Sailor Moon Sailor Stars: Chibi Chibi's Mystery! The Big Noisy Chase!

Episode 186

Sailor Stars

Chibi Chibi's Mystery! The Big Noisy Chase!

Serene gets home and sees Chibi Chibi eating heaps of cakes and sweets while holding a doll. She wonders where she got the doll and all the sweets from and stares hungrily at them.

Chibi Chibi looks at her and gives her a doughnut.

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars: Chibi Chibi's Mystery! The Big Noisy Chase! When Serena's mum gets home she asks her if she has any snacks for her but Ikuko tells her she forgot to buy them. Serena asks her why she bought treats for Chibi Chibi then but Ikuko has no idea what she's talking about. Serena goes back to the lounge room and is shocked to see that Chibi Chibi and the cakes have disappeared.

Later up in her bedroom, Serena ponders where Chibi Chibi disappears to all the time and where she got the cakes from. Chibi Chibi then appears and gives her some candy. Serena wonders where she got this from.

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars: Chibi Chibi's Mystery! The Big Noisy Chase! After she disappears again Serena and Luna wonder again if she is Rini or Serena's future daughter. Luna laughs that Serena has no idea Rini was her daughter but Serena reminds Luna that she had no idea Diana was her daughter either.

Later on Serena decides to follow Chibi Chibi. As she's doing so she bumps into Raye and Lita and quickly Artemis, Amy and Mina.

They all follow Chibi Chibi to the main road Sailor Moon Sailor Stars: Chibi Chibi's Mystery! The Big Noisy Chase! and watch terrified as she wonders in and out of traffic.

The Three Lights see everyone and join them following Chibi Chibi about town and watch as she meets all of her friends she's made on her daily outings.

Eventually she goes to a big mansion and joins an old man for tea. Everyone watches from the window and expresses shock at how much everything is worth.

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars: Chibi Chibi's Mystery! The Big Noisy Chase! Chibi Chibi suddenly breaks a teacup causing Serena to scream. The old man invites them all in for tea and he tells them that having young people in his house is payment enough for anything that's broken. He then mentions that he senses not just a similar feeling from Serena and Chibi Chibi but the exact same feeling.

After a while they all leave but as they're seeing each other off, the notice Chibi Chibi has gone missing again. Serena tells everyone to go on without her and runs back to the house to find Chibi Chibi.

Suddenly she hears a scream and transforms into Eternal Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon Sailor Stars: Chibi Chibi's Mystery! The Big Noisy Chase!As she enters the house she sees the butler lying on the floor and Aluminum Siren and Lead Crow removing the man's Star Seed. They quickly escape as he transforms into the Phage, Sailor Antique Chan.

Sailor Antique Chan begins throwing all the expensive objects at the floor to break them. Sailor Moon catches them all but then Chibi Chibi decides to copy him and throws her doll away. Sailor Moon catches it but drops a vase.

The Starlights then enter and Sailor Star Healer attacks with a new form of Star Sensitive Inferno. Sailor Moon then heals Sailor Moon Sailor Stars: Chibi Chibi's Mystery! The Big Noisy Chase! the man with Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss.

Later on as they leave a second time Serena tells Chibi Chibi that she's happy at least the doll didn't break. Chibi Chibi then drops the doll, smashing it.

Serena then ponders on what the man said about the two of them looking and feeling like the same being.

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars: Chibi Chibi's Mystery! The Big Noisy Chase!

Monster of the Day

Sailor Antique Chan was a crazy Phage that didn't seem to have any attack at all, instead he simply liked to break things and then blame Sailor Moon for it. He did however summon a rocking horse to ride on for a bit. Interesting to note that he summoned it the same way Sailor Mini Moon summons Pegasus with Crystal Twinkle Bell.

He was healed by Eternal Sailor Moon's Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss.

Interesting Facts

Serena and Sammy's mother, Ikuko appeared for the final time in this episode.

It becomes pretty obvious in this episode that the writers originally intended to follow the manga storyline and have Chibi Chibi be a future form of Sailor Moon who disguised herself as a girl and sent herself back in time. As this is past the halfway point in the season, it begins to look like the change to making Chibi Chibi, Galaxia's Star Seed must have happened pretty late in the game.

This episode featured the final time Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss would be used in the anime!

Sailor Star Healer's Star Sensitive Inferno attack got a new animation in this episode.

The doll Chibi Chibi has in this episode looks exactly like the dolls featured way back in the first season though officially they're different as it's said here that this specific doll is an antique.

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