Sailor Moon R: A Charmed Life

Episode 59

Sailor Moon R

A Charmed Life

Jap.65 "Dispute About Love! Makoto and Minako's Argument"

The girls are all fighting amongst themselves when Rubeus enters and tells them that they should be focusing on capturing the new Crystal Point.

Sailor Moon R: A Charmed Life Down in Tokyo, Mina is sitting by herself waiting for Lita and Serena. Lita finally shows up and apologises for being late as she missed the bus. The two joke a bit but then see Rini being picked on by two boys who want to know how Luna P floats. The bigger of the two then picks Rini up. Mina and Lita come over and tell the two to get lost. Mina tells Rini that they were just brats but Lita thinks that they liked Rini. The two argue a bit and Rini suggests that one of them should date Darien as he's not seeing Serena now. Lita tells Rini that she doesn't date friend's boyfriends but Mina reminds her that she was all over Andrew the second his girlfriend was out of the picture (way back in Episode 25, Too Many Girlfriends).

Sailor Moon R: A Charmed Life Serena then arrives and Rini grabs a hold of her pigtails and pulls them. Serena struggles and tells her to let go. Rini does so and Serena falls backwards and hits the ground. They all laugh.

Back up in the UFO, Rubeus explains that the new Crystal Point he's located is a jewellery store that sells good luck charms. Prisma says that she'll do it but Avery tells them that she won't go anywhere that sells cheap jewellery and disappears into one of the mirrors. Once by herself though she thinks it over and summons a Droid, Jalax. Birdsy then appears and tells her that she's too late and Rubeus was very disappointed in her. Avery gets down to Tokyo straight away and begins work with Prisma taking over the Crystal point.

Sailor Moon R: A Charmed Life Soon enough, Serena, Rini, Mina and Lita enter the store. Serena grabs a love potion and downs the whole bottle in the hopes that it will bring Darien back. Prisma and Avery welcome them to their store and shows them an item they call the "Forgiveness Stone". Serena thinks that it might help Darien forgive her for whatever she did. Mina jokes that Lita should use it to get her forgiveness. Lita retaliates and says that Mina should appologise to her. They all begin to fight when Darien enters. Serena asks him if he's forgiven her but he simply says hi to them all and leaves again, thinking to himself that he wishes his relationship with Serena didn't have to be so hard.

Sailor Moon R: A Charmed Life Also out on the street is Amy and Raye who were told to meet everyone else outside on the street but weren't told which shop everyone was in!

Back in the store, Prisma and Avery have had enough of all the fighting and lack of decision in their store and rip-off their disguises and summon Jalax to take care of them all. Mina tells Serena to grab Rini and escape. Mina then grabs a fire extinguisher and sprays it creating a mist. Serena, Luna and Rini make it to the back of the shop safely. Mina and Lita meanwhile transform into Sailor Venus and Jupiter and begin a physical fight with Prisma and Avery. Eventually though they end up getting caught by the uber impressive Droid Jalax.

Sailor Moon R: A Charmed Life Luckily Sailor Mercury and Mars come to their rescue. Sailor Mars uses Mars Celestial Fire Surround which frees Sailor Jupiter and Venus. The two then attack with two brand new attacks, Jupiter Thunderclap Zap and Venus Love Chain Encircle which ups the odds though still causes a draw.

Avery and Primsa realise they're evenly matched and command Droid Jalax to defeat them all.

Sailor Moon R: A Charmed Life After locking Rini in a closet at the back of the shop, Serena transforms into Sailor Moon and runs to help her friends who have all been captured by Jalax. Sailor Moon quickly uses Moon Sceptre Elimination which destroys the Droid and frees the Sailor Scouts. Prisma and Avery teleport away.

Later on at a restaurant, Serena is drinking more love potion. Raye teases her because her breath stinks but Serena is just happy thinking about how lucky she will be.

Sailor Moon R: A Charmed Life

Monster of the Day

Probably my all time favourite Monster of the Day, Droid Jalax is just really really cool! Not only does it have one of the slickest character designs but it's ability to pass through walls and change it's shape just really impresses.

If I had to have a Droid as a servant Droid Jalax would be it! It's a shame Sailor Moon destroyed it with Moon Sceptre Elimination.

Interesting Facts

Everyone say hello to Sailor Jupiter's third anime attack, Jupiter Thunderclap Zap and Sailor Venus' most practical attack which she would use occasionally all the way through to Sailor Stars, Venus Love Chain Encircle!

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