Sailor Moon R: Enemies No More

Episode 63

Sailor Moon R

Enemies No More

Jap.70 "Confronting the Flame of Love! Mars vs. Cooan"

Wiseman, frustrated with the lack of progress in the mission, contacts Rubeus and informs him that the battle in the future is not going well. He threatens Rubeus and says that everyone is expendable. He then lets Rubeus know that the moon beam was reported to appear today at the Cherry Hill Temple.

Down in Tokyo, Chad has gone shopping with Raye and has been tasked with carrying all of her purchases. Unfortunately, due to al the boxes he's carrying, he collides with Catsy who just happens to be shopping in the same street.

Catsy immediately recognises Chad from the the karate class incident and becomes furious with him once more. Chad apologises but Catsy just gets out of there as fast as she can worrying if her face was damaged in the fall.
Sailor Moon R: Enemies No More Raye catches Chad staring at Catsy and yells at him but he tells her he thinks he's met the woman before and that maybe she's been to the temple.

As Catsy returns to the UFO hovering about Tokyo, she gives Rubeus a bottle of cologne she bought for him. Rubeus looks at her coldly and crushes it in his hand, telling her that they don't have time for stuff like this as Wiseman isn't happy with them. He then sends her down to the temple to wait for Rini to show up.

When she arrives, she realises that it may be a while until Rini shows up and opens up her compact to do her face. Rubeus shocks her though by communicating with her through the mirror and tells her that the Sailor Scouts are friends with the girl who runs the temple and that she should be investigating the area for clues about Rini and the Imperium Silver Crystal.

Sailor Moon R: Enemies No More Elsewhere, Mina and Lita are chilling out with Luna and Artemis. Both are really bored as they don't have money for the movies or shopping. Artemis adds that neither of them has a boyfriend so they're stuck hanging out with the cats. Artemis starts laughing uncontrollably as Luna, Mina and Lita look at him.

Meanwhile in Raye's temple, Serena is reading all of Raye's old manga and thoroughly enjoying herself. Raye asks her to take them home and read them but Serena says that she'd much rather read them here so she can save her energy.
Just then the doorbell rings and Catsy (dressed as a salesperson) appears. She tells them that she's selling make-up which leads to the three of them discussing beauty and boyfriends. Raye reminds Serena that she doesn't have a boyfriend anymore and Serena begins to get upset. Raye says that she has to appologise for whatever it Sailor Moon R: Enemies No More was she did to make him dump her and Catsy agrees and then goes off on a tangent about how she wants to be with Rubeus and rule the world together.
She then comes to her senses and leaves.

Later on, Serena eventually leaves and passes Rini coming up the temple steps. They tease each other and then continue on their ways with Serena missing her bus.
Catsy then appears and attacks Rini. Chad sees this and tries to stop her but Catsy attacks her with her ice fire attack and seriously injures him. As Catsy fires another blast, Raye dives in front of him and blocks the attack, injuring herself. Catsy asks why she did that as he's not her boyfriend. Raye begins to explain the concept of friendship to her but Catsy doesn't get it and attacks again. Chad then passes out, giving Raye a chance to transform into Sailor Mars.

Catsy is shocked that Raye is a Sailor Scout and tells her that she doesn't get her at all as she's always treating her friends, like Serena, badly. Sailor Mars then realises that Catsy is the saleslady from before.

Sailor Moon R: Enemies No More Sailor Mars attacks with Mars Celestial Fire Surround but Catsy proves to be stronger than the last time they met and gets the upper hand and blasts Sailor Mars with an ice fire blast, injuring her leg. As Catsy moves to grab Rini, Tuxedo Mask stops her with a rose. Rubeus then appears and tells her that due to her failure she's out of the team. Catsy begins to cry and asks Rubeus to remember all the battles they've fought together but Rubeus tells her that he can no longer stand to be around her.

Sailor Moon R: Enemies No More Rubeus then gives Catsy a "Nega bomb" which he tells her to use to blow the whole place up. He then disappears.

Catsy, completely distraught, tells herself that she may as well as there's nothing worth living for now. Sailor Mars tells her that this is her chance to start over and leave the past behind her, but Catsy is too upset and moves to blow up the bomb.

Luckily Sailor Venus arrives and knocks the bomb out of her hands with Venus Love Chain Encircle while Sailor Jupiter detonates it high above the grounds with Jupiter Thunderclap Zap.

Sailor Mercury and Moon also appear and together with Sailor Jupiter and Venus begin to attack Catsy. Sailor Mars screams for them to stop but they don't listen. As Sailor Jupiter throws a kick at her, Sailor Mars dives in front of it and takes the blow. She then tells them all that she has a feeling about Catsy, that there's really good within her. Sailor Moon R: Enemies No More She asks Catsy if she wants to get ride of the evil and start over. Catsy tearfully agrees.
Sailor Mars then asks Sailor Moon if she could use her crystal to heal Catsy. Sailor Moon tells her she's never used her crystal like that before. Luna and Artemis think about it and think that the positive energy of her crystal may cancel out the evil energy that has accumulated over the years inside of Catsy.

Sailor Moon decides to give it a go and opens her Moon Compact to use Moon Crystal Healing Activation.
A pink light engulfs Catsy.

The next day, Catsy comes by Raye's temple. She now has a real job as a make up saleswoman and seems very content. Raye is happy for her.

Interesting Facts

This was the first time Sailor Moon used Moon Crystal Healing Activation, a rather rare move, only seen in this season of the anime though Sailor Moon does use several other abilities to achieve the same thing in later episodes and movies.

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