Sailor Moon R: Checkmate

Episode 64

Sailor Moon R


Jap. 71 "For Friendship! Ami and Berthier Clash"

Amy is playing chess with Serena and beats her easily. All the girls tell Amy that she should be playing professionally but Amy gets modest and tells them that she couldn't do that but tells them they should all check out the new "Chess Tower" that has just opened.

In the UFO hovering above Tokyo, Rubeus is furious at Catsy for converting to the Sailor Scouts' side. Avery and Prisma are also angry and talk about how she's not their Sailor Moon R: Checkmate sister anymore. Birdy looks a bit nervous and says that she'll miss her. Rubeus tells them that they can't accept anymore failures and Birdy volunteers for the next mission which just so happens to be taking over the Chess Tower.

When she arrives in civilian form, she runs into Amy who has come with Lita and Serena. Birdy tells them that she'll win no problem and she needs no luck at all. This intimidates Amy but also makes her a little angry as she thinks the game should be enjoyed.

Sailor Moon R: Checkmate When Amy enters the building and registers at reception, she runs into an old friend who is happy to see her and asks if she would like to play a game with him. As they play he tells her that she looks a lot different now. Amy tells him about the new friends she's made and this reminds the man of how Amy used to play chess so much as if the pieces were her friends. Amy says that she's glad she has real friends now.

Sailor Moon R: Checkmate Just then, Amy glances Birdy running down the hall and excuses herself (after winning) and goes after her. She eventually catches up to Birdy who is attempting to fill the building with Nega-energy. Birdy then attacks Amy, forcing her to transform into Sailor Mercury. Even as Sailor Mercury she still gets beat but is fortunately saved by the arrival of Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Moon.

Birdy teleports away. Sailor Mercury tells her friends that they're in trouble because Birdy saw her transform. Sailor Moon and Jupiter tell her it's okay though as they'll find a way to beat Birdy. Sailor Mercury tells them that they're the best.

Sailor Moon R: Checkmate As Birdy returns to the UFO, Prisma and Avery tease her for failing and tells her that if she's not careful, she'll be kicked out of the family along with Catsy. Birdy then returns to Tokyo and hypnotises the receptionist so she compete with Amy in the chess tournament the next day.

At the tournament, Serena, Lita, Mina, Raye and Catsy have all come to cheer Amy on. Eventually Amy wins her way up the ladder to the finals against Birdy. After they Sailor Moon R: Checkmate begin to play, Birdy blasts the security cameras with her ice powers, blocking the feed to the tv screens outside. Serena, Mina, Lita and Raye tell Catsy to stay where she is as they run to help Amy, transforming on their way.

As soon as they enter the room though, they're captured in a force sphere. Birdy tells Amy that if she wins she will free her friends. They begin to play but as Amy loses piece after piece her body begins to freeze! Luckily Tuxedo Mask arrives and throws a rose at the board. The Sailor Scouts are freed and they all confront Birdy.

Prisma and Avery then appear and gloat over Birdy concerning her failure and tell her that she's no longer welcome among them before teleporting away.

Birdy, completely devastated, releases her powers which begin to freeze the entire room and herself. Catsy runs towards her sister and begs for her to stop and forget Sailor Moon R: Checkmate about the Nega Moon family and join her instead. As Catsy approaches she is hit again and again by blocks of ice until she reaches Birdy and the two embrace. Birdy agrees and Catsy asks Sailor Moon to heal her sister.

Sailor Moon performs her Moon Crystal Healing Activation as a bright pink light engulfs Birdy's body.

The next day, Catsy and Birdy are playing chess against each other. Birdy wins, but as she gloats an extra piece falls out of her sleeve. Catsy screams at her but then the two laugh it off and hug.

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