Sailor Moon SuperS: Nightmare Garden

Episode 154

SM SuperS

Nightmare Garden

Jap.154 "Confrontation in Dreams! Makoto and Minako's Broken Friendship"

Serena, Amy, Lita, Raye and Mina are all helping out at a local kindergarten. Mina and Lita almost immediately fall for the principal, Mr Honjo and try to win his heart.

Mina tries to impress him with her enthusiasm but as Sailor Moon SuperS: Nightmare Garden soon as Lita and the principal connect over a conversation about flowers for the school grounds, Mina knows she's in trouble.

Mina walks up to them and begins talking about how she thinks it's great that he likes children and that she wants to have enough to make her own soccer team. This shocks all of the girls.

In the Dead Moon Circus, Zirconia has given Besu Besu, Para Para and Jun Jun their new target, the principal! All three begin to fight over the photo of him but Cele Cele calmly walks up to them and puts them to sleep with a hypnotic flower. She takes the photo and tells Zirconia that she'll take this mission.

Back at the kindergarten all the girls have started getting ready Sailor Moon SuperS: Nightmare Garden for a special fundraiser to make money for the school's garden. Lita has started making stuffed toys to sell. Mina meanwhile has made a huge jumper for Mr Honjo. Suddenly one of the boys grabs a loose thread and runs around it unravelling it. Mina loses it and chases him all over the school knocking over stalls and finally destroying Lita's toy stand and wrecking all the toys she had made.

Lita yells at Mina and tells her that she's finally had enough of her silliness and that they're no longer friends.

Mina goes home and lies on her bed. Artemis tells Mina that she can't compete with Lita at domestic Sailor Moon SuperS: Nightmare Garden things and that she should do something that she's good at. Mina decides to sing for everyone at the fundraiser.

At the school, Cele Cele arrives dressed up as a rich woman. She approaches Mr Honjo and takes him away from everyone to talk to him.

Mina then shows up at the school and has set up a whole stage to do an idol singing performance. The others girls come over to look but Mina quickly gets upset when it becomes apparent that the children are way too young to appreciate this kind of show. She runs off stage crying.

All the girls tell Lita to go and talk to her. Lita finds her downstairs. The two begin to talk. Lita says that she's gotten good at cooking and crafts by years of practice and that her dream isn't easy. Mina says that her dream about being an idol isn't easy either and admits that she's Sailor Moon SuperS: Nightmare Garden forgotten about it recently. As they both make up the little boy who had ruined Mina's jumper runs over to them and tells them that something crazy is going on back at the fundraiser.

They tell the boy to stay where he is and they run around to corner to find Cele Cele taking Mr Hojo's Dream Mirror and summoning her Lemres Jara Jara who quickly captures Super Sailor Moon, Mini Moon, Mercury and Mars.

Before Mina and Lita can transform, the Lemres captures them in a vine attack causing them to drop their transformation sticks.

Artemis runs over and throws them back to them before being caught as well. He tells them both that they have to awaken their new power so they can help the others.

Mina and Lita think about saving their friends and working together. Suddenly their sticks begin to glow and Sailor Moon SuperS: Nightmare Garden release a powerful blast of energy that disintegrates the vines around them. They quickly transform into Super Sailor Venus and Jupiter.

As they transform, the other three members of the Amazoness Quartet arrive and confront Cele Cele about stealing their target. Super Sailor Venus takes this opportunity and attacks the four of them with her new attack, Venus Love and Beauty Shock. Super Sailor Jupiter then frees the others with Jupiter Oak Evolution.

Free, Super Sailor Moon and Mini Moon finish off Jara Jara with Crystal Twinkle Bell and Moon Gorgeous Meditation. Sailor Moon SuperS: Nightmare Garden The Amazoness Quartet retreat.

Later on the fundraiser is in full swing. Mina repairs the stuffed toys she had ruined before. Everyone is happy.

Suddenly the boy from before runs over and says that he wants the teddy bear Mina had fixed. Mr Hojo comes over and says that he can have it, revealing that he is the boy's father. Lita and Mina stare in disbelief that he's not only married but has children as well!

Sailor Moon SuperS:

Monster of the Day

Jara Jara was a very strong Lemres who could possibly have defeated the Sailor Scouts if Jupiter and Venus hadn't chosen that moment to power up to their Super level.
The name "Jara Jara" actually has quite a bit of depth to it. In Hindu mythology Jara is the goddess of the household, domestic health, happiness and prosperity. Very relavent to Sailor Jupiter's story in this episode as well as the Mr Hojo's (being a father and owner of a kindergarten).
This Lemres was defeated by Super Sailor Moon's Moon Gorgeous Meditation.

Interesting Facts

Sailor Jupiter and Venus both got brand new attacks in this episode, Jupiter Oak Evolution and Venus Love and Beauty Shock!

There was an obvious Indian cultural reference in the shot of the Sailor Scouts appearing on the lotus blossom. Check out the meaning of the Monster of the Day's name above for another Indian reference.

This episode is remarkably similar to an episode of Sailor Moon R which also involved Mina and Lita fighting with each other and gaining new transformations and attack by the end of the episode. Funnily enough in both Sailor Moon R and Sailor Moon SuperS Sailor Mercury and Mars both got individual episodes for their power ups while Jupiter and Venus both had to share an episode. This was most likely due to Sailor Mercury and Mars' popularity in Japan which was considerable compared to the other characters. Mercury in particular is insanely popular in Japan.

Funnily enough on the chapter select screen on the Pegasus Collection 5 DVD for this episode, Mina and Lita's names were incorrectly swapped while on the episode title screen, the Japanese names were in the correct brackets.

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