Sailor Moon R: Child's Play

Episode 74

Sailor Moon R

Child's Play

Jap.81 "Completion of the Dark Gate? Target: Tenth District Elementary"

Rini is a little sick so is staying home from school today. All the girls come to visit her and bring with them Rini's friend from school, Melissa! The two little girls are really Sailor Moon R: Child's Play happy to see each other and immediately start talking about what Rini has been missing from school.

Elsewhere, at a park in Azabu Juban the latest baddie from the Nega Moon, Gloom appears and activates a Dark Wedge. Across town at Rini's school, another baddie appears called Doom and starts up his own Dark Wedge. Two Dark Wedges at the same time!

Emerald appears to see how the two brothers are doing. Doom says everything's going according to plan. Gloom arrives and they all smile evilly.

The next day, Rini is better but running late for school with Luna. When they arrive they are shocked to see Rini's school in utter chaos! Everyone seems to have turned evil Sailor Moon R: Child's Play and is breaking windows and fighting each other! Rini finds Melissa but she too has been turned and attacks Rini. Artemis arrives and together they all run into the school building to hide from Melissa who is trying to track them down! Luna contacts the Sailor Scouts to come and help but Raye and Mina have spotted the second Dark Wedge and decide to deal with that with Sailor Mercury and Jupiter while Sailor Moon helps out at Rini's school.

Sailor Mars and Sailor Venus seem to be no match for Gloom and when Sailor Mercury and Jupiter appear he simply disappears, leaving his Dark Wedge that continues to grow in size.

Sailor Moon R: Child's Play At Rini's school, Rini, Luna and Artemis are hiding in a classroom. Sailor Moon manages to find them but so does Doom and Gloom! Melissa, who is now on Doom and Gloom's side, attacks Rini but Rini begins to scream and releases her Moon Beam that actually heals Melissa! As Doom and Gloom move to attack Rini, she has a flashback to the attack on Neo Crystal Tokyo and releases a super powerful blast that shocks everyone including the Sailor Scouts who had just arrived.

Sailor Moon R: Child's Play Wiseman who had been watching the battle from afar, sees this energy and decides that they must turn Rini to their side as with this power she would be a powerful ally. Prince Diamond agrees.

Back at Rini's school, the battle has moved outside. Doom and Gloom try to escape by sinking into the ground, but Sailor Jupiter fires a Jupiter Thunder Clap Zap into the ground that travels through it and shocks them both, preventing their escape!

Sailor Moon R: Child's Play Sailor Moon then uses Moon Sceptre Elimination which completely destroys them. Their Dark Wedges in turn are also destroyed.

Emerald appears and is furious at them for ruining her plans yet again. She moves to attack them all herself but is stopped by the voice of Prince Diamond who tells her that they've changed their strategy and commands her to return to the Nega Moon, Nemesis.

Sailor Moon R: Child's Play That afternoon, as the girls look over Melissa who is recovering in bed, Rini tells them all that she needs to stop the Nega Moon once and for all and that she's going to return to the future to rescue her mother but she needs help. Darien and the girls all agree to go with her and help her.

They're finally going to the future!

Sailor Moon R: Child's Play

Monster of the Day

Unlike most Monsters of the Day, Doom and Gloom were actually villains in the Sailor Moon Manga whom Sailor Moon, Sailor Venus and Tuxedo Mask battled in the future. They weren't "Droids" like the others Monsters of the Day either as seen by Emerald not calling them Droids but also by the fact that they didn't revert to any crystal form when they were defeated by Moon Sceptre Elimination.

Interesting Facts

Sailor Jupiter's use of her Jupiter Thunder Clap Zap in this episode was very cool and almost identical to the attack it inspired (probably) in the live action Sailor Moon show, Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon.

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