Sailor Moon R: Gramps in a Pickle

Episode 57

Sailor Moon R

Gramps in a Pickle

Jap.63 "Girls Should Be Strong and Beautiful! Rei's New Attack"

Raye is furious about something and asks Grandpa about a certain two page spread ad he put out in some magazine advertising karate classes at the temple.

Sailor Moon R: Gramps in a Pickle Grandpa is shocked as he only wanted a small ad but is excited about the karate classes he will teach with Chad as it will earn a lot of money to help them run the temple and maybe hire some more staff.

Serena meanwhile is asleep at her table while Rini sneaks up to her and begins to rummage her dress for the Imperium Silver Crystal. Serena quickly wakes up and picks Rini up for a spanking but realises that she's late for helping Raye at the temple and drops the stunned Rini before running out of the room. Rini wishes there was an easier way to find the crystal.

Sailor Moon R: Gramps in a Pickle Later on Serena, Amy, Lita and Mina are all helping Raye sell charms and souvenirs at her temple and end up making quite a bit of money. After they're done, Serena, Rini and Raye decide to check out Grandpa training for his karate class. Grandpa hears them whispering and yells at them to be quiet. Raye tells Grandpa that he's too old for this and that his doctor told him to take things easy.

Sailor Moon R: Gramps in a Pickle High above Tokyo in the UFO Rubeus tells his girls that he's located the position of the next Crystal Point which just happens to be Raye's temple. He sends Catsy to fill it with Nega Energy.

The next day, Grandpa has had no luck recruiting students for his school but luckily Chad has who runs up with a huge crowd of women behind him.
They start their classes straight away and among the students are Catsy and her Droid, Rhonda. Catsy challenges Grandpa by saying that if he wants a good school he needs to supply some hand to hand combat. She throws a random woman into the ring and Rhonda jumps in and begins to beat the Hell out of this woman.

Sailor Moon R: Gramps in a Pickle Chad then comes in with Raye and Serena and the three of them tell everyone to stop and that Grandpa doesn't have to do anything anyone says as it's his temple and his school. Grandpa, feeling unappreciated in his old age and manipulated by Catsy ignores them and tells everyone that they'll be fighting in the ring. Chad, disappointed leaves. Raye is furious with Grandpa and leaves too.

Elsewhere in the temple, Raye begins to pour tea for Mina, Lita, Serena and Amy but is so stressed she spills boiling water all over her hands. Mina tells her to relax and if it bothers her so much she should go back and stop Grandpa.

Sailor Moon R: Gramps in a Pickle Back in the ring, all the women have become infused with Nega Energy and are attacking each other. Grandpa decides to put a stop to it and stuns them all with his own karate moves. Catsy is impressed and tells Rhonda to take care of him. Rhonda then transforms into her true form. Luckily Raye enters and jumps between Rhonda and Grandpa but gets kicked in the process. Raye continues to shield Grandpa and sustain numerous injuries. Eventually Rhonda uses and energy blast that hits Grandpa and knocks him out. Serena then enters and transforms into Sailor Moon and together with the help of Tuxedo Mask who tells her that even though they aren't seeing each other they're still allies in the fight against evil, destroy Rhonda. Catsy then gets angry at Sailor Moon and chases her out of the building.

Sailor Moon R: Gramps in a Pickle Raye then transforms with her new star power into Sailor Mars and runs outside. She then attacks Catsy with Mars Fire Ignite which ends in the two of them being in a standstill. Sailor Mars then summons power by thinking of her Grandpa and how powerful they are together and attacks with a new ability, Mars Celestial Fire Surround which slices through Catsy's blue ice fire attack and burns her tutu. Catsy teleports away, furious and shocked.

Later on, Raye and Serena find Grandpa and Chad continuing their karate classes but this time for kids with Rini as their first student. Rini suggests that they bring Serena in as she's been eating way too many doughnuts.

Sailor Moon R: Gramps in a Pickle

Monster of the Day

The civilian design of Rhonda was an obvious homage to another popular anime, Cutey Honey. Her true for however seemed to be a Sailor Moon original though obviously influenced by WWF type wrestling.

Abilities included fighting skills and energy blasts that were fired from her forearms (!). Just for a change, this Droid was killed by Sailor Moon's Moon Sceptre Elimination! ;)

Interesting Facts

One of the coolest (or should I say hottest) attacks in Sailor Moon, Mars Celestial Fire Surround premiered right here in this episode.

This episode featured one of many instances where Serena goes to smack Rini. Despite smacking children (rightfully) being frowned upon and often outlawed in most countries, the hitting of children is still very widespread in Japan, even as I write this in 2008.

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