Sailor Moon Sailor Stars: The Power of Shining Stars! Chibi Chibi's Transformation

Episode 187

Sailor Stars

The Power of Shining Stars! Chibi Chibi's Transformation

All the girls are at school and discussing what sports group they're going to join. Mina and Lita have both joined volleyball and basketball so they can be with Yaten and Taiki. Serena wonders what Amy would say if she were here and as if on cue, Amy appears out of nowhere and ponders to herself about the sports groups being coed.

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars: The Power of Shining Stars! Chibi Chibi's Transformation Seiya then arrives and tells them all that he has signed Serena up to be in softball with him and that he's already told the teacher. Serena is furious about this as she's not interested in dating Seiya at all.

Unknown to them around the corner, several girls see how Seiya is flirting with Serena and take it upon themselves to make sure Seiya doesn't date her.

Later that day Raye, Mina, Lita, Amy and Chibi Chibi watch Seiya practice with Serena. Yaten and Taiki arrive and tell them that Seiya's planning to win the game. The girls laugh nervously and tell them that that probably won't happen.

They all watch as Serena misses every ball Seiya hits her way. Seiya asks her if she's ever played softball before and she replies no.

All of a sudden the girls from before confront Seiya and the Sailor Moon Sailor Stars: The Power of Shining Stars! Chibi Chibi's Transformation others. Their green-haired leader, Sonoko happens to be the first member of the Three Lights fanclub which makes Mina, Lita, Raye and Amy bow down before her. Chibi Chibi stands up and laughs but is quickly pulled down by Mina.

Sonoko tells Serena to stay away from Seiya. Serena replies that she's not interested in Seiya and that she already has a boyfriend heaps better than him. Raye, Amy, Mina and Lita pull Serena away and tell her not to anger these girls as they're really scary when they're angry.

Seiya talks to Sonoko and the girls and asks what he can do to please his fans. They agree on a softball game. If Seiya wins he can spend as much time as he wants with Serena but if he loses he must never see her again. Serena mutters to herself that she's not interested in Seiya anyway. Her friends though tell her to compete in the game as she's bound to lose and that means Seiya will be free to be with one of them instead. Serena becomes very angry.

Seiya yells over to her to try her best and together they can show everyone their love. Serena explodes. Seiya and the girls cheer Serena on.

Despite her protests, Serena stays after school with Seiya and they Sailor Moon Sailor Stars: The Power of Shining Stars! Chibi Chibi's Transformation practice into the night. After the sun has gone down they stop and look at the stars. Seiya tells her that every being in this universe has a star of their own. Serena asks him about this but he just tells her it's a tale from a place far away.

Elsewhere Sailor Galaxia is furious with Sailor Aluminum Siren and asks her if she's found a true Star Seed yet. She replies no, but after seeing how angry Sailor Galaxia is she tells her that she'll promise to get one soon and try her hardest.

The next day the whole school seems to have shown up to watch the match. Mina and Raye have tied up the announcer and taken his place and are really getting into the role. Meanwhile on the field Serena keeps missing hit after hit.

Outside the school, Sailor Lead Crow and Sailor Aluminum Siren have arrived in their civilian forms. Aluminum Siren still doesn't seem to be taking the job seriously and simply eats chips while Lead Crow talks to her. Eventually Lead Crow tells her that she'll take care of this job for her.

Suddenly it begins to rain soSailor Moon Sailor Stars: The Power of Shining Stars! Chibi Chibi's Transformation the match is put on hold until the weather clears.

In the gym Amy, Lita, Mina and Raye all cheer up Serena and tell her to try her best. Chibi Chibi then tells Serena that she has to go to the toilet so Serena takes her outside to the school toilet.

While waiting for Chibi Chibi, Serena sees Sonoko who tells her that she'll hit all of her balls at Serena (knowing that she'll drop them). Serena honestly replies that she'll probably drop them all and tells her that no matter how hard she's trained she still isn't very good but that she'll try hard. Sonoko smiles and then genuinely tells Serena that she looks forward to finishing the match and may the best person win.

Chibi Chibi then comes out of the toilet. She and Serena begin to walk back inside.

After they've gone Sonoko comments on how bright Serena's star is. Lead Crow then appears and tells her her star is brighter and removes her Star Seed.

Serena hears her screams, tells Chibi Chibi to stay put and runs to Sonoko's aid and transforms into Eternal Sailor Moon. Sailor Aluminum Siren, lamenting her soaked suit sees Serena transform and realises that she must have a true pureSailor Moon Sailor Stars: The Power of Shining Stars! Chibi Chibi's Transformation Star Seed.

Eternal Sailor Moon confronts Lead Crow who sicks the new Phage, Sailor Leaguer on her. Sailor Moon is then attacked by Aluminum Siren first by a bracelet energy blast and then physically as she reaches for Sailor Moon's Eternal Moon Article. Her Eternal Tiare is knocked out of her hand. Chibi Chibi appears and runs towards it. Sailor Leaguer tries to stop her but Chibi Chibi jumps over her and places both hands around it.

Immediately elsewhere in the school Mina, Raye, Lita, Amy, Seiya, Yaten and Taiki all sense this strong power and mention that it's the birth of a new star (Sailor Soldier). Sailor Galaxia also senses this power and recognises it as the one force that could pose a threat to her.

Meanwhile in some sort of white limbo, Chibi Chibi, now Sailor Chibi Chibi floats towards Eternal Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon senses a gentle powerful energy flowing into her as their hands touch.

They then return to reality. Eternal Sailor Moon then summons the new Holy Grail, the Holy Moon Chalice which attaches itself to her Moon Tiare powering it up to it's new form, the Moon Power Tiare. Eternal Sailor Moon then performs her new attack, Silver Moon Crystal Power Kiss Sailor Moon Sailor Stars: The Power of Shining Stars! Chibi Chibi's Transformation which reverts the Phage back into Sonoko. Her Star Seed returns to her body.

The Sailor Starlights then appear. Sailor Aluminum Siren and Lead Crow retreat.

The rain, which was blown away by Eternal Sailor Moon's power-up has stopped so the game continues.

Everyone cheers as Serena runs to catch a ball that will decide the outcome of the game. She catches it! They win!

Serena's voice then begins to narrate and it turns out this entire episode was a letter to Darien. As the screen freezes she tells him she's doing fine.

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars: The Power of Shining Stars! Chibi Chibi's Transformation

Monster of the Day

Sailor Leaguer didn't really achieve much in her brief appearance though she did try to attack Chibi Chibi which was kind of cool.

She didn't have any powers other than the softball attack. She was the first Phage to be killed by Eternal Sailor Moon's Silver Moon Crystal Power Kiss attack.

Interesting Facts

Chibi Chibi awoke as a Sailor Soldier in this episode. It is unsure in anime continuity if this was simply due to the events happening at this moment, her own personal growth or her physical contact with Eternal Sailor Moon's Eternal Tiare. The later is most likely. Note that from this point onwards in the anime the character of Chibi Chibi departs dramatically from her manga counterpart.

Eternal Sailor Moon's second and final attack Silver Moon Crystal Power Kiss premiered in this episode!

Along with the new attack came the new Moon Power Tiare (Eternal Sailor Moon's staff) and the new and improved Purity Chalice (Holy Grail), the Holy Moon Chalice. Interesting to remember that the original Purity Chalice was destroyed way back in Episode 125 of Sailor Moon S.

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