Sailor Moon R: A Curried Favor

Episode 60

Sailor Moon R

A Curried Favor

Jap.66 "Usagi's Parenthood!? The Curry Triangle Relationship!"

After visiting the real store in Azabu Juban that's featured in this episode, I just had to throw in the dvd when I got home and rewatch this episode. I'm glad I did. This episode really does have a bit of everything that made the third story arc in Sailor Moon so enjoyable.

Sailor Moon R: A Curried Favor This episode starts off (after the episode preview and opening video of course) with the typical family scene that's really missed in the later seasons. Rini is upset with Serena's parents for backing out of a school "curry party" that they had promised to go to. Sammy feels for Rini because apparently they've broken some promises with him too (something most kids can relate to). Serena walks on the conversation and gets talked into taking her parent's place. Rini doesn't like this however Serena is thrilled at the chance to cook for someone. They have a fight which ends in Serena storming off and Rini screaming that she doesn't want her help anyway. Upset by this argument, Rini thinks back to the future where she was spending time with her parents (whom we don't see clearly). All three are very happy, but this just make's present Rini more upset.

Sailor Moon R: A Curried Favor Meanwhile in the Dark Moon's headquarters Avery and Prisma are discussing the best ways to attract men. Avery is trying out new Earth make-up while Prisma is stuffing her face with cake and saying that men shouldn't care how a woman looks. Rubeus interrupts them and gives them orders to check out the latest Crystal Point that he's discovered, a supermarket. Prisma takes the initiative and jumps through a mirror to teleport herself to the supermarket. Avery chases after here, not wanting to be outdone.

Sailor Moon R: A Curried Favor Back at Serena's house, Luna and Serena are discussing Rini. Serena is still angry at her, while Luna convinces Serena that Rini is really just a little girl and that she shouldn't be too hard on her. Claiming Luna's advice as her own, Serena sets off downstairs to make amends only to find Rini failing terribly at making curry. Serena, wanting to see Darien suggests that they ask Darien for help in making curry. Rini sees through this scheme but agrees to go anyway. Darien appears very angry to find Serena at his front door, but when he sees Rini, he lets them both in and they soon agree to make the curry together and set off to the supermarket (what a coincidence!) to buy supplies.

Sailor Moon R: A Curried Favor While walking to the supermarket, Rini has another flashback (or is that "flash forward"?) to a happy time she had had with her parents. Caught up in the memory, she holds hands with Darien and then Serena. As Luna comments that they look just like a family, Rini snaps out of it and her and Serena fight as usual.

Sailor Moon R: A Curried Favor At the supermarket, Avery and Prisma seem to have set up their own stall and are trying to sell a delicious looking fruit called "Dark Fruit"! Naturally most of the customers are weary of it and Prisma's spill doesn't seem to be helping. Avery comes to the rescue though and soon people are flocking to try and taste some of their "Dark Fruit". As soon as the customers start eating it though, they turn into "Negaslaves" and start to fill the whole store with Negaenergy by draining the food of it's freshness. This scene is actually very well animated I might add!

Sailor Moon R: A Curried Favor When Serena, Darien and Rini arrive, they are surprised to find that all the food is rotten. Darien takes Rini out of the store to shop somewhere else while Serena stays, completely in shock. Luna, being ever observant notices that something is wrong with the store and they both start to investigate. At another store, Darien and Rini run into Raye. Rini asks Raye to help them cook curry (she claims that she's a great cook) but Raye still thinks that Rini should ask Serena.

Sailor Moon R: A Curried Favor Back in the store, Luna and Serena discover that everything has been drained of energy. Though they do find a carrot that seems to be okay. Outside Rini, Raye and Darien decide to come back to the supermarket and ask Serena to be the cook. As they're walking towards the store, however, Raye senses and evil presence and races towards it leaving Darien and Rini behind. Inside, Avery and Prisma tell Avocado (the villain of the week) to begin their plan. She transforms and drains all the Negaslaves by sending out black power waves throughout the store. One of them zooms towards Serena, but luckily it misses her. Now, in a very cool shot, Luna tells Serena to transform and runs towards the camera. I just love how that shot was animated. Great pacing and animation. Very smooth.

Sailor Moon R: A Curried Favor Anyway, Serena transforms into Sailor Moon and she begins the fight against the bad guys. It's interesting to note here that when Sailor Moon joins the fight, Luna has been fighting the villain while Serena was transforming. A lot of fans think it's funny that the villains don't attack the girls when they're in the middle of a long 3 minute animation sequence, but it's shown in this episode that the villains are being distracted by Luna (and sometimes Artemis in other episodes). Anyway, Mars and then Tuxedo Mask join the fight. Sailor Moon uses her Moon Sceptre Elimination to defeat Avocado and then the rest of the Inners arrive which causes Prisma and Avery to retreat.

Later, Darien and Rini are trying out Serena's curry. Serena takes the first bite and is surprised to find that it's alright! Darien and Rini try it and are also pleased! In fact, Rini wants this curry every night!

Sailor Moon R: A Curried Favor

Monster of the Day

Avocado seemed like a pretty strong Droid. She had powerful food explosive projectiles and was able to cause massive damage to her surroundings. Eventually though she was defeated by Sailor Moon's Moon Sceptre Elimination.

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