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Heart Collection 4

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The fourth volume of the Sailor Moon S DVDs features a great image of Super Sailor Moon surrounded by the cosmos as seen on the previous releases. There's a cool use of colours and the red foil "S" really makes the whole package look great.

The back cover shows some great images from the Sailor Moon S Heart Collection 4 DVD Reverse Cover Imageepisodes on this disk as well as a description of the events that happen in them. I'm still a bit confused why under "Special Features" it lists "Extras". Surely that means the same thing.

The "Special Reversible Cover" this time around centres around a rather badly drawn piece of artwork of Sailor Pluto holding her Garbet Rod in her right hand and what looks like a Pure Heart Crystal in her left.

The green colours suit the character well and the layout is rather well done. It's just a shame they couldn't find a better of the Space Time Guardian to use.

The Menus

The DVD menus this time around feature Sailor Mercury in numerous poses from her transformation and her Sailor Moon S Heart Collection DVD 4: Main Menu Screencap Imagetwo primary attacks Mercury Bubbles Blast and Shine Aqua Illussion.

As with the previous DVDs the same issue applies here with the menus: the screencaps used just aren't that good. Again I like the idea of using the attacks and transformations for the menus but the image quality makes the whole thing look a bit subpar. I do like the looped Sailor Moon S Heart Collection DVD 4: Chapter Select Screencap Image attacks and transformations in the heart frame though on the main menu. That little animation adds so much to what could have been a dodgy menu.

Something worth mentioning is that they've fixed the blooper in the Scene Access menu involving the still image of the first closing credits that were only used for the first few episodes. It's been fixed here to show an image of the second closing.

The Special Features

The Special Features / Extras continue what Sailor Moon S Heart Collection DVD 4: Special Features Menu Screencap Imagehad been established in the previous disks with an opening / closing and a Sailor Gallery.

Here we get the second Japanese opening credits which are pretty interesting for any Sailor Moon fan.

The Sailor Gallery obviously features Sailor Mercury and gives us some basic information on the character Sailor Moon S Heart Collection DVD 4: Sailor Mercury Menu Screencap Image and some choice images from the episodes and Japanese promotion materials.

The Extras don't blow you away with their content but when taken in context of the series as a whole it's pretty much what a fan would like to see.

The Episodes

The Sailor Moon S episodes on this DVD are some of the most action packed and emotional of the series and easily fall on any fan's Top 10 list of Sailor Moon episodes to watch.

No Turning Back starts off as a hilarious Sailor Venus episode that shows Mina depressed over not being targeted for a Pure Heart Crystal but quickly turns into a rather important plot episode as Sailor Moon, Sailor Uranus, Sailor Neptune and then Sailor Venus find out each others' identities, setting the stage for the next few epic episodes.

Sailor Moon S Heart Collection DVD 4: Subtitle & Audio Menu Screencap Image Destiny's Arrival raises the bar for exactly what a Sailor Moon anime episode should be. Sailor Pluto joins up with Sailor Moon while Uranus and Neptune make the ultimate sacrifice to complete their mission. A must see.

The Purity Chalice continues from the previous episode and introduces the Purity Chalice / Holy Grail and Sailor Moon's Super form!

Show Stoppers while first appearing to be a filler, introduces a very important character called Hotaru and explores the new dynamic between the Sailor Scouts.

Rini's Risky Friendship is pretty much filler but necessary to show us more about Rini and her relationship with Hotaru which proves to be important later on in the season.

Mimet's Mess closes off the disk with an entertaining look at Mina's dream to be a star and just how similar and different she is compared to Mimet.

Sailor Moon's new English voice actress really started to grow on me with these episodes as she began to make the character her own while Sailor Venus and in particular Sailor Mini Moon really get chances to shine and make me choose the English audio dub version every time I watch these episodes.

Of course if you're a fan of the original Japanese version that's on here too with some great quality English subtitles (which can be turned off if you want some full on Japanese language immersion.)

All of these episodes are must sees no matter what version you prefer. Grab this if you can.

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