Sailor Moon R: Rubeus Evens the Score

Episode 66

Sailor Moon R

Rubeus Evens the Score

Jap. 73 "A UFO Appears! The Sailor Soldiers Taken Hostage"

Rini is in shock and still can't believe that Serena and the other girls are the Sailor Scouts. She wonders if she can steal the Imperium Silver Crystal now as she's become friends with them and teh Sailor Scouts have rescued her time and time again.

In the UFO, Rubeus is interrupted by the arrival of Emerald who has come to report from the future. She tells Rubeus that Prince Diamond is not happy with him at all and Sailor Moon R: Rubeus Evens the Score that if he doesn't get Rini and the crystal before the end of the day he will have to face their wrath.

At the Tsukino residence, Serena arrives home and runs past Rini who is still in shock in the hallway. Serena changes clothes for a meeting with the Scouts, forgetting to take her locket with her and runs out the door.

At the meeting, Artemis and Luna are briefing them on the enemy and telling them to be ready. Serena meanwhile is pigging out on Lita's cookies that she baked.

Back at Serena's house, Rini is helping Serena's mum bake pancakes. She tells Rini that she's baking them for Sammy and Serena because she loves them. Rini tells Sailor Moon R: Rubeus Evens the Scoreher that Serena doesn't appreciate what a good mum she is.

Later on, Rini walks into Serena's room and sees the locket. She decides not to take it because Sailor Moon has always saved her but when Serena comes home and tells her mum that she doesn't want any pancakes as she ate too many of Lita's cookies, Rini decides that Serena doesn't deserve it and take the locket and runs away.

Sailor Moon R: Rubeus Evens the Score As Luna and Serena run up to her room, they realise that the locket has been taken and Rini is missing and tells the other girls to help search Tokyo for her.

Rini meanwhile is ready to go back to the future and tries to use her Time Key but it doesn't work! She begins to cry and releases the Moon Beam. Rubeus arrives almost immediately but is beaten off by Sailor Jupiter, Mercury, Venus and Mars. Sailor Mars grabs Rini and carries her away from the fight. As they're running though, Rini tells her that she knows she's Raye.

Sailor Moon R: Rubeus Evens the Score As Mercury, Jupiter and Venus catch up to them, Rini tells them that they're only looking for her because they know she has the crystal. They try to tell Rini that they love her and want to protect her but Rini won't listen and manages to run away again.

Rini runs to Darien's apartment and sleeps for a bit there. As he goes into the kitchen to cook Rini some pancakes, Serena comes around and screams at Darien's door if he has seen Rini. Rini then runs over to the balcony and used Luna P to transform into a parachute and jumps off the balcony to the street below.

Rini then uses the Time Key successfully which opens the time portal but it's closed by the arrival of Rubeus' UFO which lowers itself into the streets of Tokyo, causing a Sailor Moon R: Rubeus Evens the Scoremassive scare among the people in the area.

Sailor Venus, Mars and Jupiter attack the UFO with Venus Love Chain Encircle, Mars Celestial Fire Surround and Jupiter Thunderclap Zap but it has no effect whatsoever.

Rubeus then hits them with a super strong gravity beam. The Sailor Scouts then decide to perform the Sailor Planet Power move even though Sailor Moon isn't with them as it may be their only hope. They each call out their Sailor Moon R: Rubeus Evens the Score planets' names and attack with the move but it still has no impact on the UFO.

Tuxedo Mask arrives and takes Rini to safety however, Rubeus quickly reverses the gravity beam and sucks Sailor Mars, Venus, Jupiter and Mercury into the UFO, taking them prisoner as Serena, unable to do anything looks up in horror.

Interesting Facts

This was the first appearance of Emerald and the first mention of Prince Diamond in this episode!

This episode was the first of the famous "Lost Episodes" that were dubbed years after previous episodes were dubbed into English. Miraculously almost all the voice actors were able to return with the exceptions being Sailor Mars and Tuxedo Mask's voice actors who were replaced. Sailor Mars' new voice actress would go on to be the new Sailor Venus in the S season after the original Mars returned and the new Tuxedo Mask was actually the same actor who played Alan of the Doom tree earlier in the R season and would continue on as Tuxedo Mask for the next two seasons (S and SuperS) as well as the three movies.

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