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Hello and welcome to, a Sailor Moon fansite dedicated to all incarnations of the series from the manga and anime to the musicals and live action tv series! ~ Your Fellow Moonie, Brad

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Sailor Moon

Civilian Name: Usagi Tsukino (Japanese & new English), Serena "Bunny" Tsukino (original English).

School: Minato Ward Juban Public Middle School.

Other Forms: coming soon with future volumes of the manga.

Items: Transformation Brooch, Mask, Tiara #1, Disguise Pen, Tiara #2, Moon Stick.

Attacks: "Sailor Hearing", "Sailor Vision", "Sailor Scream", Moon Tiara Boomerang, Moon Disguise Power, Sailor Moon Kick, Moon Twilight Flash.

First Manga Appearance: Act 1 (New Manga #1) / Act 1 (Original Manga #1).

See Also: anime - musicals - live action

Usagi Tsukino was just 14 years old when she quite literally stumbled across Luna, a mysterious black cat with a crescent moon on her forehead and the ability to talk.

Luna tracked Usagi down and quickly gave her the transformation brooch, granting her the ability to transform into the Guardian of Love and Justice, Sailor Moon. While this miraculous turn of events was naturally a shock to the young Japanese school girl she was given little time to process what was happening as almost immediately after transforming she had to race to her friend, Naru who was being attacked by a monster pretending to be her mother.

Despite her willingness to save her friend, the horrific monster terrified her causing her to accidentally release powerful sonic waves that luckily incapacitated her underlings.

During this attack, the mysterious Tuxedo Mask (who unknown to Sailor Moon, also happened to be a student called Mamoru Chiba with whom Usagi had met previously) appeared and encouraged Sailor Moon to attack while her opponent was weakened.

Sailor Moon then attacked with her first real attack, Moon Tiara Boomerang which would quickly become one of her most famous moves. The villain was defeated and Tuxedo Mask quickly departed.

Soon after, Usagi and Luna found Ami who happened to be the second Sailor Guardian, Sailor Mercury. While Mercury was given her transformation pen, Usagi was granted the Disguise Pen which gave her the power to transform into other people (even men!), a power she would use several times to help her investigate and defeat the enemy.

Almost immediately after finding Ami, Usagi and Luna discovered the mysterious girl Rei who would soon awaken as Sailor Mars. While investigating Rei, Usagi would bump into Mamoru several times with each time unintentionally revealing more and more to him about her secret identity as Sailor Moon and event unknowingly transforming right in front of him.

With Sailor Mars on the team, Luna tells them more about their mission to find their "Princess" and the "Legendary Silver Crystal".

Usagi soon begins to have dreams of herself and Mamoru while in real life the two slowly begin to start feeling more for each other both as Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask and as Usagi and Mamoru.

After Sailor Jupiter awakens, Luna tells Sailor Moon that she must be their leader and gives her the Moon Stick. Sailor Moon is forced to use the Moon Stick to restore the life force of everyone in Tokyo after the dark Kingdom's next attack during their own search for the "Legendary Silver Crystal". Sailor Moon collapses in Tuxedo Mask's arms and he takes her to his apartment to rest.

The next morning Usagi wakes up in her civilian form. Mamoru walks in revealing that he is Tuxedo Mask.

More information to be added with each manga release....

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