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Sailor Moon R: Sailor Mercury Moving On?

Episode 56

Sailor Moon R

Sailor Mercury Moving On?

Jap.62 "The Friendship of the Soldiers! Good-bye Ami-chan"

Rini is out and about looking for the Imperium Silver Crystal and spies a new icecream shop which she immediately wants to try out. Luckily she runs into Amy who offers to buy her one.

Sailor Moon R: Sailor Mercury Moving On? At Raye's temple, Serena, Raye, Mina and Lita are all rather sad. Turns out Amy has been offered a scholarship in Germany and that she'll be leaving soon! Serena doesn't want Amy to go but they soon realise that they should be good friends and encourage Amy in her choices as it's probably hard for her already.

Luna and Artemis then give them their new transformation pens and communicators that are ten times stronger than the old ones. They're not sure what to do about Sailor Mercury's items though.

Sailor Moon R: Sailor Mercury Moving On? In the park, Rini begins to suspect that Amy may have the crystal and asks Amy if she can stay at her place tonight to give her a chance at stealing it. Amy says that's fine by her though doesn't do a very good job at parenting and keeps Rini up late talking about how this will be her first time travelling so far away.

That night, Birdsy summons the new Droid, Frosty who makes quick work of the ice cream parlour by freezing it up and corrupting all the ice cream. The next day as more and more customers eat the ice cream the immediately become angry and begin yelling at each other. Fortunately Artemis sees this and realises that something's up and decides to investigate.

Sailor Moon R: Sailor Mercury Moving On? As he's checking out the ice cream though, Frosty and Birdsy spot him and recognise him as being Sailor Venus' cat and freeze him solid.

Elsewhere, Serena meets with Amy and asks her what she wants for her farewell party. Amy simply tells her that she doesn't want anything though but Serena wanted an excuse to buy a party dress.

Serena tells the others that Amy doesn't want a party which disappoints them. The soon realise also that Artemis is missing and get Raye to do a fire reading on his location which reveals that he's in trouble. They remember that he was checking out some ice cream shop and Mina and Luna do to check it out.

Sailor Moon R: Sailor Mercury Moving On? At Amy's place Amy reveals to Rini that she's lied to her friends about her departure date and is in fact flying out today! Rini then decides that Amy wouldn't have the crystal if she's leaving town.

Meanwhile, Mina and Luna have infiltrated the ice cream shop and found Artemis but they get cornered and message the others for help. As they get their message, Rini tells them that Amy is on her way to the airport right now. Serena wants to go and give her her farewell present but Darien appears out of nowhere and tells Serena and the others to go save Mina and he'll go with Rini to give Amy their gift.

Sailor Moon R: Sailor Mercury Moving On? As "Only a Memory Away" plays in the background Rini and Darien catch up with Amy and give her her gift (Rini also gives her a candy cane via Kitty Magic) which turns out to be her new transformation pen and communicator. Amy then realises that she has plenty of time to follow her dream to be a doctor and that right now she wants to be here with her friends. Darien offers to give her a lift and the two drive as fast as they can to the ice cream parlour.

In the parlour, Sailor Moon, Sailor Mars, Sailor Venus and Sailor Jupiter have all been trapped and unable to attack Frosty who is surrounding them with with a freezy blast.

Sailor Moon R: Sailor Mercury Moving On? Luckily Amy arrives and transforms with her new star transformation and attacks with the new Mercury Ice Storm Freeze which freezes frosty. Sailor Moon then uses Moon Sceptre Elimination which destroys Frosty once and for all.

Later that night, Amy tells them all that she's staying in Tokyo and Serena suggests that maybe someday when she does go to Germany she could visit her. Luna jokes that Serena wouldn't even be able to find Germany on a map and they all laugh.

Sailor Moon R: Sailor Mercury Moving On?

Monster of the Day

The very nicely designed Frosty was a very strong Droid who managed to almost defeat the Sailor Scouts and would have gotten away with it too had Sailor Mercury not appeared from behind her and frozen her with her new attack.

Of course she was killed by Moon Sceptre Elimination.

Interesting Facts

The first of the Inners' star attacks happens right here as Sailor Mercury's Mercury Ice Storm Freeze is used for the first time.

The song "Only a Memory Away" which appeared in this episode has been released on several Sailor Moon cds though never in the version in which it actually appears in this episode. So far this version has never been released. Noone seems to know why.

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