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Episode 147

SM SuperS

No Prince Charming

Jap.147 "The Fated Partner? Makoto's Innocence"

Zirconia has had enough of the Amazon Trio's failings and shows them clips (in 3D!) of some of the times their attempts failed. Sailor Moon SuperS: No Prince Charming The three appologise and realise that they had better succeed soon.

Back at their bar they look at all the photos of potential targets and realise that most of them are always just women who are looking to meet the love of their lives. Tigerseye grabs all the photos and decides to target them all at once.

As he walks out a photo falls from the pile. Fisheye picks it up. It's a photo of Lita!

In Azabu Juban the whole town is still having aSailor Moon SuperS: No Prince Charming festival. Serena and the girls are walking around together and have decided to check out a special dance that's being held in the gym. They've dressed up for it but Lita has gone all out, sporting a beautiful dress for the occasion. She tells them that it's her dream to meet her one true love.

Once inside they realise that most of the men already have a partner. Amy offers to dance with Lita and the two tear up the dance floor.

Tigerseye enters, turns off the music with his magic and asks Lita for a dance.

Sailor Moon SuperS: No Prince Charming While dancing, Lita falls in love with him. Unfortunately as soon as they finish, all the other girls in the hall come up to him. He tells Lita to wait for her and leaves with all the girls.

As it gets late, Serena and the others begin to leave. Lita tells them to go without her as she promised to wait. Rini is worried about Lita.

That night Rini asks Pegasus about love. Pegasus Sailor Moon SuperS: No Prince Charming says that some people fall in love immediately and that love can be blinding. Suddenly Rini hears Serena yells out in shock. Rini goes into Serena's room and Serena, who had been talking on the phone, tells Rini that Lita hasn't left the dance yet!

Darien drives them back to the dance and they see Lita sitting by herself outside. Raye, Mina and Amy also arrive and the girls decide to stay with Lita all night. Darien drives Rini home.

The next day at the festival Tigerseye sees Fisheye on a stage competing and winning a beauty pageant. She sees Tigerseye and runs over to him. She tells him that he dropped a photo when he left and that she had come to give it to him. It's the photo of Lita!

Serena and Rini who had been walking around the festival see Sailor Moon SuperS: No Prince Charming Tigerseye and recognise him as being the man was dancing with. They listen to his conversation and misinterpret it as meaning he's a player.

Tigerseye goes back to the hall to find Lita. Lita, sitting next to a sleeping Amy, Raye and Mina sees him and goes up to him. They walk around the corner together but Fisheye gets impatient and straps Lita to the board and reveals her Dream Mirror before Tigerseye has a chance.

Serena and Rini transform though the other girls who had come running around the corner are caught in a net.

Super Sailor Moon and Super Sailor Mini Moon run over to Lita and get her off the panel. Fisheye summons the Lemres, Shuffle and then retreats with Tigerseye.

Shuffles throws a lot of card attacks at the two. Sailor Moon SuperS: No Prince Charming Lita, furious over the whole situation transforms and attacks with Superior Sparkling Thunder, giving Super Sailor Mini Moon and Super Sailor Moon a chance to use Crystal Twinkle Bell and Moon Gorgeous Meditation to defeat the Lemres.

Soon after the battle when they're all back in their civilian forms, Lizzy runs up and tells them there's going to be a dance at school the following week. Lita tells here that she's definitely going and that she'll find her true love yet!

Sailor Moon SuperS: No Prince Charming

Monster of the Day

This Lemres was quite powerful and had several card projectile attacks.

Like all the other Lemres however, it was defeated by Super Sailor Moon's Moon Gorgeous Meditation.

Interesting Facts

This will be confusing. You may remember in Episode 143 that Sailor Jupiter powered up to her super form and used a super powerful attack. In the origin Japanese version of this episode the attack was simply her Supreme Thunder attack, though super powerful. In the English version though they gave it the name, "Superior Sparkling Thunder" as it was obviously very powerful and slightly different.

Now in this episode Super Sailor Jupiter's attack which looks identical to the attack used in Episode 143 is given a new name in the Japanese version, "Super Supreme Thunder". The English version called this attack the same as the one in 143, "Superior Sparkling Thunder".

A lot of people complain about inconsistencies in the English version but in this case the English version actually tries to make some sense out nonsensical attack naming in the original version.

The fact that Jupiter's transformation in this episode was a simple shot of her stick and this "new attack" was just a random shot of lightning makes me honestly think that the production on this season of the anime had fallen behind schedule and that the animations for the Inners new attacks and transformations hadn't been completed yet. This is also evident earlier in the season with Super Sailor Moon's Moon Gorgeous Meditation attack in Episode 128 which was only half complete for the first few episodes of the season and only had Super Sailor Moon grunting instead of saying the attack's name.

As mentioned above, Super Sailor Jupiter's transformation was shown with a single shot of her glowing transformation stick, making one wonder if the animation team had fallen behind schedule in animating the attack sequence.

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