Sailor Moon Sailor Stars: An Invitation to Terror! Usagi's Night Flight

Episode 188

Sailor Stars

An Invitation to Terror! Serena's (Usagi's) Night Flight

Serena tells the girls about the events that happened in the previous episode and how Chibi Chibi touched her tier and filled her up with power. The girls are all amazed that that was what they felt and wonder if Chibi Chibi was sent to them to give them this power.

Elsewhere Seiya thinks that the power he felt was the same as his princess.

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars: An Invitation to Terror! Usagi's Night Flight Sailor Galaxia meanwhile is frustrated with Sailor Aluminum Siren's continued failure. Aluminum Siren tells Galaxia that she's found a Star Seed though and has a great plan to get it. Sailor Lead Crow is surprised to hear this. In the background a bell jingles and a pair of golden eyes glow.

The next day Serena spies Amy and Lita on her way to school and runs over to talk to them. They stop talking though and it becomes obvious to Serena that they're hiding something from her. Mina then runs up behind them and yells out that she's got her ticket. Once they all get to class they explain to Serena that they all have tickets for a special Three Lights movie premiere aboard an airplane and that only fan club members can get tickets.

Serena decides to join the club and runs to ask Seiya for a ticket but is told they're sold out. She asks Yaten and Taiki but gets the same answer.

When Serena gets home, Chibi Chibi gives an Sailor Moon Sailor Stars: An Invitation to Terror! Usagi's Night Flight envelope with a ticket for the concert and a ticket! Serena wonders if it was from Seiya but soon finds out that it's from Sailor Aluminum Siren who knows that she's Sailor Moon and has invited her to be on the plane where she will attack!

Serena doesn't know how Aluminum Siren knows her identity but races to the airport to warn her friends, leaving Chibi Chibi at home.

On the plane Amy, Raye, Mina and Lita are very excited to see the Three Lights board the plane and welcome all their fans. After the greeting though the three head upstairs to their private seats. All the girls are very disappointed.

Serena arrives at the airport and screams to the stewardess to cancel the flight as everyone's in danger but the woman simply tells her that they're running late and pulls her on board. Serena forces her way upstairs to see Seiya but since she can't Sailor Moon Sailor Stars: An Invitation to Terror! Usagi's Night Flight reveal the details which would reveal her identity she ends up sitting down nervously next to Seiya as the plan takes off.

Down in the cabin, Aluminum Siren has taken the Star Seeds from the three stewardesses transforming them into the Sailor Stewardesses. They go upstairs and tie the Three Lights to their seats with a seatbelt attack. Aluminum Siren confronts Serena and reveals to the Three Lights that she's Sailor Moon. She grabs Serena's compact but a bright pink light shines from it and pushes her away. Aluminum Siren comments on how it's definitely a true Star Seed. She puts her bracelets together to fire her attack at Serena.

Amy, Raye, Lita and Mina also enter, determined to sit with the Three Lights and are attacked by the Phages.

Seiya breaks free of his restraints, transforms into Sailor Star Fighter and attacks AluminumSailor Moon Sailor Stars: An Invitation to Terror! Usagi's Night Flight Siren with a new version of Star Serious Laser. Taiki and Yaten then decide to follow and transform into Sailor Star Maker and Sailor Star Healer. Serena and the girls are completely shocked that they're Sailor Soldiers but also women in diguise!

The Phages move to attack again. Star Maker and Star Healer block them with Star Gentle Uterus and Star Sensitive Inferno. Raye yells at Serena to transform. The girls all transform into Eternal Sailor Moon, Super Sailor Mars, Super Sailor Venus, Super Sailor Mercury and Super Sailor Jupiter. Eternal Sailor Moon heals the stewardesses with Silver Moon Crystal Power Kiss.

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars: An Invitation to Terror! Usagi's Night Flight Sailor Aluminum Siren is nervous by the presence of so many Sailor Soldiers and screams out "Galactica Tsunami" which isn't a real attack but simply her throwing food and drinks and everyone. The Inners block everything she throws with Jupiter Oak Evolution, Mars Flame Sniper, Mercury Aqua Rhapsody and Venus Love and Beauty Shock.

Sailor Aluminum Siren teleports back to Sailor Galaxia who is furious over her failure. Sailor Moon Sailor Stars: An Invitation to Terror! Usagi's Night FlightThe mysterious figure from before, Sailor Tin Nyanko steps forward and asks flat out of Aluminum Siren got a true Star Seed. Aluminum Siren says she didn't but she knows the location of one. Galaxia coldly stares at her, curls her fingers and removes Sailor Aluminum Siren's bracelets. She begins to scream in agony and screams to Lead Crow that she doesn't want this to happen. She dissolves into thin air, leaving behind glowing red particles.

At the airport the Three Lights stare at the girls and walk away, not wanting to talk. Serena and the others are still in shock and simply watch them walk away.

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars: An Invitation to Terror! Usagi's Night Flight

Monster of the Day

The Sailor Stewardesses really only had one useful attack, the seatbelt attack that tied down the Three Lights. Everything else they did were just basic attacks like throwing food or carts at the Sailors. They did have the ability to fly though. After being beat up by the girls in civilian form and having every attack in the book thrown at them they were defeated by Eternal Sailor Moon's Silver Moon Crystal Power Kiss.

Interesting Facts

This was the first appearance of Sailor Tin Nyanko who took the place of Sailor Aluminum Siren (who was never seen again).

Why was Seiya so surprised to hear that Serena was Sailor Moon when he already found this out himself several episodes ago? My guess it was done to fulfill a famous anime storytelling technique, "Drama Over Continuity". ;)

Sailor Star Fighter's attack, Star Serious Laser was given a new animation sequence in this episode.

It's rather puzzling ho Serena raced to the airport in a taxi to warn her friends when she simply could have used her communications device that Luna and Artemis had given her.

It's also funny to watch this episode now after September 11 when airport security is taken very seriously. Serena running onto a plane and yelling everyone's in danger would most definitely keep the plane grounded in this day and age. Back when this episode originally aired? Maybe not.

Interesting to note that Serena's broach / compact defended itself in the episode as several villains had managed to take it off or damage it in the past. Could this be because Sailor Moon is so much more powerful?

While the girls transformed, one of the Three Lights songs played in the background, Todokanu Omoi (My Friend's Love). This song has become a favourite with many Moonies.

The shot of the plane flying over Mount Fuji wasn't just done for fan service. Most domestic flights in Japan fly right over the famous volcano, offering some fantastic photo opportunities. If you ever get a flight from Tokyo (Haneda Domestic Airport) make sure you sit on the right side for the best Fuji views.

Think that movie showing on the plane looks familiar? Well it's obviously inspired by Power Rangers but it was also the movie the Three Lights were filming in Episode 183.

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