Previous Layouts & History 2000 - 2002


Version 1

On Fri, 11 Feb 2000 I purchased the domain name, Moonkitty.NET and with it came a whole new look I had been wanting to try out. Captivated by the design of Artemis' human form and wanting to try something with a "classy" look I made it all black and white (mainly because the manga pics are black and white) and navigation was made possible through popup menus for each link. Unfortunately it wasn't very well thought out as each section needed a different size window. I was overjoyed with this layout back then, but now I think I could have done WAY better.


Version 2

This is definitly my favorite, it's simple yet, there's something about it that just works for me. Amazingly it was only up for around a month, as almost immediately after posting it, I was inspired to expand Moonkitty.NET to include all the Moonkitties. Once more I stuck with the Black and White theme, mainly because I had had lot's of possitive feedback about the previous layout and how original it was. But the main reason, once again was this picture. It just screamed "LAYOUT!!!". While up it was called: "Version: Wedding" after the pic which is from a fantasy sequence from the "Codename SailorV" manga.


Version 3

I actually came up with this layout while back home on holidays. I was scanning in my new Sailor Stars manga and once I saw the scan of Artemis and Luna I almost instantly manipulated it but didn't put it together until the next day when I got back to Uni. I loved the idea of clicking on your fave Moonkitty to go to his/ her sub page, and went through numerous sketches to find the right idea that would work. I solved the problem of there never being a pic of Sailor Mau by simply using the one shot reference she was metioned in as her pic.


Version 3.1

Unknown - 23rd Oct 2000

Basically a variant of Version 3, I basically thought I could use better pics and wanted to get up a section for the Moonkitty Movie I never made and also for the Moonkitty Music section which I thought would bring new life to the site. I also used different font and effects which definitly gave the site a more three dimensional look.


Version 4

23rd Oct 2000 - 11th Feb 2002

Ironically enough i started working on this new layout the night before deleted my account. What was further ironic is the fact that a week after, they started placing banners on everyone's pages, which would have made me leave anyway! The reason (like their finger on the delete button wasn't itchy with thier need to make bigger profits!) they claim for deleting my account was because of the file on Luna's transformation which I uploaded. Because of the size, they thought it was a whole episode, therefore breaking copywrite laws....pft, idiots. Annnyway, that's why there's all those pics of Luna's transformation throughout this new layout. Sort of my way of sticking it to Crosswinds.NET. Something that's interesting is that out of all the past layouts, it's this one that comes closest to the original site's first layout! i.e. side menus with text.
There were alot of new features added with this version. This section is one of them! Others are sections for the Moonkitties masters (if any) and other kitty sitings around Sailormoon such as Catsie from the "R" season and that cat Daimon from "S". Oh, and if you didn't notice....this one has color! This is proof that Moonkitty.NET's audience has broadened with all the signatures and emails explaining why there is in fact color in the world. Are you happy now?!?!? Hehehe...
Note: The site was transfered to my own server on the 20th of Apr 2001. 1999 - 2000 2002 - 2004 2004 - 2009 2009 - NOW

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