Sailor Moon R: No Thanks, Nurse Venus

Episode 71

Sailor Moon R

No Thanks, Nurse Venus

Jap.78 "Venus - Minako's Medical Commotion"

Raye is sick with the flu and talking to Lita on the phone. Apparently Amy and Lita are also sick and Mina had come over to look after them but ended up completely Sailor Moon R: No Thanks, Nurse Venus destroying their places and making them feel worse.

When Mina arrives at Raye's she cooks her a soup but when Raye tastes it it's way too spicy and causes Raye to breath fire in a humorous fashion. Mina then goes to change her sheets but spills the soup all over Raye. Mina then tries to put on some relaxing music but the stereo starts screaming out some heavy metal at a loud volume! Mina tries to change the volume by pressing all the buttons but that causes the stereo to explode! Raye kicks her out.

Sailor Moon R: No Thanks, Nurse Venus At Serena's house, Serena's whole family with the exception of Rini is down with the flu. Rini tries to help out with the laundry but ends up blowing herself over the balcony! Serena runs to save her and pulls her back over. Serena's mother, very sick, asks them both to be quiet. Mina then arrives and promises to help her. Rini becomes her assistant and the two proceed to make Serena's life hell by messing up her house, breaking her bedroom window and more.

Serena asks why she wants to help her and Mina says that Serena always makes Sailor Moon R: No Thanks, Nurse Venus everyone else smile and no she thinks it's her turn to help her smile. This cheers Serena up.

Minako then leaves to go to the hospital with Rini to pick up some medicine for the family.

When they arrive, they can't find any staff! Rini goes down a hall and finds Emerald and her Droid, Injector in human form discussing their plan to infect everyone in Tokyo with the flu. When they see Rini they move to inject her but Sailor Moon R: No Thanks, Nurse VenusRini hates needles and screams, activating her Moon Beam. All the Sailor Scouts sense this and get out of their sickbeds to save Rini.

Mina who was close by transforms into Sailor Venus and attacks them with Venus Crescent Beam Smash and Venus Love Chain Encircle but is eventually trapped by several large needle projectiles.

Sailor Moon R: No Thanks, Nurse Venus Luckily for her and Rini the Sailor Scouts arrive! Sailor Mercury uses Mercury Bubbles Blast which creates a fog disorienting the Droid. Sailor Mars then attacks with Mars Celestial Fire Surround and tells Sailor Moon to finish the Droid off.

Sailor Moon tries to but falls down, still week from the flu. Tuxedo Mask arrives and tells her that he believes in her. Sailor Moon, encouraged by her love stands up and successfully uses Moon Sceptre Elimination Sailor Moon R: No Thanks, Nurse Venus which destroys Injector and disintegrates the Dark Wedge.

Later that week while everyone recovers from the flu, Minako and Artemis come down with it and ironically suffer Serena's care which is the same, if not worse than Mina's.Mina simply smiles and appreciates it though no matter how bad Serena's soup is.

Sailor Moon R:

Monster of the Day

Injector was a rather strong enemy with the ability to create giant needle projectiles. It's also questionable if she also had the ability to create the flu virus that was making everyone sick or if she simply had the smarts to know how to spread it.

She was killed by Moon Sceptre Elimination.

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