. All around the school, students using computers have their Heart Crystals Sailor Moon S: The Science of Love removed. Serena and Mina who are investigating a computer room see this happen and realise that Mugen is the home base of the Death Busters after all!

Down in the basement Amara and Michelle unlock the door and discover that it's the Sovereign of Silence's throne room! The go to attack her but Amy arrives and stops them. Julie also arrives and transforms into Byruit.

Amara and Michelle run towards the Sovereign but Byruit zaps them with her nanites, forcing the two the the floor. Amy transforms into Sailor Mercury and defends herself with Shine Aqua Illusion which freezes the nanites for a second but they quickly break free and attack Sailor Mercury.

Sailor Moon, Mars, Jupiter and Venus show up. Byruit attacks them but they manage to dodge her attacks. Amara and Michelle stand up, transform and Sailor Moon S: The Science of Love attack with Uranus World Shaking and Neptune Deep Submerge. Sailor Moon then powers up to Super Sailor Moon and attacks Byruit's bracelet with Rainbow Moon Heart Ache causing it to backfire and blast Byruit.

Byruit falls to the ground and begins to fade out of existence as the nanites dissolve her. Throughout the building, all the Heart Crystals are returned to their owners.

Everyone looks on sadly and Byruit slowly disappears. Sailor Mercury says that it was because she used science without love that this happened to her.

In his office, Doctor Tomoe says that this is the last time the Sailor Soldiers will ruin his plans.

Sailor Moon S: The Science of Love Back in the throne room, the Sovereign of Silence hovers into the air and disappears in a vortex with a promise that the worst is yet to come.

At Hotaru's house, Rini waits for Hotaru in the snow. Trista and Darien walk up behind her with an umbrella and tell her that she cn't stay here, she'll get a cold. Rini tells them that she misses Hotaru terribly and that she has to come back someday.

Later on outside, Amara and Michelle tell the girls that because of them the Sovereign escaped but they also saved their lives so they're thankful. Everyone smiles.

Interesting Facts

Byruit made her first and final full appearance in this episode of Sailor Moon S!

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