Sailor Moon SuperS: Dental Dilemma

Episode 153

SM SuperS

Dental Dilemma

Jap.153 "The Dentist of Terror? Palla Palla's House"

Queen Nehelenia is not happy with Zirconia's progress and tells him to hurry up and find Pegasus.

Sailor Moon SuperS: Dental Dilemma He goes and finds the Amazoness Quartet to get them started on their mission but finds them in their spa relaxing. They begin to tease him and not take him seriously. Zircon then flies in. Zirconia, trying to impress the Quartet with his leadership asks Zircon for a photo of the next target but Zircon has nothing for him. The Amazoness Quartet laugh.

Zirconia looks over and sees Palla Palla playing with a dentist doll set. They all think she's being cute until she rips the head off of the female nurse.

This impressed Zirconia and he sends Sailor Moon SuperS: Dental DilemmaPalla Palla out to find targets on her own.

Palla Palla takes her doll set out onto the streets and transforms it into a real dentist's office! She then grabs a bag of sugar and uses her magic to make it give everyone in the area bad cavities.

That night at Serena's house we're shown a glimpse of Serena and Rini's afternoon (complete with time stamps!) where they eat ice cream, donuts, pie and don't clean their teeth despite Serena's mother telling them to.

The next day while playing with the girls, Rini gets a tooth ache and when she bites into an ice cream, screams out in pain. Amy takes a look at her mouth and is horrified. Serena begins to laugh but Amy looks at hers Sailor Moon SuperS: Dental Dilemmaand says hers aren't any better.

When Serena and Rini get home, they're greeted by Serena's mum who is furious and tells them that their friends had called and told her all about their cavities. She then tells them that she's made an appointment at the clinic downtown tomorrow.

The next day Darien takes Serena and Rini downtown to the clinic. On the way though they see Parra Parra's new dental clinic and are greeted by the sexy male dentist. Serena decides to go here instead. Once inside a sexy female assistant welcomes them, making Darien more than happy to come here. When Serena sees Darien's reaction though she becomes angry and he goes to wait outside for them.

Serena and Rini are given lots of junk food to eat while they wait and are soon led to their dentist chairs. Parra Parra looks on from behind a screen and tells herself that she hopes these two have the Golden Mirror as all the others had been Sailor Moon SuperS: Dental Dilemmafailures. She then looks down at the bodies of all the other people she had stolen Dream Mirrors from.

Outside, Darien realises that lots of people had been going into the clinic but none had been going out so he decides to go check things out.

Inside the clinic, Serena and Rini are quickly strapped down to their chairs and attacked by the assistant and dentist. Luckily Tuxedo Mask makes it in time and rescues them. They then transform into Super Sailor Moon and Mini Moon.

Parra Parra enters the room and summons the Lemres Gari Gari who quickly knocks everyone over and rams Sailor Moon and Mini Moon against the wall. Gari Gari transforms it's hand into a drill and moves it closer to Sailor Moon's Sailor Moon SuperS: Dental Dilemmamouth. Both Sailor Scouts begin to scream hysterically, activating the screaming attack which begins to shatter the glass fishtank walls of the clinic and stuns everyone in the room.

They eventually stop screaming and summon enough strength to defeat the Lemres with Crystal Twinkle Bell and Moon Gorgeous Meditation.

Parra Parra decides to retreat. As Sailor Moon SuperS: Dental Dilemmasoon as she teleports away the entire building, dentist and assistant all fade away and revert back to the dolls from which they were based.

Sailor Moon sees a group of children who's teeth all seem to be better now that the magical sugar has worn off and assumes her teeth are better now too. She leans in to kiss Tuxedo Mask but he stops and inspects her teeth and tells her they still have to go to the scary clinic down town.

Later on, Serena is in the dentist chair screaming.

Sailor Moon SuperS: Dental Dilemma

Monster of the Day

Gari Gari was a freaky dentist themed Lemres.

He was defeated by Super Sailor Moon's Moon Gorgeous Meditation.

Interesting Facts

What a nice surprise! For the first time since the very first episode of the Sailor Moon anime, Super Sailor Moon uses her unnamed screaming attack again! This was also the first time Super Sailor Mini Moon used the attack.

Something that many people notice during their time in Tokyo is the amount of sleeping people on the trains. While many assume this is due to long work hours for adults and cram school for children, in truth a major factor is the lack of a "bed time" in Japanese culture with children of all ages (even newborn babies) often going to bed the same time their parents do, which more often than not falls around, or past, midnight. Here we see, due to the time stamp on the screen, Serena and Rini (who Serena's mother must assume is between the age of 3 - 5) getting ready for bed around 11pm! Is it any wonder Serena sleeps in a lot!

This episode was another example of innocents that had been killed while the Sailor Scouts weren't around suggesting that while the baddies always get foiled when the Sailors confront them there are plenty of situations where they succeed targeting the civilians of Tokyo.

Unlike most of the Sailor Moon anime episodes which feature unique storylines, this one was actually based on a manga story called, Chibi Usa's Picture Diary 3. The story is fairly similar though in the manga the Dead Moon Circus isn't involved, instead simple evil spirits are behind the evil clinic.

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