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Sailor Moon R: Serena Times Two

Episode 54

Sailor Moon R

Serena Times Two

Jap.61 "Angel? Devil? The Mysterious Girl Who Came From The Sky"

In a dark mirror filled room overlooking Tokyo, five mysterious figures appear, one man and three women. The man, Rubeus reveals that they're looking for "her" and the Imperium Silver Crystal.

Sailor Moon R: Serena Times Two A woman with blue hair, Birdsy asks if this city is really the past "Crystal Tokyo". Another woman with purple hair tells Rubeus that she just can't wait to check out all the great shopping and buy some new lipstick.

As the camera pans away we see that the room they're in is in fact within a flying crystal shaped ship hovering high above the city.

Down below in Tokyo, Serena and Darien, finally together and in piece, are enjoying a romantic boat ride.

Sailor Moon R: Serena Times Two As the dock their boat and step onto the warf they kiss. Unfortunately the sky begins to turn pink and a small girl and a black cat-like ball fall from a portal just above them and lands right on Serena's head knocking her over and inadvertently kissing Darien right on the mouth.

As Serena looks up to see what happened she notices that this girl looks just like her and even has the same hairstyle! She asks the girl about this but is told that her hairstyle is her mum's hairstyle.
The girl then gets up and demands to know where the Imperium Silver Crystal is. When Serena and Darien refuse to answer her the girl says that she has other ways to get what she wants and teleports away in a flash of smoke and pink energy.

Sailor Moon R: Serena Times Two Later that afternoon after talking to Darien about where the girl may be from (the Negaverse? Serena's family in the Moon Kingdom in their previous life?) Serena arrives home to find the girl hanging out with her family as if she was a member! In fact her mother, father and Sammy tell her that she's their cousin and that she visited last year. The girl, now calling herself "Rini" shows them all photos of her visit featuring herself with the family. Serena screams in frustration that the whole world must be going crazy. Luna seems to believe Serena.

Sailor Moon R: Serena Times Two That night as Serena's taking a bath, Rini jumps out of the water and demands the Imperium Silver Crystal be given to her. Rini does let up as hours later Rini confronts Serena again in her own bed by jumping out from under the sheets. The two begin to fight. Even the cat-like ball, Luna P knocks Luna out of it's way! When the family comes running to see what all the noise is about. Rini plays the innocent little girl card and everyone gets angry at Serena.

The next day, Serena takes one of Rini's fabricated photos to Raye's temple to assist in a fire reading. Unfortunately Raye can't read much from it besides the fact that it's a fake. Serena, Raye and the other girls decide to go and hang out in Raye's room for a bit.

Sailor Moon R: Serena Times Two Outside Rini appears and uses her Luna Ball Kitty Magic to create a drug that knocks out Grandpa and drugs the drinks that he was carrying to Raye's room. She then uses Luna Ball Kitty Magic once more to disguise herself (rather well!) as Grandpa and give the drinks to Raye and the others. Luckily Serena was too busy eating cakes to drink the drink and realises that everyone has been drugged! She then spots Rini and picks up up for some serious spanking.

As Rini begins to cry, a bright crescent moon symbol appears on her forehead! Suddenly a massive energy beam fires from it straight up into the sky. Catsy who had been looking for Rini sees this and races to Raye's temple and confronts them.

Sailor Moon R: Serena Times Two Catsy chases Rini out into the courtyard and fire numerous fire attacks at her. Serena, left by herself in Raye's room transforms into Sailor Moon and runs out to rescue Rini. Tuxedo Mask also appears to help. Sailor Moon uses Moon Sceptre Elimination but it misses and Catsy teleports away.
As Tuxedo Mask picks up Rini he sees a powerful vision about a giant crystal city. Sailor Moon asks him if he's okay but he tells her he's fine though he says he feels a connection to Rini.

Up in the spaceship, the leader of the new villains, Wiseman appears via hologram and demands to know if they've caught Rini and the crystal yet. They tell him they haven't yet to which he yells at them to hurry as until they're found they can't complete their mission and destroy the Tokyo of the future, Crystal Tokyo!

Back at Serena's house, Rini has grown on Serena, especially after today's events that proved that she's in need of some protection so has let Rini and Luna P share her bed with Luna. Serena, Rini and Luna P all fall asleep almost immediately. Unfortunately for Luna, she's stuck underneath them all!

Interesting Facts

Rini (Chibi Usa in the Japanese version) and Luna P (also goes by "Luna Ball") both made their première appearance in this episode. A huge number of main villains also appeared for the first time: Rubeus, Catsy, Birdsy, Prisma, Avery and Wise Man though Prisma and Avery where purely background characters here with no speaking parts.

While not a Sailor Scout attack, Luna Ball Kitty Magic still bares mentioning as it's used by Rini who is definitely a major character and is used numerous times throughout the second season.

A major edit that happened in this episode ocurred in Rini's introduction where she confronts Serena and Darien. In the original she actually pulls a gun on Serena when demanding to know where the Imperium Silver Crystal is. In the dub they edited out the gun completely (I personally applaud that decision) and simply looped some of Rini's speech footage and reversed her portal from earlier to make it look like she was teleporting away. Kind of obvious on a second viewing though I had no idea this happened when I first saw it.

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