Sailor Moon SuperS: Eternal Dreams

Episode 149

SM SuperS

Eternal Dreams

Jap.149 "Mirror of Dreams! Amazon's Final Stage"

Not knowing Fisheye's true identity, Serena has invited Fisheye to her room. While there they begin to talk and Fisheye suddenly realises that Serena is Sailor Moon SuperS: Eternal Dreams Sailor Moon!

Before she can act, Serena's mother calls upstairs and asks Serena to run an errand. Serena excuses herself and promises to return quickly so they can talk more about Darien.

As she leaves Fisheye decides to walk around the house and overhears Rini talking to Pegasus! She teleports back to Zirconia, Hawkseye and Tigerseye and tells them that she's found the person who's dreams Pegasus is hiding in.

Before she tells them though she asks Zirconia if what he said previously was true, that if they found Pegasus their spell would be made permanent and they would be given true Sailor Moon SuperS: Eternal Dreams dreams just like humans.

Zirconia reaches out his right hand and clenches it, causing Fisheye to fall over in pain. Tigerseye screams out for Zirconia to stop and he does so. He then tells them that he's worked out who Fisheye was talking about... Serena! Fisheye tells him he's got it wrong but Zirconia doesn't listen and sends Hawkseye to target Serena.

Tigerseye and Fisheye both teleport away as fast as they can.

Zirconia looks up at the four mysterious girls and tells them that the Amazon Trio's usefulness has come to an end. One of them (Para Para) releases a blue ball that rolls along the ground into a blue party hat. The hate teleports away.

On the streets of Tokyo Serena and the girls are looking for Fisheye (though still unaware of her true identity). They decide to split up.

While by herself, Serena is approached by Hawkseye who hits on her for a brief second before immediately revealing his true identity and strapping her to the usual platform. He then summons her Dream Mirror.

Sailor Moon SuperS: Eternal Dreams Before he can inspect it, Fisheye and Tigerseye appear. Fisheye yells at Hawkseye to stop because he's got the wrong person and that she's in fact Sailor Moon!

This makes Hawkseye more curious however and he goes to look into the Dream Mirror. Fortunately he's stopped by the arrival of the Lemres, Mister Magic Pierrot who's wearing the blue hat from before.

He inspects Serena's Dream Mirror and naturally doesn't find Pegasus. He then attacks the Trio, telling them that he's following Zirconia's orders.

He fires a spade energy blast at them but Sailor Moon SuperS: Eternal Dreams they dodge it and it spins around and shatters Serena's Dream Mirror! Serena falls to the ground unconscious.

Fisheye recalls how Serena had been so full of dreams and is shocked that she's now lost them. Mister Magic Pierrot fires a blast at her but she's too lost in thought to notice.

Hawkseye leaps in front of her and takes the blast right in the chest. He counters with a fire attack which is easily deflected by the Lemres before collapsing on the ground, lifeless.

Fisheye tells Tigerseye that they should save Sailor Moon as she's the only one that can defeat this Lemres. They use the magic energy orb that had transformed them from animals to repair Sailor Moon SuperS: Eternal Dreams Serena's Dream Mirror. Fisheye then teleports Rini from her room to them.

Tigerseye attacks Mister Magic Pierrot with his whip while Fisheye yells at Serena and Rini to transform. They do so as the magic orb shatters, all of it's magic used up. Fisheye and Tigerseye collapse. Serena now realises that Fisheye is the girl from before.

Super Sailor Mini Moon summons Pegasus with Crystal Twinkle Bell then Super Sailor Moon quickly defeats the Lemres with Moon Gorgeous Meditation.

Super Sailor Mars, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter arrive as the Amazon Trio revert back to their animal forms.

Sailor Moon SuperS: Eternal Dreams Pegasus uses his magic to transform them back to their human forms and creates their very own Dream Mirrors. They all wake up and are finally truly happy. They then transform into balls of energy and disappear with Pegasus who tells the Sailors not to worry about these Dreamers.

In the Dead Moon Circus, the blue ball reappears and returns to it's master. The girls all laugh as Zirconia tells them that it's now their turn.

Elsewhere in a mysterious crystal forest Pegasus guides the three energy balls and tells them they can live here and that soon he hopes life will return to the forest.

Sailor Moon SuperS: Eternal Dreams

Monster of the Day

Mister Magic Pierrot was the first Lemres to be summoned by the Amazoness Quartet (Para Para in particular). He was extremely strong, able to counter all of the Trio's attacks. His attacks were mainly projectile based with a super strong spade energy attack as well as knife throwing attacks.

He was eventually defeated by Super Sailor Moon's Moon Gorgeous Meditation.

Interesting Facts

This would be the final time in the anime that we would see the Amazon Trio; Tigerseye, Fisheye and Hawkseye. It's interesting to not that while they were given a happy ending here, in the manga the three were killed.

This was the final episode of Sailor Moon SuperS that would feature a pre episode preview narrated by Sailor Moon. Such previews would return though for Sailor Moon Sailor Stars.

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