Sailor Moon R: Prediction of Doom

Episode 62

Sailor Moon R

Prediction of Doom

Jap.69 "Awaken the sleeping beauty! Mamoru's distress."

Serena is reading Rini Sleeping Beauty but Rini finds it incredibly boring and asks her to stop. Serena keeps going though as she loves it and it's just getting to her favourite part where Prince Charming kisses the princess.

Sailor Moon R: Prediction of Doom Darien meanwhile is having a dark nightmare about Serena being torn apart by some hidden power and the world lying in ruin. Suddenly a male voice speaks to him and tells him that he must stay away from Serena otherwise something bad will happen to her and the entire planet!

Darien wakes up in a cold sweat and screams that it's just a dream. He then picks up a photo of him and Serena and looks at it. Suddenly the image of Serena falls over, dead! Darien gasps and looks again but the photo has returned to normal.

Sailor Moon R: Prediction of Doom The next day Darien goes and asks Andrew what he should do to get Serena to completely despise him. Suddenly Andrew's sister, Lizzy shows up. Darien begins to blush.

Elsewhere the girls meet in the park with ice creams to discuss what they know about the Nega Moon. So far all they know is that Rini is from a city in the future called Crystal Tokyo and that the Nega Moon has captured her mother but that's all.

Sailor Moon R: Prediction of Doom Lita asks Serena what she thinks but Serena just wants to know why Darien dumped her. All of a sudden Darien pulls up on his bike with Andrew's sister on the back. Serena asks who she is and surprisingly Darien yells at her that he doesn't have to explain anything and drives off.

That night Serena can't sleep and heads downstairs to the kitchen for a midnight snack. Luna finds her and asks her what she's doing. Serena begins to cry about how she thinks her and Darien will never get back together again due to him being with someone else. Rini who had been listening in on this conversation gets scared and runs away, strangely disturbed by the fact that Serena and Darien may not get back together.

Sailor Moon R: Prediction of Doom As Rini is running across a busy road a truck almost hits her. Rini lets out a scream and releases the crescent moon beam. Prisma and Avery teleport to her immediate location and try to capture her.

Serena and Luna who had both sensed the moon beam show up. Serena transforms into Sailor Moon and begins to fight the sisters. They however summon Droid Hypnotica who hovers above Sailor Moon and slowly hypnotises her into a deep sleep!

Sailor Moon R: Prediction of Doom The Sailor Scouts show up and begin to fight. Prisma and Avery retreat, leaving Droid Hypnotica to fight for them. After a short battle Sailor Mars uses Mars Fireball Charge which shocks the Droid. Unfortunately it turns to smoke and seeps into Sailor Moon's body!

Seeing no way to wake her, Luna runs to Darien's place and wakes him up. She commands him to come to Serena's aid as he must still have feelings for her despite what he has said. Darien changes and jumps on his motorbike to race to the scene while transforming into Tuxedo Mask during a dramatic bike jump.

Sailor Moon R: Prediction of Doom As Darien arrives he walks over to the sleeping Sailor Moon and kisses her. Droid Hypnotica is forced from her body and back to her physical form. Rini is surprised as it's almost like the story Rini had been reading her earlier.

Sailor Moon gets up and blasts the Droid with her Moon Sceptre Elimination attack which completely destroys it. Sailor Moon then walks over to Tuxedo Mask but he simply reminds her that they're still not back together and rides off. Sailor Moon cries out for him as he rides away on his bike.

At a pier, Darien begins to cry over what he has done.

The next day Serena meets up with Lizzy who informs her that she isn't Darien's girlfriend and that she's Andrews little sister. This cheers Serena up incredibly who now believes that Darien still loves her due to his kiss waking her up and that he must have a reason for dumping her, she just has to find out what!

Sailor Moon R: Prediction of Doom

Monster of the Day

Droid Hypnotica was a very unusual Droid with the ability to turn to smoke and enter the mind and body of someone she has hypnotised.

It also had the ability to fly and was destroyed by Sailor Moon's Moon Sceptre Elimination.

Interesting Facts

Give it up for Andrew's little sister, Lizzy (short for "Elizabeth")! First time appearance right here!

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