Sailor Moon SuperS: Dreams of Her Own

Episode 152

SM SuperS

Dreams of Her Own

Jap.152 "Burning Passion! Mars' Furious Deadly Attack"

Serena and Rini are shopping in Azabu Juban when they see a magazine with Raye on the cover! They tell the girls and they all head on over to Raye's temple where they see a Sailor Moon SuperS: Dreams of Her Own huge crowd of people buying charms from her.

After the customers leave they ask her how she ended up on the cover of a magazine and Raye tells them that the magazine did a story on the temple but they realised how much style and talent she had and decided to focus the story more on her. She then raves about her dreams of being a pop star coming true.

Suddenly a little girl arrives at the temple and tells them that she loves Raye and wants to be just like her. She then asks Raye if she can work at the temple. Raye doesn't have the heart to reject her so says yes.

Later on more customers arrive so Raye and the girl, Sailor Moon SuperS: Dreams of Her Own Nanako get behind the counter and begin selling charms once more. Nanako has dressed up just like Raye and has even put on a wig.

Serena, Amy, Mina, Lita and Rini watch from a distance. A man who just bought a charm introduces himself to them. Serena, Mina and Lita get all excited and begin gossiping about how hot the man is. By the time they collect themselves though the man's disappeared. Amy tells them that he just wanted directions to the area's information centre.

At the Dead Moon Circus, Zircon gives Zirconia the photo of the latest target whoSailor Moon SuperS: Dreams of Her Own happens to be Nanako. After a lot of joking around, Besu Besu is given the mission.

Back at the temple, Serena and Rini decide to talk to Nanako. They find out that she idolises Raye so much and that her dream is to be just like her. She also mentions that she thinks what Raye is doing right now is what Raye wants to do forever and that she doesn't want to get married or anything else.

They go and tell Raye and the others about this and Raye is shocked. She had no idea how extreme the girl was. She tells the others that she wants to travel and marry and meet people from all over the world. She then Sailor Moon SuperS: Dreams of Her Own says that perhaps Nanako isn't cut out for this job as her heart truly isn't in it. Nanako who had been standing outside hears this. She take soff her wig and runs away crying.

She runs into Besu Besu and tells her that she no longer has any dreams and explains that she used to but she was too shy to make them happen. Besu Besu hits her with her red ball and reveals her Dream Mirror, which isn't the Golden Mirror she wanted.

Super Sailor Moon, Mini Moon, Jupiter, Mercury and Venus appear.

Besu Besu summons the Lemres, Mane Mane who quickly swallows Nanako's Dream Mirror. Sailor Venus attacks with Venus Love Chain Encircle but Mane Mane copies her Sailor Moon SuperS: Dreams of Her Own and fires the attack back at them all.

Sailor Jupiter tries attacking with Jupiter Thunderclap Zap but Mane Mane also copies her and attacks all the Scouts with her attack.

Sailor Mercury states that at this rate they'll be defeated by their own attacks.

Raye runs up and joins them and sees Mane Mane now copying Nanako and crying over not believing in herself and having no dreams. This inspires Sailor Mars to transform and attack with Mars Celestial Fire Surround but this attack is quickly copied and send back at her. She then concentrates and attacks with her brand new attack, Mars Flame Sniper which severely burns Mane Mane.

Sailor Mars yells out for Sailor Moon andSailor Moon SuperS: Dreams of Her Own Sailor Mini Moon to finish the Lemres off.

They both perform Crystal Twinkle Bell and Moon Gorgeous Meditation destroying it and freeing the Dream Mirror. Besu Besu teleports away.

Later that week they al see a magazine cover featuring Nanako on the cover. It seems that she's grown the self confidence to follow her own dreams and not copy someone else's.

Sailor Moon SuperS: Dreams of Her Own

Monster of the Day

Mane Mane (which basically means "copy copy" in Japanese) was obviously monkey inspired and probably took it's name from the fact that monkeys are ery playful and can be seen copying each other.

Impressively it could copy all the attacks thrown at it with the exception of Mars Flame Sniper and of course Moon Gorgeous Meditation which finished it off. Possibly these two attacks were too powerful for it to copy.

Interesting Facts

This episode gave us our first look at Super Sailor Mars' new attack, Mars Flame Sniper and, yes, in every episode of the English Version of Sailor Moon SuperS the attack is called "Mars Flame Shooter" but since the SuperS Movie was released first and in that it kept it's original Japanese name, "Mars Flame Sniper", for the sake of consistency I'll be calling it that during this entire episode guide.

Out with the old, in with the new! Despite a very cool new "super" animation sequence for the attacks Jupiter Thunderclap Zap and Mars Celestial Fire Surround this would be the last time these attacks would be used in the anime.

While Sailor Mars had been transforming into her Super form for a while now, this was the first time we saw her new transformation sequence.

During the first airing of the Sailor Moon SuperS season on American television this episode was excluded due to the rather erotic visual design of the Lemres which was seen to be too tasteless for Western audiences. This was the only episode to not air from the S and SuperS seasons (not including the numerous specials).

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