Sailor Moon R: Smart Payoff

Episode 73

Sailor Moon R

Smart Payoff

Jap.80 "Evil Hallucinations! Ami in Isolation"

Sapphire has a message for Emerald. It seems Prince Diamonds is tired of waiting and wants the past taken over. Now. Emerald, despite being in a bathrobe, laughs at Sailor Moon R: Smart Payoff him and tells him she was just about to head out as she's just found the next point to be filled with dark energy so the Dark Gate can be opened.

Emerald teleports to a cram school and calls forth the latest Dark Wedge and the Droid, Miss Trust. She informs the new Droid about the energy being released and tells her to make sure everything goes according to plan.

Miss Trust then zaps the entire building, affecting every student inside.

Sailor Moon R: Smart Payoff At school the next day, Serena and Molly are happy for Amy who has topped the class once more! Suddenly Melvin pulls out a piece of paper and says that it's Amy's cheat sheet for the exam! Amy's a cheater! Several other students, obviously affected by Miss Trust's energy join in and all start spreading rumours about Amy.

Serena and Molly defend Amy and tell Molly to cut it out as he's being really mean.

Lita shows up just as several of the affected boys move into to attack the girls and throws them onto the floor. Amy thanks her but also says that she shouldn't be using violence to solve problems.

Sailor Moon R: Smart Payoff Amy then wonders aloud that she wished she got 100% perfect scores as everyone thinks she cheated anyway.

On their way home, Serena, Lita and Amy run into Rini who tells them that a weird boy called Melvin has been telling everyone that Amy's a cheater. This makes the girls angry but Amy tells them that she's okay as she leaves to go home by herself.

As she's walking she passes a group of girls who start talking about her cheating again. Amy panics and runs into an alley. She then realises that every student who had Sailor Moon R: Smart Payoff accused her of cheating goes to the same cram school and goes to check it out.

When she gets there she senses all of the negative energy in the building and transforms into Sailor Mercury!

She calls all of the Sailor Scouts to join her and begins to fight Miss Trust by herself. Miss Trust makes several copies of herself that attack Sailor Mercury but Mercury freezes them all with her Mercury Ice Bubbles Freeze attack.

Sailor Moon R: Smart Payoff As Sailor Moon, Sailor Mars, Sailor Venus and Sailor Jupiter arrive, Miss Trust zaps Sailor Mercury, causing her to hallucinate and think that all the Sailor Scouts are slagging her off!

Sailor Mercury considers attacking them all so they all jump out the classroom window to get outside. The hallucinations begin to get stronger and scarier for Amy but she eventually snaps out of it and freezes Miss Trust's antennae (where her mind powers come from) with her Shine Aqua Illusion attack. Sailor Moon Sailor Moon R: Smart Payoff then uses Moon Sceptre Elimination to finish her off.

Moments later as all of them are back in their civilian forms, Amy tells them that she knows they would never be that mean to her and that they're her true friends.

All the affected students then arrive out of nowhere and beg her to help them study so they can get as high marks as her in their exams.

Sailor Moon R: Smart Payoff

Monster of the Day

Miss Trust has some wicked powers that made her a very strong Monster of the Day. As well as the usual abilities to fly and teleport, she also had the power to create duplicates of herself as well as affect people's thinking.

She was defeated by Sailor Mercury's Shine Aqua Illusion and Sailor Moon's Moon Sceptre Elimination.

Interesting Facts

Sailor Mercury's attacks continue to get given different names in almost every new episode of the English dub for no apparent reason. For the sake of making this guide less confusing I've used their real names in this summary.
If you're interested, Mercury Ice Bubbles Freeze was referred to as Mercury Ice Storm Blast (which has been used to refer to Shine Aqua Illusion in previous episodes, ow my head!) as well as Double Mercury Ice Storm Blast when she used it a second time moments after the first. Confused? Me too!

While this episode on my DVD and in the episode's title screen is called "Smart Payoff", several online episode guides refer to this episode as "Lonely Amy" or the combination, "Smart Payoff (Lonely Amy)" suggesting two versions of this English episode (probably with just different episode names and no other differences) was made.
A similar thing happened with Episode 69 which goes by two different titles depending on what DVD cover, episode guide or episode you watch. Click here for more on that episode.

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