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Episode 156

SM SuperS

Reflections of Reality

Jap.156 "Don't Lose Your Dreams! The Truth-Reflecting Mirror"

Rini has been given and art assignment and is drawing a picture of Serena. Luna comments on how great it is but once Serena sees it she insists that she doesn't look that goofy.

Sailor Moon SuperS: Reflections of Reality The next day, Serena and Rini are walking through a park when they see and artist painting a woman. Serena comments on how the picture looks just like the customer he's painting but when the woman sees it she's furious and insists that she's better looking than the painting. The artist tells her that he only paints what he sees. The woman and her friends storm off.

Rini and Serena apologise if they ruined his business but he smiles and thanks them. He offers to draw Serena as a thank you but collapses of hunger half way through.

Serena and Rini take him back to their Sailor Moon SuperS: Reflections of Reality house where they cook for him and let him tell them how his job doesn't pay much. Rini shows him the picture she made of Serena and he tells her it's really good. The artist goes and leaves a painting of Serena for her as a thank you.

Serena and Rini show the picture to Raye and the others who are very impressed and together they all decide to visit him and get all their pictures all painted.

Cele Cele though has been given the artist as a target and has talked him into coming to her mansion to paint her. Once Sailor Moon SuperS: Reflections of Reality he's finished though she tells him that she's much better looking but he simply explains that he only paints people as they truly are.

She convinces him with the promise of food and money to stay in her house and paint what she tells him, betraying his dream but helping him survive.

Outside the house, the girls have split up and are looking for the artist in the nearby park. Rini and Serena see Luna who's eying the mansion. Luna tells them that she senses evil coming from the building and the three go to investigate. Luna jokes that if someone sees them they'll be the ones arrested as she's a cat.

Sailor Moon SuperS: Reflections of Reality Inside Cele Cele, happy with her manipulation transforms. Serena and Rini see this and transform themselves. Cele Cele quickly fires her yellow ball at the artist, which summons his Dream Mirror which surprisingly is now a dull grey colour due to his dream being corrupted.

Cele Cele calls forth her Lemres, Toge Toge who simply looks at the mirror and refuses to eat something so icky. Cele Cele grabs her and tries to forcefully shove it into her stomach. As soon as she does though, Mini Moon has already used Crystal Twinkle Bell and Sailor Moon has almostSailor Moon SuperS: Reflections of Reality finished Moon Gorgeous Meditation.

Cele Cele jumps out of the way just in time as the Lemres is destroyed screaming out in shock that she hadn't done anything yet. Cele Cele teleports away.

Later on that afternoon the artist finishes painting Raye who isn't happy with how she look either. Serena jokes how the artists only paints things how they are which Raye takes as an Sailor Moon SuperS: Reflections of Realityinsult and the two fight.

Rini then gives her finished painting of Serena to the artist and tells him she wants him to have it. She then whispers that the title of the painting is "The Person That I Admire the Most".

Sailor Moon SuperS: Reflections of Reality

Monster of the Day

Toge Toge (Toge means "Thorn" in Japanese) looked pretty cool but didn't get a chance to do anything before she was defeated by Super Sailor Moon's Moon Gorgeous Meditation.

Interesting Facts

This episode showed what happens to a Dream Mirror when the person's dream is corrupted, it turns grey. Regular beautiful Dream Mirrors are pink while those with rare super beautiful dreams (which Pegasus hides in) have a fabulous gold mirror.

The squiggly mark in Rini's painting is actually how a lot of Japanese teachers mark children's assignments and homeworks!

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