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Episode 155

SM SuperS

Vaulting to Victory

Jap.155 "Over the Fear! Jump to Freedom"

Rini is heading home after finishing school but meanwhile everyone seems to be getting ready for a sports festival the next day. Her friend Kelly yells out for her to stay and help them but Rini doesn't listen and keeps walking, Sailor Moon SuperS: Vaulting to Victoryobviously depressed over something.

Darien, Serena, Mina and Lita run into Rini and ask her what's wrong and she explains that she can't jump over the vaulting horse which is in the obstacle course the next day.

Kelly then swings down from where he's decorating and teases Rini. He tells her that he'll have no problem doing the vaulting horse and walks away.

Later that afternoon, Kelly stays after school and practices Sailor Moon SuperS: Vaulting to Victorythe vaulting horse but he can't do it! He flashes back to when her was really young and had tried it but tripped and injured himself.

Jun Jun who had been given him as a target sees him practicing and comes down to see what he's doing. Kelly watches her flip around the grounds and tells her how impressive she is. He asks her to help him with the vaulting horse and she agrees. They stay out until it gets dark but Kelly still can't do it because he keeps stopping just before he jumps and hits it. Jun Jun moves to leave but Kelly begs her to stay Sailor Moon SuperS: Vaulting to Victoryand help him. She agrees to meet him tomorrow morning before the festival.

That night, Darien, Mina, Lita and Serena help Rini with her practice as well, using Serena as the vaulting horse and Darien as motivation. As Rini begins running towards Darien, Mina yells out for her to imagine she's running into her lover's arms which causes Serena to stand up and cause Rini to crash into her.

That night Rini is jumping on her bed and hugging a photo of DarienSailor Moon SuperS: Vaulting to Victory when Pegasus appears. Rini quickly hides the photo and tells Pegasus that she was just practicing the vaulting horse for tomorrow.

The next day Jun Jun meets Kelly and gets impatient. She magically creates a cage around the vaulting horse and himself and summons a bear that chases him. Running for his life, Kelly jumps over the vaulting horse! When he turns around though the cage and bear are gone. He's terrified at first but quickly cheers up when he realises he achieved his dream.

Sailor Moon SuperS: Vaulting to Victory Jun Jun then transforms and removes his Dream Mirror.

Serena and the others who had come early for the sports festival see this and transform.

Jun Jun summons the Lemres, Jumper who flies all over the grounds. Sailor Mars attacks with Mars Flame Sniper but the wind from the Lemres' attack causes it to blow back on everyone's faces.

Sailor Mini Moon decides to Sailor Moon SuperS: Vaulting to Victorydefeat the flying villain by jumping on it. She runs up to it and leaps onto it just like a vaulting horse. Jumper crashes into the ground and is then defeated by Sailor Moon and Mini Moon's Crystal Twinkle Bell and Moon Gorgeous Meditation.

Jun Jun retreats as they return Kelly's Dream Mirror to his body.

Later that day during the festival, Rini wins her race and Kelly wins his. His dream came true!

Sailor Moon SuperS: Vaulting to Victory

Monster of the Day

Jumper was a very cool flying Lemres who apparently had a weakness for small girls jumping on it.

It was defeated by Moon Gorgeous Meditation.

Interesting Facts

While many purists constantly trash the English version of the first two season of the anime because of the Sailor Says segments added to the end of each episode which they feel made the show more "childish" they often don't realise that their entire argument is mute due to the fact that the original Japanese version went one step further and actually embedded safety warnings for young viewers over the episode itself [see the second anime screencap from the top which warns viewers that that "This is very dangerous! Don't try it at home!"]! Personally I applaud both versions of the anime for being socially responsible. Sailor Moon Says!

This was the first time all the Sailor Scouts had transformed into their Super forms using their fully animated transformation sequences during the same episode.

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