Sailor Moon R: Rubeus Strikes Out

Episode 67

Sailor Moon R

Rubeus Strikes Out

Jap.74 "Go and Beat Up Rubeus! A Deadly Battle in Space"

Rubeus has captured Sailor Venus, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Mercury! He announces that if Sailor Moon wants her friends back she has to hand over the Imperium Silver Crystal and Rini.

Sailor Moon R: Rubeus Strikes Out Serena, Rini and Tuxedo Mask, who are hiding in the streets below, don't know what to do and just watch as the giant UFO leaves the Tokyo area.

In the UFO, Emerald appears and tells Rubeus that if he doesn't succeed this time, he will be left behind.

Back in Tokyo, Rini is standing on a rooftop by herself looking concerned. Darien walks up to her and and asks what's wrong. Rini explains that she's wondering why her time key didn't work. Darien tells her that if it had she would be in the future now with Serena's locket. This upsets Rini. Darien tells her that it's time that she explain Sailor Moon R: Rubeus Strikes Outeverything to them.

Downstairs in Darien apartment Serena is discussing the situation with Luna and Artemis. She considers the possibility of giving Rubeus what he wants but then begins to cry and says that she's grown to love Rini despite how much she annoys her. She then goes out onto the balcony for some fresh air.

Luna and Artemis then begin to think of possible ways to trick Rubeus. Luna suggests that they could give Rubeus a fake crystal! Artemis wonders what to do about Rini and then they both think of disguising themselves as her but quickly realise how ridiculous their plan is.

Sailor Moon R: Rubeus Strikes Out Darien and Rini come in and ask where Serena is. She had snuck out to face Rubeus on her own while Artemis and Luna were talking! Darien then turns around and sees that Rini has also disapeared!

Serena, who is on the streets running to face Rubeus by herself transforms into Sailor Moon. As the UFO once more lowers itself into Tokyo, Rubeus' voice welcomes Sailor Moon and Rini. Sailor Moon turns around and is shocked to see Rini behind her. A powerful force beam then lifts the two up into the UFO. Darien, Luna and Artemis arrive but are too late to save them.

As they arrive in the UFO, Sailor Moon laughs and tells Rubeus that this little girls is her cousin "Trini", and not Rini at all. Rubeus doesn't buy this though.

Sailor Moon R: Rubeus Strikes Out Sailor Moon then attacks Rubeus with Moon Sceptre Elimination but Rubeus activates a nearby crystal that creates a shield that blocks the attack.

Rini runs to grab the crystal while Sailor Moon and Rubeus fight but is shocked by the forcefield surrounding it. Sailor Moon screams out Rini's name, which makes Rubeus laugh and ask if she meant "Trini".

Sailor Moon continues to attack with Moon Sceptre Elimination but with little result. Rubeus then activates the negative gravity beam which blasts Sailor Moon to the floor. Sailor Moon manages to stand up Sailor Moon R: Rubeus Strikes Out however and resist it much to Rubeus' surprise.

Rini notices that when she hits the field the crystal weakens. She waits for the right moment and then charges at the field and grabs the crystal. Sailor Moon then attacks one more time with Moon Sceptre Elimination which knocks Rubeus over and frees the Sailor Scouts.

Rubeus then picks one of his earrings and crushes it on the floor. The UFO then begins to self destruct!

The Sailor Scouts all link hands and use the Sailor Teleport to take themselves and Rini to safety in the streets below.

Emerald then appears and laughs at Rubeus and tells him that he's out of the Negamoon family. Rubeus begs her to take him with her but she refuses and disappears. Sailor Moon R: Rubeus Strikes Out The UFO then explodes, killing Rubeus in the process.

Down in Tokyo, the Sailor Scouts and Rini all look at the exploding UFO in the sky and rejoice.

In the future, Emerald tells Prince Diamond that Rubeus fails. Prince Diamond then tells Emerald that she is now in charge of taking over the past and capturing Rini and the crystal.

After she leaves, he opens a hologram of Neo Queen Serenity and thinks to himself how beautiful she is.

Interesting Facts

This episode marked the first appearance of Prince Diamond!

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