Sailor Moon R: The Cosmetic Caper

Episode 55

Sailor Moon R

The Cosmetic Caper

Jap.61 "Usagi's Big Shock! Mamoru Announces That He's Breaking Up"

Rini has gone missing! Serena is running around Tokyo looking for her and luckily runs into Darien who offers his help in finding her. Eventually they find her sitting on her own in a nearby park holding her key shaped pendant that hangs around her neck.

Sailor Moon R: The Cosmetic Caper As Darien holds her hand and tells her to come with them he gets a powerful vision of the city of crystal he saw in the previous episode. He shrugs it off however and goes with Serena to take Rini back to her house.

Unfortunately when the three of them arrive at Serena's house, her mother, father and brother are all outside! Hilariously Serena's father jokes that Darien is Serena's boyfriend and gets a good laugh out of it but when Sammy comments out how he thinks Darien is too old for Serena he realises that Darien is indeed Serena's boyfriend and begins to become very angry. Serena's mum though whispers to Serena that she thinks Darien seems very nice and that she should have him over for dinner some time. Darien does a runner.

Sailor Moon R: The Cosmetic Caper To break the awkward feeling in the air, Rini asks if she can eat something as she's really hungry but strangely enough, Serena's family doesn't seem to recognise her and asks who she is. Serena finds this really strange as she knew that Rini had never been with them before. Rini begins to panic and uses Kitty Magic to create a spiral umbrella which she begins to hypnotise them with. Luna realises what's happening and bites Serena's arm, snapping her out of it. When Rini's finished, Serena's family thinks of Rini as a member of their family again and Serena becomes more suspicious then ever.

Sailor Moon R: The Cosmetic Caper Meanwhile up in the UFO, Rubeus summons Birdsy and tells her how the future Tokyo will be built on several points of power, the centre of which is called "Crystal Nexus" and if they fill those points with dark energy in the present the future city will cease to be!

Back in the city Darien is getting a much stronger vision of what appears to be the future, this time with visions of Serena and the world around her being destroyed. He tells himself that he has to do something and goes for a walk. Serena runs into him moments later but instead of being happy to see her he shocks her with his decision to break up with her. Serena doesn't believe this at first but Darien yells at her that it's over.

Serena talks to her friends at Raye's temple and they all give her encouraging advice. Mina suggests that Darien may have simply been in a bad mood when she spoke to him.

Sailor Moon R: The Cosmetic Caper Serena then decides to go over to Darien's apartment and confront him about his decision. When she gets there though she finds that Rini is there. Darien tells her that he didn't sump her because of a bad mood. He just doesn't see why their present should be decided by things they did in their past life. Serena tells him that she feels that Rini has somehow replaced her though she knows how silly that sounds. Darien tells her one more time that it's over and Serena leaves in tears. After she leaves, Darien whispers, "I'm sorry... Serena."

Completely devastated, Serena walks to a telephone booth and sits down and cries.

Sailor Moon R: The Cosmetic Caper Nearby, Birdsy summons a "Droid" called Zeldroido to help her take over the first crystal point, a make-up shop. Birdsy meanwhile gets ready to distribute the numerous pamphlets she has made but they're all suddenly blown out of her hands by a sudden gust of wind. One of the pamphlets lands near Serena who is still in her phone booth. Serena decides to check the place out and asks the shop assistant if she thinks make-up will help her win Darien back.

The shop assistant tells Serena that the more make-up she wears the more men will be attracted to her but Serena sees through this and accuses her of just trying to sell her make-up and tells her that Darien isn't that shallow and that true beauty is on the inside.

Sailor Moon R: The Cosmetic Caper All this arguing makes all the other customers leave which infuriates the assistant who transforms into her true form, Zeldroido. Luna leaps to Serena's rescue and attacks Zeldroido right in the face. Serena then transforms into Sailor Moon and begins to fight her... though not very well. Tuxedo Mask arrives and distracts Zeldroido enough for Sailor Moon to destroy her with Moon Sceptre Elimination.

Sailor Moon assumes that this means Tuxedo Mask still has feelings for her but he simply tells her that this was for old time sake and walks away. Luna tells Sailor Moon that she's found people in the basement that need help. Sailor Moon tells her that she needs a minute and promises herself that she'll try hard to become more powerful and win Darien back as they were meant to be together forever.

Sailor Moon R: The Cosmetic Caper

Monster of the Day

Zeldroido, also referred to as "Droido" is the first "Droid" to appear in the Sailor Moon anime and seems quite powerful with her morphing body parts and ability to draw on facial features though the fact that they can get whipped off in the first place is pretty weak.

She seemed to have a strong loyalty to Birdsy that possibly bordered on friendship if either of them were capable of that. Naturally she was destroyed by Moon Sceptre Elimination.

Interesting Facts

The park featured in this episode is actually a real world location in Azabu Juban in Tokyo and is used several times throughout the Sailor Moon anime. For more information on this park, check out the Sailor Moon Travel Guide.

This episode is almost always on lists of most memorable Sailor Moon episodes by fans due to the Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask breakup and moreso the emotional scene of Serena crying in the telephone booth.

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