Sailor Moon R: Promises Fulfilled

Episode 70

Sailor Moon R

Promises Fulfilled

Jap.77 "Mutual Love! Love Between Usagi and Mamoru Once Again"

At Serena's school, Molly and Melvin are telling Serena about these cool friendship bracelets they just made and how they took lessons on how to make them at this new Sailor Moon R: Promises Fulfilled school. Serena thinks that something like this may be what she needs to help get Darien to take her back again thinks about going to one of the lessons.

On her way home from school with Amy and Lita, Serena sees Darien and goes to talk to him but trips and falls over, hurting her knee. Darien is obviously very distraught seeing Serena hurt but decides to ignore her and walk away. This makes Serena even more upset.

Emerald meanwhile has located the next Dark Point and wouldn't you know it? It's the friendship bracelet school! She immediately summons the next Dark Wedge which Sailor Moon R: Promises Fulfilled begins filling the place with dark energy and calls on Droid Regania to protect the area and make sure it goes well.

The next day, Serena checks the school out and finds Molly and Melvin already in class. She sits down with them and begins to make her bracelet but finds it too hard. The teacher suggests she try the children's one but Serena still can't do it. Eventually they run out of time and the class finishes.

That night as Serena sleeps, she dreams of her and Darien getting married. They're both happy when suddenly the Earth opens up and Serena falls away into nothingness. Serena wakes up in shock and looks at a photo of her and Darien. The glass in the frame cracks.

Sailor Moon R: Promises Fulfilled Serena then goes over to Darien's place to ask him about the dream. Rini and Luna follow her but wait outside.

As Serena tells Darien the dream, he tells her that he's had the same one and that it was the reason he broke up with her. Serena tells him that it's just a dream but Darien doesn't want to risk losing Serena and tells her to leave. Darien obviously still loves Serena, he just doesn't want her to get hurt.

Sailor Moon R: Promises Fulfilled As Serena walks out of the building she sees Rini and Luna. Suddenly Rini's friendship bracelet that she had made begins to electrocute her. Luna rips it off and saves her. They deduce that the school must be a Negamoon target and tell the other girls to meet them there.

When Sailor Moon gets there, Tuxedo Mask tells the Droid that he despises her for corrupting a symbol of love. The other Sailor Scouts then arrive and they all fight together before Sailor Moon destroys Droid Regania with Moon Sceptre Elimination.

Sailor Moon R: Promises Fulfilled The Dark Wedge begins to shrink and then shatters, releasing all the dark energy. All the students, including Molly and Melvin in the building wake up.

Tuxedo Mask tells the Sailor Scouts that together they can overcome any obstacle for the sake of the mission. He then disappears.

Sailor Moon promises to do her best but obviously misunderstood. Sailor Mars tells her to go chase after him. Amy and Lita tell her that it looks like there's no Sailor Moon R: Promises Fulfilled misunderstandings now and he wants her back. Mina tells Serena that she looks great now that she's just been in battle and Luna tells her not to trip over. Artemis says she can do anything and Rini tells her that she can get him back.

As Serena runs after Darien she hears her friends' encouraging messages.

Serena runs up to Darien and the two look at each other and kiss.

Sailor Moon R: Promises Fulfilled

Monster of the Day

Droid Regania possessed the usual ability to disguise herself as a human (the teacher) and fly but she also had some interesting energy ring projectile attacks as well. As usual, she was defeated by Sailor Moon's Moon Sceptre Elimination.

Interesting Facts

The whole Sailor Moon / Tuxedo Mask breakup never really made much sense in Sailor Moon no matter which version you watch and it becomes obvious very soon that the writers of the anime just added it for some extra drama to help space out the season. In the manga, no such breakup ever happened.

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