Sailor Moon R: Dog Day for Artemis

Episode 72

Sailor Moon R

Dog Day for Artemis

Jap.79 "Artemis' Adventure! The Evil Animal Kingdom"

It's a quiet day in Tokyo when suddenly a man starts yelling at someone to get out of his restaurant. Artemis then appears running away followed by a chef wielding a saucepan.

Sailor Moon R: Dog Day for Artemis When he tells Luna and Serena what happened they laugh at him and say that he was only there for the food but Artemis tells them he thought the place might have been a base for the Negamoon. Luna continues to tease him and calls him "Clutz the Cat" which infuriates Artemis so much he decides to leave. As he's walking towards the door though Rini opens it in a rush and slams it into Artemis' head! Serena and Luna laugh some more, but Artemis has had enough and storms off.

Sailor Moon R: Dog Day for Artemis Serena and Luna then go to look for him but ironically while they're looking for him Serena treads on his head! Artemis screams and storms off, telling Luna that they're finished. Serena tells Luna that she's gone too far this time and that she should appologise.

While wondering the streets, Artemis sees a stray dog be picked up by a nice man. Artemis decides to investigate and jumps in the back of the man's car and is taken to an animal park. As the car drives in, Amy and Lita who happen to be in the area see him in the back and tell the others what they saw.

Sailor Moon R: Dog Day for Artemis In the animal park, the man and the doctor are treating the dog the man found. Suddenly Emerald appears, and knocks them out. She then summons the Dark Wedge and the Droid, Animal Instinct who takes the form of the doctor. She then possesses all the animals and makes them her own servants.

At Serena's house, the girls and Luna are discussing what to do. Mina tells Luna that she should go an appologise to Artemis as she doesn't know what kind of animals there could be in the animal park. There could be tigers, snakes, crocodiles.... She then tells Luna that if she doesn't go soon the next time she sees Artemis, he could be a ghost! Luna finally agrees to go and appologise.

Sailor Moon R: Dog Day for Artemis Rini then comes in and says she heard all the talk about animals and that she wants to go too!

At the park, Artemis is looking around and is surprised to see all the animals doing amazing tricks! They suddenly turn evil though and attack all the tourists in the park. While Artemis is running for his life, Luna calls out for him from a bin and he dive in to hide with her. Artemis asks her what she's doing here and she tells him that despite how she acts, she cares for him. Artemis, still angry walks away though but tells Luna he'll see her later.

Sailor Moon R: Dog Day for Artemis Serena and Mina who had also entered the park see what's happening and transform into Sailor Moon and Sailor Venus. Droid Animal Instinct appears and tries to stop them by getting the animals to attack them. Luckily the other Scouts arrive just in time. Sailor Mercury uses her Shine Aqua Illusion to trap the animals in an ice shield buying the Sailor Scouts some time but Droid Animal Instinct traps them all in metal collars!

Artemis runs up and jumps on the Droid's face, causing her to lose her focus and loosen the collar around Sailor Moon's neck. Sailor Moon thanks Artemis and uses Moon Sceptre Elimination to destroy the Droid.

Sailor Moon R: Dog Day for Artemis Later that day after the animals have returned to normal, the girls, Luna and Artemis all relax in the animal park. Luna apologises to Artemis and tells him how impressed she was with what he did. Artemis is very happy with himself and says that he's amazing, and fantastic.

All of a sudden, Rini, arriving late runs through the park gates swinging her backpack and loses her grip on it, sending it flying through the air and landing right on top of Artemis. Ouch.

Sailor Moon R: Dog Day for Artemis

Monster of the Day

Droid Animal Instinct was a rather cool Droid with the usual abilities of shape changing and flight but also the ability to posses animals and make them do what she wants. She also had the ability to create long chains with collars on the end she could control and capture people with.
Like all the other Droids, she was killed by Moon Sceptre Elimination.

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