Sailor Moon SuperS: A True Reflection

Episode 148

SM SuperS

A True Reflection

Jap.148 "Shadow of Great Evil! The Trio is Cornered"

The Amazon Trio are getting desperate. Zirconia is furious over their constant failings.

Sailor Moon SuperS: A True Reflection Zircon suddenly flies into the bar and gives them a photo of their new target, Darien!

Hawkseye and Tigerseye are disappointed but Fisheye is very pleased to be given a male target again and finds Darien very attractive.

Meanwhile at a fish shop Darien, Serena and the girls are helping Darien look for a new fish for his apartment. While walking by himself, Fisheye approaches him and begins to flirt with him through a piece of glass. As she's putting it down though she cuts herself.

Darien holds her hand to bandage the cut.Sailor Moon SuperS: A True Reflection As he does so, his hand begins to glow a bright golden glow. Fisheye senses his power and wonders what exactly he is.

The moment's interrupted by the arrival of Serena and the others. Fisheye tells her that Darien was telling her how much he hates his girlfriend. Dariens says he doesn't know what she's talking about.

Diana, who had been hiding in Rini's bag, pokes her head out to see what all the commotion is about. Fisheye sees the cat and freaks out and runs out of the store.

Back at the Dead Moon Circus four mysterious girls are throwing around a magical ball. Zirconia tells them that he's happy they've finally woken up but the time to destroy that ball has not yet come.

Outside on the street Fisheye comes across Darien by himself and begins flirting with him once more. She even tries to kiss him but Darien tells her that he's in love with Serena. When asked why he explains that he loves how she's full of dreams. This makes Fisheye think.

Sailor Moon SuperS: A True Reflection When she gets back to the circus she asks Tigerseye if he thinks that having dreams makes someone attractive as her target, Darien could have any girl he wanted but he's fallen in love with a goofy girl who has lots of dreams.

She then asks him if he knows why they don't have dreams. He assumes that life would be more complicated if they had dreams but Fisheye doesn't buy that.

She then summons the panel and straps Tigerseye to it. A Dream Mirror begins to appear but it quickly disintegrates. Fisheye tells him that she didn't think it would appear.

Later the Amazon Trio are summoned by Zirconia. He tells them that their queen is getting very angry over the lack of progress in finding Pegasus. The Trio are shocked that they even have a queen as they assumed Zirconia was in charge.

Zirconia lifts up his arms and a shadow image of Queen Nehelenia appears on his cloak. She tells the Trio that if they don't find Pegasus by the next full moon, the spell placed on them will disappear forever butSailor Moon SuperS: A True Reflection if they get Pegasus' horn they can use it's power to extend the spell.

After the image of Nehelenia disappears, Zirconia shows the Trio their true selves in a large mirror. They were all created by real animals; a tiger, a hawk and a fish!

Tigerseye heads out again though is beginning to doubt her mission. She finds Darien and tells him that if he were to date her, even while dating Serena, she could protect him. Darien tells her that he could never date anyone knowing it was for a deal.

Seeing no future for them she summons the panel and straps Darien to it and views his Dream Mirror. Once again she finds no Pegasus.

Sailor Moon SuperS: A True Reflection Serena and Rini who had been in the area transform into Super Sailor Moon and Super Sailor Mini Moon.

Fisheye summons the Lemres, Tobihaneru who creates a trampoline and keeps both Sailor Scouts busy bouncing up and down.

Fisheye, frustrated over not finding Pegasus grabs one of her throwing knives and plunges it at Darien, hitting the panel next to his head. She then leans in and kissed him before retreating.

Super Sailor Mini Moon then summons Pegasus with Crystal Twinkle Bell and Super Sailor Moon then uses Moon Gorgeous Meditation to destroy the Lemres.

Sailor Moon SuperS: A True Reflection That evening it begins to rain. As Serena's walking home she sees Fisheye sitting on a bench by herself in the rain. Serena walks up to her and holds her umbrella over her ro protect her from the rain.

Fisheye is very depressed. Serena decides to help her.

Sailor Moon SuperS: A True Reflection

Monster of the Day

Tobihaneru was the last Lemres to be summoned by a member of the Amazon Trio though there would be plenty of Lemres to come!

It's ability seemed to be that of creating trampolines. It was destroyed by Super Sailor Moon's Moon Gorgeous Meditation.

Interesting Facts

This episode gave us our first non-appearance (i.e. only in shadow) of Queen Nehelenia and the four members of the Amazon Quartet; Para Para, Besu Besu, Cele Cele and Jun Jun.

Tuxedo Mask fans rejoice! This episode gave us hint of Darien's powers that are so present in the manga version of Sailor Moon. Darien had previously used his healing powers in Sailor Moon S Episode 123 though many assumed his show of powers then was due to his relationship with Rini. Here we learn that it was an example of his Earth healing powers.

Strange but this was the first time Darien had been targeted by the enemy. He was never thought to have a Rainbow Crystal, worthy of energy draining or a holder of a Pure Heart Crystal up until now.

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