Sailor Moon Sailor Stars: Invasion From Outer Space! Siren Comes Flying In

Episode 182

Sailor Stars

Invasion From Outer Space! Siren Comes Flying In

Serena is mailing yet another letter to Darien and laments over the fact that this is the 30th letter she's sent and she has still yet to hear back from him. Suddenly she thinks of Seiya and gets frustrated with herself. She misses Darien.

Unknown to Serena the sky above Azabu Juban becomes filled with white feathers as a small girl holding a white umbrella floats down over the city.

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars: Invasion From Outer Space! Siren Comes Flying In Elsewhere Sailor Galaxia commands the two new Sailor Animamates, Sailor Aluminum Siren and Sailor Lead Crow to take Sailor Iron Mouse's place on Earth and collect as many true Star Seeds as they can. She tells them that so far they have conquered 80% of this galaxy. In her hand Galaxia holds three of these Star Seeds which holds the soul of the true Sailor Soldiers they had been taken from.

On Earth, Serena and the girls relax in Azabu Juban eating ice creams in the hot Tokyo Summer heat. They ponder if the Starlights are villains as Neptune and Uranus seems to think they are. Serena tells the girls that she believes they're allies as they've helped them so many times in the past. Trista appears and tells them not to let their guard down and Sailor Moon Sailor Stars: Invasion From Outer Space! Siren Comes Flying In informs them that this looming threat is more powerful than anything they've faced before and that almost the entire galaxy is now covered in darkness.

After saying goodbye to the girls Serena tells Luna that she can't believe the Starlights are bad.

As they're talking the mysterious girl that fell from the sky before appears and loses her umbrella in the wind. Serena sees it and catches it and returns it to her.

As Serena and Luna begin to walk home they notice the girl following them. Serena asks her her name and where she lives but the girl just replies "chibi chibi".

Luna suggests that they contact the police but as she says this the Sailor Moon Sailor Stars: Invasion From Outer Space! Siren Comes Flying In realise the girl has disappeared.

Meanwhile in Galaxy TV Aluminum Siren is cleaning out Iron Mouse's desk while eating some dried shrimp. Lead Crow yells at her to stop wasting time as she didn't volunteer to help her just to see her be killed like Iron Mouse. Aluminum Siren opens her lunch box and asks the shocked Lead Crow if she'd like to join her.

When Serena and Luna arrive home they're shocked to see the girl inside. Serena falls over in disbelief. Her mother somes out and asks why she's being so strange to her little sister. Serena looks at Luna in shock.

The next day Serena watches her mother and Chibi Chibi in a toy shop. Raye and the others notice that she looks like Serena wonder who she could be and ponder if she's Serena and Darien's second future child. Trista appears once again and tells them that that's impossible as Neo Queen Serenity only has one daughter. Trista warns them not to trust her just because she's cute.

Suddenly Serena's mother begins screaming. Chibi Chibi has disappeared! They all split up to look for her.

Serena runs into Seiya who is doing idol duties as a police officer for theSailor Moon Sailor Stars: Invasion From Outer Space! Siren Comes Flying In day and has found Chibi Chibi. They go to the police station where they meet up with Serena's mother as well as Taiki, Yaten and the police chief.

Unknown to everyone Sailor Aluminum Siren and Sailor Lead Crow have targeted the police chief and are spying on everyone. Lead Crow tells Aluminum Siren to get him but she just stands there and asks if she thinks she should give him her card first.

Serena realises that she hasn't told the others to stop looking and races outside to tell them. At the entrance she runs into Trista who tells her that the other girls heard there as a Three Lights parade and went to look for Chibi Chibi there. They both realise that the girls won't be doing any looking at all.

Around the side of the building Aluminum Siren confronts the police chief andSailor Moon Sailor Stars: Invasion From Outer Space! Siren Comes Flying In removes his Star Seed which quickly turns black. Serena and Trista transform into Eternal Sailor Moon and Super Sailor Pluto and confront her. Sailor Lead Crow joins her partner.

Sailor Pluto attacks with Pluto Deadly Scream but the two new Animamates dodge it.

They both then teleport away in the phone booth, leaving them to fight the Phage, Sailor Cop who quickly begins attacking them with lazer blasts!

The Starlights appear and Star Fighter attacks with Star Serious Laser, giving Sailor Moon a chance to heal the Phage with Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss.

The Starlights, Moon and Pluto all look at each other, wondering Sailor Moon Sailor Stars: Invasion From Outer Space! Siren Comes Flying In who's an ally and who's a villain. Chibi Chibi watches from behind a nearby car.

That night Serena sits at her desk in her room trying to write a letter to Darien but realises that she can't really tell him about the new enemies or Chibi Chibi. She becomes really sad an misses him.

Chibi Chibi then enters. Serena looks at her and asks if she's okay and if she'd like to sleep together tonight. Chibi Chibi smiles and they both crawl into bed. Serena who is obviously missing both Darien and Rini seems to be comforted by Chibi Chibi and goes to sleep.

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars: Invasion From Outer Space! Siren Comes Flying In

Monster of the Day

Sailor Cop was an obvious homage to the Robocop movies. He had an extremely powerful lazer gun attack and seemed to be quite powerful though didn't manage to do much before he was defeated by Eternal Sailor Moon's Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss.

Interesting Facts

Chibi Chibi appeared for the first time in this episode and Sailor Aluminum Siren and Sailor Lead Crow finally spoke for the first time.

Sailor Lead Crow's name is an obvious pun and can be said two ways; Lead Crow (for the metal) or Red Crow (hence her unusually coloured feathers for a crow). In Japanese of course red and lead both sound exactly the same. Most fans choose to call her Lead Crow as the metal reference seems to be more important among the Animamates (Iron Mouse, Aluminum Siren, Tin Cat, etc) than a colour pun.

As Sailor Galaxia holds the three Star Seeds in her hand we can see the outline of the three Sailor Soldiers they were taken from. They appear to be two from the crow planet Coronus (most likely Sailor Coronus who is actually referenced in the manga and another mystery Coronus Sailor Soldier) and a another which looks like what we assume Sailor Mermaid would look like (Sailor Mermaid is only mentioned by name in the manga and never shown).

The circular hole wall that we see the girls eating ice cream on is in fact a real location in Azabu Juban and is actually situated right under a freeway, hence the traffic noise in the background. For more information on this real world location, check out my Sailor Moon Travel Guide here.

The shirt Serena is wearing in this episode is the one designed by Yoshiki Usui in Episode 140 of Sailor Moon SuperS! Nice detail!

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